Passionately Pink Fine Art Prints -Shop UPDATE!

champale1FINAL8x10web Passionately Pink Fine Art Prints  Shop UPDATE!Would you care for a glass of Champale on pearl rocks?

It’s a cocktail for all you glamour girls!

I’m excited to share my newest photography prints.

I’m sure you can see the theme immediately.


“Passionately Pink” collection.

The first one of the collection is “Glamour Girl Cocktail”

The 8×10 Print is perfect to be displayed in a boudoir, powder room, kitchen, or wherever your heart desires!

J’aime Paris

8×8 print

pariscropweb Passionately Pink Fine Art Prints  Shop UPDATE!

Looking for a playmate

8×10 print

bear1texture8x10web Passionately Pink Fine Art Prints  Shop UPDATE!

Pink Roses Lemonade

8×10 print

pinkroses1texture8x10web Passionately Pink Fine Art Prints  Shop UPDATE!

The Passionately Pink prints are all printed on the highest quality archival premium luster paper.

                                                  I pay extra special attention to packaging so all prints arrive in

pristine ready mat and frame condition.

If your interested in one of these lovely prints you can find them by clicking here for my  ETSY SHOP.

Im having a wonderful time creating these photographic prints. I hope you like them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful and inspiring week my friends!



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New Year…New Dreams and Creations

newyear2web New Year...New Dreams and Creations

Happy New Year Friends!

I hope each and everyone of you had a blessed and wonderful Christmas and New Years!

December flew by for me!

I’ve been blogging for seven years and this past Christmas was the first time I didn’t blog.

I’ve been so busy (a good busy!) with my photography business Pink Ellie.

It kept be quite busy leading up to Christmas that I sadly didn’t get a chance to blog and wish my friends, fans and followers a Merry Christmas.

However, I’m SUPER excited to be back and ready for a fresh new year with all the exciting possibilities of what life has to offer!!

I kicked off the year off by creating this beautiful short video that my talented dear friend

Christine Rose Elle helped put together for me.

It’s a little visiual promo for my for my Pink Ellie Photography business.

It turned out so beautiful and magical!!!

Thank you SO much Christine!!

Please be sure to check out Christine’s website!

She is a life coach, stylist, photographer, and web branding visual guru!!

If you need some help Christine is your GIRL!!

Another one of my GOALS is to get back in my studio and create again!

Much like these two cuties crafting and making paper dolls.

playmate 1024x1018 New Year...New Dreams and Creations

I’m trying to balance my photography along with my assemblage art. I enjoy and love both!

Nothing makes me happier than creating charming whimsical pieces.

At the current moment I am working on adding a few *NEW* fine art prints to my Etsy shop. I’ll be sharing those soon!

Hint to what they look like think *PINK*

Not a shocker there! tee! hee!

These are a few select prints are currently available in my Etsy shop.

photographycollageresize New Year...New Dreams and Creations


Thank for stopping by friends!

I’ve missed you!!!



jennbluesignature copy1 New Year...New Dreams and Creations


So wonderful to hear from you again – looking forward to your new creations and prints!

Hey Jen! I LOVE the video. YOu really have done some beautiful work. wish you lived near me.. I would have loved to see what you would do with all my grand babies! nice to see you back in blogland.

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Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

october4web1 Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

It’s show & tell time!!!

My girlfriend Jessi Nagy and I recently hosted a Halloween swap called

Ghost, Ghouls, and Glamour Girls.

My adorable swap partner is Grace Palazzolo of Pink In The City

I wanted to create something fun, festive with lots of bling for Grace to wear during the holiday so I made her one of my glamour doll sweater clips.

october5web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

Here’s my sweetheart Vivian modeling the sweater clip.

october1web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

She’s a glamourous witch!

october3web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

With her black kitty beside her.

october2web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

I made a fun care package of halloween presents for Grace to enjoy.

halloweenswap7web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

In turn Grace SPOILED me with all of these treats!!!

halloweenswap3web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

LOOOOOOOVE the embellished decorate box she made me!

halloweenswap1web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

I am a HUGE Betsey Johnson fan so needless to say I squealed when I saw this fabulous blingy spooky necklace!

I am so rocking the necklace this Halloween!!!!

halloweenswap2web Ghost, Ghouls, And Glamour Girls Swap SHOW AND TELL!!!

Thank you SOOOO much Grace for all of my pretty Halloween goodies!

Lastly, a huge thank you to all of the incredible talented ladies and gents that participated in the swap!!

Happy Halloween my friends!!



totally collection of treasures – especially the doll head brooch – very cool indeed – also the necklace at the bottom is super fab!

you done real good, girl!

Ooooh Jenn… I LOVE it all… simply bewitching!… the sweater clip you made is so enchanting and Vivi looks adorable in it as well… what a fun package you sent… and received!… love love love your Betsey Johnson necklace, and yes, you will rock it!… love all Betsey’s things too!… and that card “Don’t hate me because I am glamorous”… cute!… Happy Halloween to you!… I sent you an email a while back, not sure if you received it or not?… much love, xoxo Julie Marie


Sooooooooooooo sweet. Love it all!

Jen you always design the most wonderful pieces. They are real collectors items.You guys swapped some great items.I can’t believe how Viv has grown up! when I stated reading your blog she was a baby. She sure is pretty.

Wowzer Jenn! I think this is the cutest sweater clip you have made so far! What a lucky pair of girls! Your necklace from Grace is to die for! You have so many fun things for each other!! xoxoxo Jennifer

adorable!! what a great swap!
glad I joined in the fun.

Barbara burkard

This was such an amazing swap! Thank you for hosting! !

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Don’t give up your Daydream!

wishcraftweb Dont give up your Daydream!

Hello Friends!

I have some exciting news to share!

A few weeks ago I did a podcast interview with Christine Rose Elle of the Stylish Entrepreneur.

It was about my creative journey and path in life.

In the interview I discuss the huge void in my life that was eating at me. What was my purpose and true calling in life??

In my journey, I’ve had struggles, fears, and feelings of not being good enough.

However, I didn’t give up!!!

With the direction of resources, support team, tools, and making realistic goals for myself,

I finally found my life calling and flourished.

It was baby steps, but those steps turned into giant leaps in my life that have brought me so much personal fulfillment and happiness.

I am a big believer in paying it forward!

If you are reading this and feel stuck, unsettled in what your life calling is and how to achieve your dream I want to help you.

I am teaming up with super talented Christine Rose Elle to present to you a FREE training webinar that will take place on October 11th (It’s a Saturday!) at 8am pst/11am est.

webinarweb Dont give up your Daydream!

 If your in the “hobby” zone and want to take your work to next business level we have some answers.

FREE live workshop via webinar on October 11th (It’s a Saturday!) at 8am pst/11am est.

Screen shot 2014 10 08 at 8.14.09 AM Dont give up your Daydream!Date: Saturday October 11th, 2014

Time: 8-9:30am PST/11-12:30 EST

Who: Christine Rose Elle and Jennifer Hayslip and YOU!

What: Wishcraft Coaching Workshop. 7 Step Method to Create, Plan and Get the Life you Want!

Where: Live Online Coaching Workshop!

Cost: FREE

How: Sign up below. Click on the blue phone!


** If you sign up we also have webinar BONUSES that will be included! **

Plus we will be able to answer your questions LIVE!


heart Dont give up your Daydream!

I hope you will join us!!

*~* We want to help you SPARKLE & SHINE!!!! *~*

jennbluesignature copy1 Dont give up your Daydream!


Anna Buitendorp

I am so in love with your creations! I am so smitten with your craft studio, and would love to have a similar space one day. Can I ask how you collected so many great vintage items? Beautiful work and what a charming person you are!

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Ghouls, Ghost and Glamour Girls Swap

halloweenswap Ghouls, Ghost and Glamour Girls Swap

***** SWAP CLOSED!!! *****


Happy early Fall my friends!

Halloween is a little over a month away and my girlfriend Jessi Nagy and I both thought it would be

so much fun to organize and host a swap!

It’s been ages since we’ve both hosted one so we thought it would be wayyyy more fun to co-host one together.

Halloween is always a fun time to dress up and play make believe.

We each loved the idea of making a fun Halloween accessory (preferably with a little sparkle!) for our swap partner to wear.

Details & Some fun ideas…

halloweenswapdetails Ghouls, Ghost and Glamour Girls Swap

I look forward to you joining us and participating!

Please contact me or Jessi if you have any additional questions!

Happy Creating!!!



Oooh! Count me in!! XOXO
Julie Weller –

This sounds like such fun!


YAY Julie!!! :) xo

Marian McLemore

This sounds like fun. Count me in!
Marian McLemore ~

Sandy McTier

Oh FUN!!! Count me in!!!

Jillian Haupt

I’m so excited! I miss swaps so much!!!!


Sorry, here’s my email:

Count me in too!

Jennifer and Jessi! Thanks for hosting. I too miss the swaps.


Yay!! Wonderful Marian!!! :) xo


Wonderful!!! :) What’s your email address sweetie? xo


Awesome Jillian! I’ve missed them too!!!! So happy to host one again! :) xo


Yay Jennifer!! So happy you joined! I’ve missed swaps!! xo


Wonderful Kris! So happy you are joining! I’ve missed them too!!! xo

It has been forever! Angela Meeks

Fall is my Fav! Love to Join the Festivities
Thanx for Hosting!

oh this sounds like a sparkly fun time!!!! <3


Wonderful Angela!! :) xo


Yay!! SO happy you are signing up! xo

Are you taking people from the UK? If yes I’d like to join in♡

Hi Miss Jenn & Jesse!
Count me in!. I too haven’t hosted a swap in so long. I’m pretty sure that’s how we all met so many years ago!


April Ortiz

I miss swaps and can’t wait. :)

Becky Rourk

There’s not a ghost of a chance that I’d miss out on this fabulousness!
Becky Rourk

Christine Barker

Oooooh, I need to be a part of this!

Heidi German

If there’s room, I’d love to participate!

Heidi German

I would love to do this!!
Jess Madaglia


YES Lousie!!! Would love for you to join! :) xo

I’d love to be part of this! I looovvveee Halloween!!

Oh! Wow! This looks like FUN!
Oh! How I miss these opportunities to share some creative love!
Jessi and Jen….great idea! I’m In!

This sounds wonderful!
Michelle Frae Cummings

Eeeeeeek! Count me in please if there is room left! xoxo

I’m so in….thank you for hosting Jenn and Jessi! I have so many fabulous vintage halloween images to choose from!!
xo Rochelle

Count me In!! This should be fun~

I’m in if you still have room! ox

Count her In!

Sounds like fun!

This sounds like so much fun!

eeek a fun swap I can’t wait please count me in. Grace xoox

Zoe Witcomb

I would love to swap – please include me Jenn, I’m so excited xo<3

Sounds fun! Count me in! xxoo

It’s been sooo long, but if there is room, I’m in! xoxo

would love to play … but, but, but … do I have to be a woman? I know it’s Hallowe’en, but I don’t think I could pull that one off.

Boooooooo, am I too late?! I’d love to do this!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a swap! Please do add me. Gina Smith

hey Jen, I think I would like to join in for some sparkly halloween fun!
if theres still room please include me!
oh email..

I would love to be part of your swap!
Thank you both for hosting it!
Mary Zywar

Tanya Peacock

Is there still room? Julie Gordon sent me!

count me in if there’s still room

I’d love to join!


I would love to join in if you still have room. I love to do swaps and I haven’t done a swap in ages.

If you still have space, I’d like to sign up. My email address is:


If there is still room

Jennifer Babcock

I’d love to play along if openings are still available!!

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