Save The Date |Once Upon A Christmas | Art Workshop Event |Jennifer Hayslip

christmassavethedatewithstarsHello Friends!

I am giddy with excitement to announce that after four long years I am hosting another grand art workshop event!

Eeeek!! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!

I’ve had this theme idea for well over two years now, and I made the final decision end of last year to

Go For It!

Four years ago I hosted Once Upon A Dream which was one of the most incredible memorable weekends of my life.

Spending time with my art soul girlfriends in the most beautiful setting of Asheville, NC.

Nothing makes me happier than bringing together a circle of creative like-minded ladies for a long weekend of fun, laughter and creative inspiration.

This years event theme is Vintage Storybook Christmas.

Old fashioned nostalgic Christmas sprinkled in a sugary pastel winter wonderland.


The workshop event will take place in the beautiful historic city of Charleston, SC.

The city was founded in 1670, and is defined by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel pre-Civil-War-era houses.

I want my guest to experience it’s Southern history, charm and culture.

charlestonCharleston is rated as one of the top 10 travel destinations.

There is so much to see and do in this town!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.57.11 PM

I cannot wait to roll out all the fabulous DETAILS of the event and what I have planned especially for you.

It’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable weekend of creating beautiful projects, site-seeing and most importantly celebrating friendship.

What a wonderful festive way to start your holiday season.

If your interested in attending please



Event details and registration will take place first of March.

I will announce on social media in a few short weeks when the registration will open.

Seats will be limited!

I hope you will join me and my incredible talented instructors for an unforgettable magical weekend.



Victoria Nuckols

Thank you so much!!!!!

Oh Jennifer I am so happy you are doing a Fairyland Christmas, I can’t wait to be a part of of all the magic!!

Huggs, Nancy

Shelley McNair


Suzanne rogers

I had so much fun in Asheville. Let me know when you are sure of the dates.😍

Carol deSousa

Ohh that is my birthday weekend! Might just be the perfect gift to myself.




Can’t wait for all the details! 💕

Jennifer! 💕 I want to know if this is ok if this is something I can get excited about?! I have no clue about your world of crafting, but I have always drooled over what you do!! Are newbies welcome? I know how amazing you are….and this is probably going to be one hell of an amazing weekend! I love you girl! ~Raquel

Deb Fischer

Jennifer, I can wait either, I want to go. Will look forward to more details in March.
What fun,

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Pink Santa and Christmas Fairy Jewelry Necklaces | Christmas Shop Update! | Jennifer Hayslip

Happy Holidays!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

I am SOOOO excited to share some very special jewelry pieces that I’ve been working on made specifically for the Christmas Holidays.

I created these whimsical pieces for children to wear. However, adults can wear them too! 😉

Many years ago I found the most beautiful vintage pink Santa at my local antique store. I’ve posted many photos of him on my blog and he’s been pinned (Pinterest) over thousands of times.

He’s the cutest jolliest fella!

Being he’s so well loved I decided to make him into adorable necklaces.

My daughter Vivian showing off Santa.

His boots, belt and hat are adorned with white sparkly glitter,and he has a pink Swarovski crystal on his belt.

I offer the necklace with your choice of a RHINESTONE chain or a WHITE BALL chain.

He is SUPER cute!!

He is available in my Etsy shop.

This next very special piece I created is SO magical and special!

Several years ago while shopping the Canton flea market in Texas I found this vintage 1950’s children’s book.

Christmas in Fairyland.

The graphics are darling and beyond precious.

It was this book that inspired me to make a Christmas Fairy snowglobe necklace.

The necklace is made of vintage pastel pearl chain from Japan.

Inside the small snowglobe is a tiny fairy in which I made her crown and her wings.

She’s surrounded by magical sparkly fairy dust.

Adorned at the top of globe is a gold glitter charm tag that say’s “Believe”.

This charming necklace is a reminder to believe in the spirit of Christmas.

I used pink ribbon for the ties so it’s easy to adjust the length of the chain.

She comes from the land of pink castles in the sky!


My inspiration….these darling Christmas fairies.



Vivian adores this necklace!

It looks beautiful worn with a pretty dress.


Wear Miss Christmas Fairy close to your heart and always remember to Believe.

Another sweet necklace I made is these two precious angels decorating the Christmas Tree.

The image is adorned with white glitter and two Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.

These were fun to make!

These darling pieces are available now in my Etsy Shop.

Lastly, I want to share this special blossoming new young artist with you.

Her name is Sara Stevens and she is 15 years old.

This sweet girl has one of the most beautiful angelic voices and I wanted to share!

 Please listen iTunes preview when you have a minute. Her songs are available for download.


Click Here!

Or Copy and paste the link.

I’m wishing her much success!

Jennifer Hayslip

I hope you like my new Holiday necklaces! I have more of these pink tree’s available as well.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Wishing you all a magical holiday season!



Jennifer Grenko

What a beautiful post! Vivi looks so gorgeous and your necklaces are beautiful!! Tell Vivi love her pretty ponytail! xoxo


Many years ago, you created a shadowbox house & a hot air balloon decoration. My question on this post is where did you find that beautiful dress & hair accessory for your daughter? Just stunning!
Melanie (in NJ)

patti readicker

your jewelry, dolls, cups , everything.

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Magical Christmas Crafting Shop Update | Jennifer Hayslip | Eye Candy Creations

Jennifer Hayslip

Happy Early Holiday Friends!

This year I got a jump start early on my holiday crafting. Christmas is so inspiring and my absolute favorite time to create!!

I’m taking a mini break from my photography so I can focus on getting back to making assemblage pieces, jewelry, and holiday treasures for the home.

One of my favorite original things to create is my gumball assemblages.

This darling Christmas Fairy bunny is full of magical sweetness!

Jennifer Hayslip

She’s wearing a fluffy pink tulle skirt and holding her magical wand.

Spreading Christmas cheer and happiness!

Jennifer Hayslip

The inside of the globe has a darling vintage angel singing Christmas carols with her friendly little bunny.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

I truly adore creating this original piece and I hope it finds a wonderful home!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

The next adorable thing I LOVED creating are these mini Christmas tree glass dome snowglobe necklaces!!


Jennifer Hayslip

Each pink tree is embellished with faux sprinkles to give it a festive look!

Inside the dome is also a little bit of sparkle glitter for that extra Christmas twinkle.

Jennifer Hayslip

 I will be making several more of these necklaces as well as new designs that I plan on listing NEXT week!

Jennifer Hayslip

How sweet are these angel assemblages??

I used vintage tin tart molds for the base and adorned them with sugary white glitter.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

These precious angels are available in my Etsy shop.

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you for visiting and taking a peek at my newest creations.

These pieces are available HERE!

I’m a busy elf working in my Eye Candy studio making several more Christmas treasures.

So PLEASE check back!!!

Next week I will be listing NEW original design necklaces! I’m super excited to share!!

Happy Creating!



Jenn, your creations are beyond beautiful! And I am honored to own a couple myself!! :)
<3 Sonya

These are all so adorable! I am loving those charms.

Leena Lanteigne

Your creations are so sweet! I love using pink for Christmas! I even have a pink tree! Everything looks so darling and vintage and just adds a magical touch to Christmas – thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Leena


How adorable are they all Jennifer! You are my inspiration in photography and the colors you use are so sweet and lively! I especially love the little snow bunny…too cute!

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Fall Decorating and DIY Autumn Fairytale Centerpiece

Jennifer HayslipHello Friends and Happy Fall!

Lately I’ve been incredibly inspired by all of the fall decorating photos I see on Pinterest and Instagram.

I love how everyone has their own unique individual style and Fall colors is not just traditional Orange, Reds, Yellow..etc..

For those of us that love soft muted tones we have embraced those color and incorporated into our fall home decor.

I myself love Cream, pink and gold color palette. It’s blends beautifully in my Living Room.


Jennifer Hayslip

I came up with a fabulous idea for a Centerpiece a few weeks ago.

It started with a ornate vintage mirror that I had yet to hang up in my house.

I thought it would be there perfect base to build a centerpiece for my coffee table.

The mirror beautifully reflects the light of my chandelier from above.


My centerpiece idea quickly evolved to the idea of giving it a hint of Fairytale magic.

Cinderella had a pumpkin carriage so I ran with that idea of using the vintage storybook doll with pumpkins.

If you love this centerpiece it’s easy to re-create!

I purchased cream colored pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and sprayed them with chalk paint for a matte look.

Jennifer Hayslip

I then added a few doilies, dried flowers, stars, crowns and an old pocket watch to lend towards an old magical time worn feel.

Jennifer Hayslip

Magical pumpkins!!

Jennifer Hayslip

I also used a sweater pumpkin for added texture that I purchased from Tuesday Morning.



I’m overjoyed with how my Centerpiece turned out. It’s fall festive with a hint of whimsy!

jennifer hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

I’m also excited to share with you this gorgeous new cabinet I just purchased.

I’ve been watching it for a few months now debating whether to purchase it or not.

The other day I went to my favorite local Antique Mall and there it was….

With a new marked down price!


Jennifer Hayslip

I found a perfect spot in the corner of my Living Room for the cabinet.

I’m slowly filling it up with vintage treasures.

My biggest debate was… do I paint it shabby white or leave as is????

Jennifer Hayslip

My first intention was to paint the cabinet with a creamy white chalk paint.

However, once I stood back and really looked at the piece I think it looks gorgeous untouched!!

I love painted furniture so I’m still on the fence…..

What do you think?

Jennifer Hayslip

Another view of my room. This room definitely is my love for English Cottage.


My most prized Living Room decoration accessory of all is my sweet handsome London.

He “owns” the sofa and it’s become his throne. ha!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you for paying me a visit! I appreciate your likes, shares, and comments!

I’ve missed blogging so I’m going to make more of an effort to keep up and in touch.

Have a lovely magical Fall!



it looks amazing here, so magical.
Would love to sit in this room and take it all in, get mosey and peak through another rooms as well.
Love your gallery of framed work, just amazing.



Hi Jenn! Everything is too too pretty! I love your decorations. PLEASE don’t paint that gorgeous piece! You will never get that detail back again and it is gorgeous! Just stunning as is! This is coming from a huge lover of painted furniture!! xoxo.

Thank you for sharing your lovely fall centerpiece and your decorating scheme. Your home is simply lovely and I like that you use non traditional colors for fall decor.

I am so amazed at your lovely home. The new cabinet is to die for! So glad that you are back. :) Jo

Soooo gorgeous Twinsie! Like a magazine spread! Beautiful!


Oh, how lovely to read a post from you – your writing and photos have been sorely missed. I love your color scheme for fall – so refreshing to see pale, soft colors using pinks, creams and gold. I am definitely going to top off some of my pumpkins with crowns, and even a tiara or two! Love that cabinet – the white tufting is amazing!!!

It’s all so gorgous and magical and charming, sweet Jenn!!


I love your room! Its so pretty! I think you should leave your cabinet just as it is. It is stunning!

Your house is absolutely beautiful!! I adore all the white pumpkins and that wall with all the gorgeous historic paintings on it….ADORE!!!!! I love white furniture too but I’d keep the cabinet the way it is…it looks like something from Cinderella esp. with that gorgeous bound book in it!!

Regina / Head Glam Girl at Margarita Bloom
Margarita Bloom | Retro Vintage Skincare & Beauty
Twitter: @mbglamourville @margaritabloom
Instagram: @margaritabloom


Love, love, love your style! The centerpiece with mirror base is stunning! I think the new cabinet looks lovely as is. The sheen is perfect glamour.

love looking at all your beautiful things, just love,love it all, thank you

Sandra L.

The cabinet is gorgeous and I would leave it in it’s original finish. As a collector of antique furniture my blood boils when I see them covered with paint destroyed never to regain their original glory. I would only paint a antique is if was beyond repair and from the photo this looks in amazing condition. I think it looks divine in your room especially with the frames you have used. Nice find and that it was marked down is a bonus.

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Vintage Storybook Spring ~ Shop UPDATE!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Hello Friends!

It’s been ages since I’ve been in my studio to create.

I’ve missed it terribly!

I am loving my photography business! However, I feel the urge all the time to sit and make pretty things.

Spring is such an inspiration and I’m excited to share with you a few of my newest creations.

This has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces!

I created this darling collage centered around the Nancy Ann Storybook Doll.

“Storybook Spring”

Jennifer Hayslip

I had the perfect shabby frame sitting in my basement just waiting to have new life!

I used several of my vintage found treasures to fussy it up!

It’s perfect to hang this time of year!

Bright, cheerful and happy!

Jennifer Hayslip

How sweet is the bluebird greeting card?

I added little button flowers and butterflies!

Jennifer Hayslip

Our Nancy Ann Doll did not come with a name so I’ll just name her “Rose” because of her dress.

Rose is holding a birdcage in hopes of taking home a new feathered friend.

Jennifer Hayslip

Spring is all about bunnies and sweet little chicks.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer HayslipJennifer Hayslip

Must smell good in the Spring!

Jennifer Hayslip

Vintage Millinery and pink ribbon I used from an old doll’s dress.

Jennifer Hayslip

This collage was made with a alot of TLC!!!

In all honestly it’s very very hard to part with.

I love it that much!!! 😉

Jennifer Hayslip

It’s five o’clock somewhere!

Jennifer Hayslip

Ladies and Gent’s….

Care for a glass of pink Champale?

tee! hee!

Jennifer Hayslip

How darling is this glamorous art doll?

I found the pink malt liquor can in CA about a year ago.

All this time I knew I wanted to create something special with it.

So I gussied it up with fabrics, millinery, and bling!


Pinky Girl came to life!

Ready to pour and serve you!

Jennifer Hayslip

She even has a small pink champagne glass.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Who want’s Tea or Lemonade when you can have Pink Champale!

Cheers Dolls!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

I love making vintage inspired sweater clips.

The glamour doll clips seem to be a hit so I created this one and I’m in the process of making more.

Meet beautiful Betty Blue.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Betty Blue loves her boudoir.

So I added a delicate piece of trim from a vintage 1950’s bed jacket I owned.

Jennifer Hayslip

She’s a classic beauty with her big blue eyes and red ruby lips!

Jennifer Hayslip

The sweater clip comes on a pearl chain with pale blue rose millinery and rhinestone bling.

Jennifer Hayslip

Lavender is a pretty soft spring color.

This is simple but “eye catching” sweater clip perfect to dress up any cardigan!


Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

Jennifer Hayslip

These one of a kind handmade creations are available for purchase thru my Etsy Shop.

I want say a special thank you to my online creative friends and followers who are super supportive of my work.

I receive the NICEST comments and emails!

The fact that my whimsical art is enjoyed by others means the world!

I will keep creating as often as I can in between juggling life and my photography.

Creating fuels my soul.

Bringing me much inner happiness and peace.

Thank you for letting me share!

Happy Spring!!!!



I just love your creations and looking at all of your pictures. I am a collector of well loved treasures and well and have some of the same treasures as you!! Thank you for all you do!!

Cheryl Ensom Dack

Love these, Jenn! I’m catching up on what my art buddies are up to, and getting back to art myself. Been missing both! Love, Cheryl :)

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