Reflections, Photography Dreams and Branching Out

It’s hard to imagine that next week on June 25th I will have been blogging for six straight years.

I can look back from my very first post and see the long journey I have made into tapping into my creativity and blossoming into my own style and brand.

I’ve always been a daydreamer with a huge imagination with a fun whimsical flair.

My home, my art and personal style is all encompassing.

Feminine, flirty, vintage, kitschy and romantic all in a floaty candy coated pastel tint.

Above (Pink Petal Prom Dress)

Β (Blue Belle)

For the past six years I’ve been taking hundreds of pretty pictures with my camera to share my Eye Candy world with you all. It’s been a fun hobby taking pretty pictures.

In the last few months I’ve been thinking about the direction of what I love doing most and what brings me most joy. Along with creating my assemblage art I love taking pretty pictures. I’ve been photographing my artwork for years and it’s been over time that I’ve taken a more serious turn into learning and understanding photography better.

I’ve dived deep into online classes, live webinars, reading materials, upgrading equipment, and traveling to large cities to take hands on photography classes from a top industry photographer.

Photography is much more difficult than I had ever imagined. It’s not just owning a great camera and lens. It’s way more than that. It’s been a fantastic challenge for me to learn something new and to really hone in on my photography skills.

After much thought and reflections I’ve decided I want to move forward with my art and branch out.

My look and style isn’t for everyone. Β However, for those that love my pretty vintage style they can now have a little piece of my Eye Candy for themselves.

I have created a few still life photography images that I am very proud of and are available for purchase on Etsy.

(Little Lamb)

Darling for a baby girl’s nursery or your favorite little nook.

(Wonder Horse Girl)

(Wonder Horse Boy)

These 8×8 Wonderhorse photos are darling in a boy or girls room. Very nostalgic and sweet!

You can find Wonder Horses here and here.

( Mint Pitcher of Pink Loveliness )

Available by clicking here

(Sitting Pretty)

Little Blue Fifi poodle would look dreamy sweet in a boudoir or powder room.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for me. I have a new career path Im embarking on early this Fall that I am delighted and giddy to share with you all.

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I always appreciate it!

Thanks for stopping by my whimsical pastel world!

Till next time…

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Linda P.


Your photographs are so sweet and pretty. That is great that you were interested in photography, and you immersed yourself in learning and doing and getting all the knowledge you could about it. Way to know what you wanted to do and going after it!

Can’t wait to hear about this new career path you will be starting on this fall!


Always enjoy your inspiring photos. πŸ™‚


Love these pics! Oh so preciously adorable and syrupy sweet- it’s possible to get a sugar rush just by looking at them.


….absolutely love your blog…!

Ellie Kelding


You have captured the innocence of your subject through sweet and simple backgrounds that are not cluttered. Perfect for a child’s eye and imagination; yet appealing to my “not-so-young” eyes.

Congratulations on your new adventures.

Ellie (Cozy Cottage Christmas)

This is not my first time to visit this site. It is really interesting, to see what you achieve. Just one question. Looking your awsome photos of the work you have done, it looks like nobody lives in this house. Does anybody live in this house? If only children could keep the home as neat and tidy as us adults. LOL. Well Done. Good Job.

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