Don’t give up your Daydream!

wishcraftweb Dont give up your Daydream!

Hello Friends!

I have some exciting news to share!

A few weeks ago I did a podcast interview with Christine Rose Elle of the Stylish Entrepreneur.

It was about my creative journey and path in life.

In the interview I discuss the huge void in my life that was eating at me. What was my purpose and true calling in life??

In my journey, I’ve had struggles, fears, and feelings of not being good enough.

However, I didn’t give up!!!

With the direction of resources, support team, tools, and making realistic goals for myself,

I finally found my life calling and flourished.

It was baby steps, but those steps turned into giant leaps in my life that have brought me so much personal fulfillment and happiness.

I am a big believer in paying it forward!

If you are reading this and feel stuck, unsettled in what your life calling is and how to achieve your dream I want to help you.

I am teaming up with super talented Christine Rose Elle to present to you a FREE training webinar that will take place on October 11th (It’s a Saturday!) at 8am pst/11am est.

webinarweb Dont give up your Daydream!

 If your in the “hobby” zone and want to take your work to next business level we have some answers.

FREE live workshop via webinar on October 11th (It’s a Saturday!) at 8am pst/11am est.

Screen shot 2014 10 08 at 8.14.09 AM Dont give up your Daydream!Date: Saturday October 11th, 2014

Time: 8-9:30am PST/11-12:30 EST

Who: Christine Rose Elle and Jennifer Hayslip and YOU!

What: Wishcraft Coaching Workshop. 7 Step Method to Create, Plan and Get the Life you Want!

Where: Live Online Coaching Workshop!

Cost: FREE

How: Sign up below. Click on the blue phone!


** If you sign up we also have webinar BONUSES that will be included! **

Plus we will be able to answer your questions LIVE!


heart Dont give up your Daydream!

I hope you will join us!!

*~* We want to help you SPARKLE & SHINE!!!! *~*

jennbluesignature copy1 Dont give up your Daydream!


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Ghouls, Ghost and Glamour Girls Swap

halloweenswap Ghouls, Ghost and Glamour Girls Swap

***** SWAP CLOSED!!! *****


Happy early Fall my friends!

Halloween is a little over a month away and my girlfriend Jessi Nagy and I both thought it would be

so much fun to organize and host a swap!

It’s been ages since we’ve both hosted one so we thought it would be wayyyy more fun to co-host one together.

Halloween is always a fun time to dress up and play make believe.

We each loved the idea of making a fun Halloween accessory (preferably with a little sparkle!) for our swap partner to wear.

Details & Some fun ideas…

halloweenswapdetails Ghouls, Ghost and Glamour Girls Swap

I look forward to you joining us and participating!

Please contact me or Jessi if you have any additional questions!

Happy Creating!!!



Oooh! Count me in!! XOXO
Julie Weller –

This sounds like such fun!


YAY Julie!!! :) xo

Marian McLemore

This sounds like fun. Count me in!
Marian McLemore ~

Sandy McTier

Oh FUN!!! Count me in!!!

Jillian Haupt

I’m so excited! I miss swaps so much!!!!


Sorry, here’s my email:

Count me in too!

Jennifer and Jessi! Thanks for hosting. I too miss the swaps.


Yay!! Wonderful Marian!!! :) xo


Wonderful!!! :) What’s your email address sweetie? xo


Awesome Jillian! I’ve missed them too!!!! So happy to host one again! :) xo


Yay Jennifer!! So happy you joined! I’ve missed swaps!! xo


Wonderful Kris! So happy you are joining! I’ve missed them too!!! xo

It has been forever! Angela Meeks

Fall is my Fav! Love to Join the Festivities
Thanx for Hosting!

oh this sounds like a sparkly fun time!!!! <3


Wonderful Angela!! :) xo


Yay!! SO happy you are signing up! xo

Are you taking people from the UK? If yes I’d like to join in♡

Hi Miss Jenn & Jesse!
Count me in!. I too haven’t hosted a swap in so long. I’m pretty sure that’s how we all met so many years ago!


April Ortiz

I miss swaps and can’t wait. :)

Becky Rourk

There’s not a ghost of a chance that I’d miss out on this fabulousness!
Becky Rourk

Christine Barker

Oooooh, I need to be a part of this!

Heidi German

If there’s room, I’d love to participate!

Heidi German

I would love to do this!!
Jess Madaglia


YES Lousie!!! Would love for you to join! :) xo

I’d love to be part of this! I looovvveee Halloween!!

Oh! Wow! This looks like FUN!
Oh! How I miss these opportunities to share some creative love!
Jessi and Jen….great idea! I’m In!

This sounds wonderful!
Michelle Frae Cummings

Eeeeeeek! Count me in please if there is room left! xoxo

I’m so in….thank you for hosting Jenn and Jessi! I have so many fabulous vintage halloween images to choose from!!
xo Rochelle

Count me In!! This should be fun~

I’m in if you still have room! ox

Count her In!

Sounds like fun!

This sounds like so much fun!

eeek a fun swap I can’t wait please count me in. Grace xoox

Zoe Witcomb

I would love to swap – please include me Jenn, I’m so excited xo<3

Sounds fun! Count me in! xxoo

It’s been sooo long, but if there is room, I’m in! xoxo

would love to play … but, but, but … do I have to be a woman? I know it’s Hallowe’en, but I don’t think I could pull that one off.

Boooooooo, am I too late?! I’d love to do this!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a swap! Please do add me. Gina Smith

hey Jen, I think I would like to join in for some sparkly halloween fun!
if theres still room please include me!
oh email..

I would love to be part of your swap!
Thank you both for hosting it!
Mary Zywar

Tanya Peacock

Is there still room? Julie Gordon sent me!

count me in if there’s still room

I’d love to join!


I would love to join in if you still have room. I love to do swaps and I haven’t done a swap in ages.

If you still have space, I’d like to sign up. My email address is:


If there is still room

Jennifer Babcock

I’d love to play along if openings are still available!!

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My Podcast Interview with The Stylish Entrepreneur

TSE Podcast blog post image ep 008 Jennifer Hayslip My Podcast Interview with The Stylish Entrepreneur

Hello Friends!

I am have some fun news to share!

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to share my creative journey, vision, passion and struggles for creating an artful life in a podcast interview with Christine Rose Elle from The Stylish Entrepreneur.

I want my story to help inspire others to not give up on your dreams!

To listen click on the sound cloud below.

Lastly, Christine Rose Elle and I are teaming up to bring you a workshop called

“Wish Craft”

How to manifest your dream business.

Wish Craft Workshop My Podcast Interview with The Stylish Entrepreneur

If you feel stuck in a rut and wanting to find your true passion in life and live it to the fullest please click on the link below to find out more details.

Thanks so much friends for paying me a visit and let me know what you think of the podcast.

I would love to hear from you!

Sweet Sugary Sparkly hugs & kisses!



Hey Jenn! I listened to this last weekend and I really enjoyed the entire thing! Christine did a wonderful job of interviewing and the session sounded very relaxed. Christine asked so many great questions. I went straight out and bought that lipstick (lol) and I am looking forward to the workshop in Oct. xoxo Jennifer

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The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

giveaway1web The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!We have a WINNER!!!

First I want to give a heartfelt thank you to ALL who left the kindest comments, liked and shared my post.

I appreciate the overwhelming amount of sweet kind words that everyone has expressed.

I feel incredibly lucky to be amongst a strong supportive group of women who support each other’s talent and love for arts and crafts.


On with the giveaway!!

My lovely daughter assistant is working her best Vanna White showing you the giveaway items.

giveaway2web The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

The winner receives a copy of the Summer/Spring issue of Where Women Create

CVR WWC0514resize The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

A peek into my studio

JenniferHayslip WWC0514resize The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

Along with the big prize of my assemblage piece Pet Park.

petpark10web1 200x300 The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

I hosted an old fashioned giveaway by writing down each individual entry and putting the names in a vase for the drawing.

giveaway5web The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

Vivi helped by drawing the lucky winners name.

giveaway3web The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

Who is it???

The suspense is killing us!!!

giveaway6web The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!


giveaway4web The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

sonya The WINNER of the Where Women Create Giveaway!

Congratulations Sonya!!!

So so happy for you and thrilled that Pet Park will have a new loving home!

Thank you again for the out pour of love, congratulations and showing your support.

I’m happy that you can enjoy stepping inside and appreciating the magical whimsical world that I love creating.



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Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

wwcfeaturecollageframeweb Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Hello Friends!

Over the past seven years of my creative journey and blogging this post is one of THE most special and memorable one to date.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been published over the years. However, this publication gem is my dream of all dreams!

wwcfeature5web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

I am happy to share that I’ve been featured in spring/summer issue of Where Women Create!


wwcfeature2 2 Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

I’ve been a huge loyal Stampington fan and reader for years.  They have a long list of gorgeous magazines they publish.

However, Where Women Create is my absolute favorite!

To get a peek into the artist studios and lives is a true inspiration.

For me to say it’s an honor to be featured is such an understatement.

I feel like a lucky little girl who just got her first puppy and is giddy with joy!

wwcfeatureweb1 21 Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

I have to give a HUGE thank you to the talented photographer and my dear friend Tiffany Kirchner Dixon.

She did an amazing job capturing the details of my studio space.

Most of all a major big thank you to Jo Packham and the Stampington & Co for featuring me.

They did a fabulous job on my 10 page piece! I’m so so happy!

wwcfeature4web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

In honor of being featured in Where Women Create I decided to have a HUGE giveaway!!!

I love and enjoy creating my whimsical gumball machine assemblages.

So I decided to make an OVER THE TOP assemblage that is full of sweetness to GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner!

Along with the piece you will also receive a copy of the spring/summer issue of Where Women Create.

This darling piece is called

“Pet Park”

petpark1web2 Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

The little girls are spending a happy sunny day at the park with their loyal precious pets.

petpark2web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Sally is walking her pink lamb Lollipop.

petpark4web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

The gorgeous floral fabric is Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli.

petpark3web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

petpark5web1 Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Sally watches her pet duck Sailor take a swim in the local pond.

petpark8web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Bitsy takes Bobo for a walk in the park.

petpark9web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

petpark7web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

I added my signature tutu bunny for the topper.

petpark6web Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

petpark10web1 Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Now for the DETAILS!!

I will pull one lucky winner’s name out of a hat!

giveawaydetailsweb Where Women Create Studio PUBLISHED and HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Thank you so much for visiting and a MAJOR THANK YOU to ALL of my loyal supporters who have been following me and my work

for all these years!!




Shelley Gomez

Love You xoxoxox <3

Lindsay w.

Congrats! And what an amazing creative space you have.

Can’t wait to get my copy and a second copy with the absolutely adorable Jennifer Hayslip Original gumball machine would be perfect!! <3 Congratulations Jenn!

Ah, Jenn! I’m so happy for you! I’d love to see your studio in person, of course, but meanwhile I can drool over the lusciousness in this fabulous publication! (I agree, the Stampington magazines are top notch-the best!) Your lovely creative style is always so cheerful. Hugs, Heidi

Beautiful pictures Jennifer! So proud of you and do well deserved! Hope I win!

This is the cutest assemblage I have ever seen! So VERY original! I would love to have it more than anything in the world but I am still going to SHaRE!! Congratulations on the magazine spread! No one deserves it more!!!!! xoxo Jennifer

kebbie rosenberg

So super cute! Congratulations :)

Erin Vaughn

Such a darling assemblage! Love everything you create! Congratulations on the magazine spread…it is lovely!

Adrienne Bowers

What a delightful accomplishment for you! Congrats!

Love love love!!!!! Xoxoxoxo congrats!!!!

I have this issue and was so happy to see your studio featured! Everything you create is just adorable, I love my pink Santa I ordered from you too! Would love to win this!

Debbie Fischer

Congratulations Jennifer, what an honor for such a talented lady.
Another Jennifer Fabulous Giveawy, thanks so much.

Lisa Marie Klinowski

I am soooo happy to see you are featured in WWC magazine! I still have your feature in Romantic Homes. Your studio and everything you do is so sweet and lovely! So happy for you (^_^)!!!

Warmest regards,
Lisa Marie

Heena Patel

Congrats!!!!!! What an amazing accomplishment! I absolutely love seeing successful women!!!!! Your work is beautiful and is a perfect reflection of who you are! XOXOXOXO

I know you worked hard for this honor doing something you Love. Jenn, You are a OOAK Inspiration to our next line of female Artists. I hope you are patting your self on the back and jumping for Joy!! Now for the Gumball Machine, I have the perfect spot for it in my Granddaughters Fairytale Princess Bedroom. Which I have to add, a lot of my ideas were inspired by you!

Big Huggs!!

I shared this on FB, and Twitter for you~

Huggs, Nancy

Congrats on your magazine feature article! I am not surprised in the least though.
Please enter me in your giveaway. It’s a magical piece. Thanks so much!

Michelle Evans

I love it so much I think it is the prettiest one you have ever made!! I don’t live anywhere near a place I could buy the magazine but I have read about them before and I knew your studio would be in there. Love Michelle in Manteo

Joann Clark-Jackson

Congratulations, Jennifer! I’m thrilled for you. Your designs are so darling. Sharing on Facebook. <3 <3 <3

Carla Henderson

Thanks for the chance!! It’s also my favorite of all the Stampington publications. What a joy to hear that you enjoy a feature. Sweet Dreams!!

OOOH I so love your whimsical sweet designs! CONGRATULATIONS for being featured in one of my fave magazines also! I just bought it yesterday, but if I am lucky enough to win, I would share magazine with someone else, but I would HAVE to keep the DREAMY Gumball assemblage!
I would love it if you would autograph the magazine!

I will be sharing on Facebook right now!
Thanks for the chance!

Love, love, love EVERYTHING you touch with your talents!!!
I am sharing this on The Bella Bella Studios FB page

Oh my goodness, Jenn, how lovely is this! Someone will be very happy to win it from you. Congratulations on being in this wonderful magazine. I haven’t gotten a copy yet but hope to soon!

I shared on FB!

I love your gumball machines. I even make some of my own!! I shared this on my Facebook page too. It’s my crafty one twomaddahlias. :)

Congratulations you deserve this. Thank you for the give away. Please put my name in the bag. Blessings, Martha

Cindy McGraw

Congratulations sweet girl on your article in the magazine!!!! You are truly blessed with a beautiful creative mind & girly flair. I admire your work & it’s always a pleasure to see what you are going to do next! Mwah xoxoxo.

Eunice Sanchez

Congrats Jennifer !!! Another adorable creation from you !!!!

I adore your work and congrats on the mag. Spread

Missy Scordino

You are a gift to all of us! Congratulations on this honor.


Oh my goodness, congratulations on your feature!!! A most deserving one! Your studio is beyond beautiful and I love seeing photos of it!
I would LOVE to win Jennifer! I would be over the moon!!!! I will also share on Facebook. Thank you for the chance. Crossing my fingers,
<3 Sonya

Tammy Cummings

Jenn,I was so excited to open up my magazine and see YOU featured. It was a wonderful article. Wish I could see all that cotton candy goodness in person, but will have to settle for entering your giveaway :)

Congratulations!! I love seeing people I admire so much get to do such fun things! Oh and what a beautiful copy of the magazine this will be!!!

Oh Jenn, so wonderful to see your beautiful and creative nest published! It’s like a candy shop, toy store and a big girls fantasy room all in one! Love,Lori P.S Why of course I shared darlin!!!

Paula Henderson

Blowing some whisps of glitter your way. The wind takes me to a place of fantasy and fun! The way you maximize so much powerful story into such small spaces is a true art. Your love of the characters you create make the pieces you bring to life soar with possibilities, maybe landing inside the gumball machine and becoming one with the characters. I always enjoy your posts, keep them coming:) Congrats on the magazine spread…. wow.

Monica Charbeneau

Love this issue and am so glad that you’re in it.

Constance Mackey

Your work brings me back to my child hood memories! Love

Constance Mackey

I’m very happy for you and it really admire your work as I’m sure many does! I see great things coming you way with this blessing, i see you with your own magazine! Your work inspires me with a since of calmness and opens my eyes to just how beautiful this world is! I’d love to have your gumball machine and a copy of your magazine sitting in my living room!!!! Sharing on Facebook

Oh Jennifer, you are so very talented! I am so glad you have obtained this honor of being in such a fabulous magazine! You SO deserve it! You GO GIRL!!! xo

Jennifer Bontrager

Congratulations! I know I will be picking up that magazine at Barnes and Noble for sure. Hope I win your bunny creation.

Jennifer Bontrager

I shared your giveaway on facebook!

Svetlana Rodriguez

Dear Jennifer, I just wanted to congratulate you on your dream come true!!! I have been fallowing your work for years and am absolutely elated for you! I have the new issue and can’t get over all the beautiful eye candy in every page! It is beautiful and inspiring ! Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful space!

Susan Krauss

Omg! What a honor to be featured by WWC! It’s a gorgeous magazine and so full of inspiration. Congrats! Your studio is a treat for the eyes, for sure!

Susan Krauss

Shared on Facebook!

Mary Steinbrink

Congratulations! I love that magazine and I love your studio. Thanks for sharing your creations with one of us! Mary Steinbrink

Amanda Tonar

Just adorable! love it!

Amanda Tonar

Shared on Facebook

Kadra Ramsey

Thank you for being a fun inspiration for me and so many others to be creative. I went through some rough times and can now say those days are over and I try to be creative every day! I love all things pink, bunnies and tutus!! God bless you! Kadra Ramsey

Mel Watkins

Totally adorable!!! Love your gumball machines!!!!! Huge congratulations on being featured in such a beautiful magazine!! xoxo

Diane Sanchez

I have never seen anything so adorable!!!! I love every inch of it. Thank you for your blog and the sharing you do.

No one deserves it more then you do Jenn.
You are an amazing artist and friend.
I am so excited for you to be honored in this way!
Keep smiling girl!

Loves ya Dolly

P.S. Super sweet gumball machine ….the 3 blondes remind me of my 3 blonde granddaughters {they always have some sort of animal with them live or stuffed they love their animals}

Gina Davis

Love your creations, they are such a delight! I get full on eye candy, it’s love at first sight. I hope that I win – it would be a lark to be the proud owner of your darling Pet Park! xo

I shared on Face Book for the world to see :-)

So proud of you lovee

The spread on your creative haven looks lovely. “Where Women Create” really is inspirational. Your whimsical creation in your signature pastel pallet is a delight. Fingers crossed! – Amy Bauer

Janette kroeger

It’s beautiful you snd karla are very similar congratulations

Karen Sturgeon-Brown

Jenn I am so excited for you!


Congratulations!!!!! I’m thrilled for you! I’ve loved watching you & your art for years. I can’t wait to go grab this issue… Unless I win your OVER THE TOP, fantastic give away!

Congratulations! The magazine spread looks gorgeous! I love your gumball machine creation. We have two poodles here in our house, so we love all things poodle! Sharing!

Nancy Moore McDonald

Congrats Jenn!! Woohoo! That gumball machine creation is just to stinking cute!!

Nancy Moore McDonald

SHARING on Facebook and Twitter!! ;0)

Teah Barrow

Congratulations! A ten page spread is huge. Can’t wait to see your space. I’m sharing this on Facebook as well. The give away is very generous! Thank you for the chance to dream and play.

Teah Barrow

Becky Carl

I’m so proud for you Jennifer. ….you deserve this honor, your talent is over the top. I love this gumball creation, absolutely ingenuous! Love you and hope to see you at future events! Becky

Valarie Kraft

Jenn…you are so talented, and your photo spread in the magazine is amazing. I would be over the moon thrilled to win this fabulous creation. (My youngest sons nickname is Bobo, and he loves puppies! Hehe)
Xxoo Valarie

Wendy Foster

I bought the magazine just so I could see your studio and have it give me inspiration and hope.

Rosemary watson

Sweet space! Love it!! Shared on fb

Melanie Sullivan

This is such a darling & adorable piece! I love the style you use in your decorating…that fluffy poodle is the best:) I will share this on Facebook –

So lovely to see you creating the way you used to.
As you know I love anything with your lovely rabbits in. I have 2 wonderful creations made by you that continually bring great joy to my family. If I was lucky enough to receive this lovely creation and the fab magazine I would pay my postage Jenn, after all its a long journey across the pond.

Best wishes Always Ginny (uk)

Donna Owens

love love love. feels like I landed in a sweet powder puff world filled with candy an cotton candy . makes me smile

christy markovich

I found you in the Where Women Work magazine this week and fell in love with all you create. I will be sharing on Facebook and redecorating with many of my precious items collected over the years, as you have inspired me!

Pamela Perrella

I was just checking in, looking for inspiration. Congrats on being featured in Where Women Create, it is such a great magazine and book. It is so funny that I often see things that I love and collect on the blogs and in magazines and books that I admire. Such as your little duck, Sailor, I have one just like it in yellow, I just fount him a few weeks ago at a garage sale for the astonishing price of 10 cents. I just love him. I just finished painting some tiny wood flower pots in pink, green, and aqua., I planned to use them in fairy gardens. I will try to put some of my little treasures together also. Your creative eye is very inspiring. I sooooooo hope I win. Thanks Pam

Kim Campbell

Can’t wait for this issue! Shared on Facebook as well.

Marian McLemore

Congratulations, Jenn! You are so deserving for this honor. I am so happy for you and cannot think of anyone more deserving. xoxo

Marian McLemore

I shared this post on Facebook.

Molly Knox

Congratulations Jenn! Your feature in WWC is absolutely gorgeous! So inspiring! I am so happy for you!!! And “pet park” is a whimsical dream come true! I adore your creations! I would LOVE to win this one for my sugarplum’s room ;) xoxoxo Molly

Vickey Whiteley

Jennifer, I would be absolutely honored and thrilled beyond words to win one of my favorites of all of your creations!!! That’s saying a lot because I LOVE all of your artwork!!!! Pick me, pick me, pretty please!!! Thanks so much!!! Vickey Whiteley

Megan Fields

Congrats Pretty Lady! What an achievement and a beautiful gumball machine


Sooo good to hear from you! I just sent you a personal email. Let me know if you don’t get it. :)

Linda Estelle

Enchanted to see such sweet creations!


Adorbs! Would love to win this, Thank You, Jennifer!

Steph A



I just stepped into your perfect *PINK* world! Imagining what it feels like to get published in a Stampington magazine….I’m twirling on my tippytoes for you :) Congrats Jennifer, you deserve it….♥ the pink lambie-pie in your creation, it’s just so sweet. Can’t wait to see the 10-pg spread & what you come up with in the future (yes, I’m a Pinterest follower). All the best!

Congratulations! It’s also my favorite magazine! You deserve to be in the magazine. I love your art! It is so precious!

Lori Dela Rosa

Kirsten Krieger

I love all of your work! You have such a talent for putting things together.

Angela Neely

What an absolutely beautiful piece! It’s so girly, adorable and whimsical. Can’t help but smile!

Mina Menke

This is so adorable! Congratulations Jennifer1 Your work is lovely!

Linda Postma

I would absolutely LOVE to own a Jennifer Hayslip original assemblage! This one is sooo sweet and beautiful! Please enter my name for consideration. :)

I’m so happy for you that your sugar-candy-sweet studio is being featured in Where Women Create. That is a very special honor.

Jennifer R.

Congratulations! I love your work and your beautiful home! : )


Oh ma gosh! Pet Park is to die for! It’s absolutely fanciful! Gazing at it makes me smile! Thank you for the chance to win!

Mary Wilson

Blue and pink! Nothing better! So glad to see you published in “Where Women Create,” one of my favorite magazines. I’ll share this on Facebook. Thank you.

Audria Topping

Congratulations to you on such a beautiful spread! Your work is super feminine. From the ruffled tutus to the beautiful pastel vintage finds put together to make beautiful pieces of art. Your work appeals to the little girls at heart and little girls in real life. Your story is so inspirational and I wish you all the best. Keep up the beautiful work!!

Wanda Contreras

Congratulations! I love your studio and for many years you have being an inspiration to me! I’ll be over the moon if I have one of your pieces! Thank you so much for always creating such beautiful projects that make me smile every rime that I look at them!
My email is Wanda.contreras@yahoo?com
I’ll share your post on Facebook.
Best regards,

Deborah M. Woodrow

Jennifer :

Your Studio is FABULOUS ! You are so blessed to have been chosen to get published in WHERE WOMEN CREATE !

So happy for you ! I would ASOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to have one of your Signature Pieces !

Your talent definitely spills out into your work. God Bless .
Deborah M. Woodrow


This is so fun, I would love to win it.


I am very happy for you. I came across your blog years ago and love your style and attetion to the little details. Your creations are very sweet and would be honored to own a piece. Love this gumball machine creations so very cute , your work speaks for itsself. You have a style of your own. Kind Regards

Carolyn Nicholson

So much Happy!!! Thank you for sharing your joy and your talent with us. Congratulations on appearing in Where Women Create. It was a charming piece that really displayed and spoke to your talent.

Oh my goodness is that the cutest gumball machine I have ever seen! Congratulations on being published. I just purchased my copy and it’s one of my favorite magazines too. Love love love your sweet style and art. XO

Love it!!! Congrats of the beautiful Magazine spread. How exciting to be recognized for your stunning talents.


Oh how adorable,especially the little pink lamby going for a walk :) x

I have shared this on FB and would have even if there was no contest. I love your work and you have inspired me to go back to myself. I have collected many things that you have and felt disabled in that I have no were to set up shop. I have suffered 4 moves in the past 10 years and it is difficult to unpack. Someday is right now. Time to say “this is NOT clutter” it is ME!


Thank you SOOO much Renee!!! Your comment made me smile! :) I really appreciate it!!

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