Hello and Welcome!


I'm a mixed media artist, jewelry designer and photographer. Everything I create has a touch of fancy and a dash of sparkle.


I have a colorful palette of things I enjoy. Everything from decorating, styling, flea markets, collecting vintage treasures, and hosting art workshops.


I live in Charleston, SC with my husband, two children and three fur babies.


June 25, 2007 I published my first blog post ever. I was a newbie to the blog and mixed media world. I crafted in a small corner of my guest bedroom and over several months time Eye Candy Creations was born.


I'm honored to have my home and art published worldwide. Most importantly, I'm dearly grateful for the art community and the friendships I've made .


This is my artful life's journey. Thank you for visiting and I hope to inspire you with my charming pastel neverland!


Sparkly Magical Wishes,




Instagram - @jenniferhayslip