A Serendipity Day


*Ser-en-dip-i-ty* - (noun)

1. The aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. Good fortune; luck

Hello sweet friends! Hopefully many of you have had the good fortune of having a "Serendipty moment". They come far and few between, but that's what makes them so special.

I know it's a wee bit early for Christmas post, but this pink jolly fella has a good story of how he came home with me.

Im working on a special project that (fingers crossed) might get published in a book one day soon and of course there is a deadline. Im in desperate need of a pocket watch for my project. So I drive over to my favorite antique mall "The Big Peach". I look & look & look, and I find my watch. YAY!!!

I also stumble upon this BEAUTY of treasure. An Austrian bowl that is 12" in diameter.


Soooo beautiful and it only cost me $8!!!!!!!!!!!  YES! EIGHT dollars! Whoo-hoo!


Of course Im not in the market for a decorative handpainted bowl, but I just couldn't pass it up at that price.

Not sure where it's going in my home, for the time being it's sits pretty on my dining room table.


Ok…..back to the story!!!!

I just finished checking out and paying for my purchases. I have my bags in hand ready to walk out the door. Right before I leave I see the owner John. He's such a nice guy and is always keeping a look out for stuff for me. We make little chit chat, and I ask him how business was. Well, he decides that before I leave he HAS to show me this little ivory hand carved Eskimo that is worth so much money. A guy sold it to John for $100, and it's worth about $850. (I know this part is boring, but stay with me!) Big Peach is a HUGE antique mall! John wants to show me this eskimo which I honestly could care less about, but I decided to appease him.

We go to a locked glass case and here he is. Eskimo man. John said he has Eskimo man on Ebay right now and people are going crazzy bidding on him.


I took one look and said "Oh that's nice" and a split second later right behind Eskimo man I spied PINK SANTA!!!! EEEEK!!!!!


Seriously, what are the chances of finding a vintage pink Santa? He's in *MINT* condition. I look at these on Ebay and they go for lots of $$$. The are rare and my heart dropped when I laid eyes on him. I literally told John "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!"

The ironic thing to all of this is I just signed on that week to open up my house for our neighborhood Christmas candlelight tour of homes the first week in Dec. This pink santa was waiting to be found by ME! hee! hee! 

He is going to look so fabulous in my Sugar Plum dining room this Christmas!

 Gosh, he's so cute!!!

There I was bags in hand walking out the door. John calls me over to look at Eskimo man, and directly behind him standing in his pink glory is Santa. It was for me a happy Serendipity experience. πŸ™‚

Lastly, I have a funny picture of the week I would like to share. We took the kiddies to the State fair this weekend (now that they are ALL better after having the flu! Whew!) Grant and Vivi both rode the mini Nascars.

Take a good look at this pic. Notice anything funny? Yes, my head is in the gutter, so please forgive me if your easily offended. tee! hee! Im sure the carnival guys had a good laugh when putting this together.


It's a short week for me this week. Hubby and I are leaving Thursday for a mini adult getaway to Savannah this weekend. Were staying at the Ford Plantation because it's "Homecomming Weekend". All the members come and stay for the long weekend, and the F.P. plan all sorts of fun dinners and festivites. I'll have lots of great photos to share with ya when I get back.

Wishing you all a happy week and a SERENDIPTIY day soon!


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Don’t you just luuuuuuuuve a deal?! That Santa is absolutely precious. You are absolutely right — you were meant to find him. Use in good health! πŸ˜€


Priceless, The Beautiful Pink Santa and Miss Vivi’s Car. I have to say, this Momma’s mind would have worked the same way, I would have been thinking that too. Have a Wonderful Getaway too. xoxo, Jamie

Ok girl, it was meant to be. Now what are the odds – a goofy eskimo man turned vintage pink santa? Too cute and what a fun story!
OK, hmmmmm . . . the Ford Plantation . . sounds kinda familiar . . . kinda kinda . . . I hope you are going to post this, cause I WANNA SEE!!!!!!
Have a wonderful trip and enjoy!!!
Lookin’ at my cute little Miss Rosie as I type . . .
hugs. Karen

For me the eskimo man story was totally burst me into Laughs*LOL*! And I’m so happy for your “Serendipity” finds! So rare to see such cute vintage pink santa!I wanted one too:)i adored your last year Christmas decoration in your Sugar Plum dining room can’t wait to see your christmas deco soon *teehee*
Have a fabulous holiday with your hubby!

WOW your santa looks like a big ball of cotton candy.. Wonderful fluffy and sweet.. I happend on a beautiful pink Santa a few yrs ago too. He is so pretty, different from yours but just wonderful to look at.. Gives you that warm feeling inside everytime you look him.. Christmas is such fun.. First the birth of Christ then the candyland part…

What an awesome find, I love those “serendipity moments”.

Serendipitatious indeed. Father Christmas in pink, just as he should be! I’ve banished all traces of red from my decorations this year. If they’re not the colours of sugared almonds then they are not allowed in the house!
love the bowl, very pretty.
Glad you are all over the flu. Enjoy your little break. :o)

you are a bad girl Jenn…LOL…that’s all i have to say about that…LOVE LOVE LOVE your pink santa, he is beautiful…eskimo man i am not diggin’ so much…i guess he is an acquired taste…hee hee…the bowl you found is absolutely gorgeous…i cannot believe the price either lucky you…those are way pricey here!!!

Jennifer Grenko

Jenn!! LOL on the eskimo man! Men are so funny!! I have that santa too. Got him at an estate sale (along with a red one). Immediately went on e-bay and looked him up and one sold for 5 times what I paid… I think they were made for Mary Kay and are made by Harold Gale. He will be perfect in the sugar plum dining room… which is the most beautiful holiday room on earth, truly! Glad the flu flew!!

LOVE that Santa! I think you just gave me my first bit of christmas inspiration and that I may have to make a santa dressed in pink fur this year!
YOur santa has YOUR name all over him.. I do think he was meant for you to have!
have a great week

Score! I have always loved those pink Santas, too! And they ARE pricey.
Loving your new look; the banner is adorable!

OhMyGosh!! I love the pink santa! How lucky are you to find that! The bowl is gorgeous too! My favorite colors!
Have a wonderful day!

JENN!!!! The pink santa is one of the cutest things EVER!!!! I love him! He just looks better in pink, dont you think? He was definitely meant for you!!! I am so in love with that bowl too! I just love pretty china πŸ™‚
Vivi is adorable! And you crack me up Jenn! I be the guys did get a laugh, lol!
So glad you are all feeling better and I hope you and hubby have a fabulous time!!!
Love ya sweetie,

Jennifer, that is so cool that you found the same Santa at an Estate sale. Hmm…that’s interesting they were made for Mary Kary. Makes me want to do a little research on the fella. He has no tags. You must come by and see my house, and the other 9 homes the first week in Dec. It’ll be fun! XO

Karen, Awww..Im so tickled you are enjoying Miss Rosie. πŸ™‚ Yay!!! Yes…Ford Plantation where Im hosting my event. I’ll be sure to take LOTS of pics to post next week! πŸ˜‰ Have a lovely week! XO,Jenn

hahahaha, well, you know Barbie is kind of a racey gal….. Ken always had a smile on his face, didn’t he??!!

Oh, He is just so jolly. The cutest Santa…. ever!

OhHhHhHh!!!! loving the pink santa too!!! wonder if there’s going to be a mad scramble for pink mary kay santa’s now??? i hope you take lots of pics for your house tour…it always looks so beautiful!! and…i’m laughing that your mind was in the gutter…my mind is in the gutter at times too and i think i may offend some people sometimes…oh well! have fun for homecoming weekend!!! sounds WONDERFUL!!!

What a lovely and perfect treasure! I know that PINK Santa is going to look wonderful in your Home this Season. I found a white one this year but PINK oh my! Have fun with hubby this week. oxox, Diane

Hi Jenn,
I know you are glad that everyone is better and you can stop playing nurse! I think we are getting started with it now, ugh!!
I saw that Santa in the front of the Big Peach and started to get it since I collect Santas but thought that I might need more pink in my Christmas decor before I get him…so glad that he didn’t call out to me and you were able to get him!
I just left your hubby’s office and told him I need a job at his office to be able to have all the work I need done. hhaha. He was so sweet and caring, but I should have known he would be- with you as his wife. Oh and your mom sounds just like you..I heard her talking from the back and thought you were there!
Can’t wait to come see your house all decked out for Christmas!

What a Santa!! He looks so perfect, how amazing! He will be soooo happy in your pretty home. Lucky guy.

Christine Karie

Hi, Jenn!
That Austrian bowl is right up my alley; I simply love stuff like that. A girl can never have too many roses, doncha’ know?!
That Big Peach must be one heck of a shopping experience. You are fortunate that you live so close to it and go there often to make a huge dent in your bank account – yay!
I’m always on the prowl for romantic and pretty things, hoping I’ll trip over something glorious. It’s a job, I’ll tell ‘ya. But I love it. Seems like you and I and many of your bloggers are all little/big girls that never truly grew up. What a nice place to be, hmmm?
Christine Karie

I’m soooo jealous, but happy for you! That pink santa is beautiful!!! And that gorgeous bowl is tdf!!!!

WOW! How awesome is that Pink Santa!?! Love those serendipity moments, and you SURE got one! Have a lovely week. {I have to confess…my mind would have been in the same gutter…hee hee}
Back Porch Blessings,

What a great find!!! I LOVE him!!

You gotta love a pink Santa : ) Cute find!

Jennifer Grenko

Ok… I will come and see…. thanks!

I love your site so much. It’s just so sweet and adorable! I occasionally feature blogs I find inspirational on my site where I interview the maintainer. I would love to feature your blog.
If you would like to participate, could you provide me with an email where I could send the interview questions to?
Thanks πŸ™‚

Oh, Jenn, I am in love with your pink Santa!! He is GORGEOUS! I, too, watch them (and drool over them) on eBay, but yours is in much better condition than most I’ve seen.
I am so happy for you (and just a tinge jealous πŸ˜‰
I look forward to seeing him happily amongst your other beautiful Christmas decor!

love love love the pink santa! Very serendipitous indeed!
xoxo, Tiffany

I love that you took a moment to be a good friend and were fantastically blessed for it!

jennifer, hi!
it’s me, your long lost really good friend, jan!
i just wanted to tell you how proud i am of your success in the mixed media art world!! you’re so gifted – and you work so hard!! i’m excited that you have a yearly retreat – that is so exciting!!
i love this santa – oh, my gosh. this really was a serendipity moment!
love your blog. the kids are getting so big!!
and cuter and cuter:)
warmly, jan

come Santa come in the middle of the night bringing all the secret presents of happiness and joy.before waking me up.Santa is a symbol of love and happiness for the innocent kids and poor kids who could not celebrate happy Christmas properly.


Hi Jenn, This Santa is just “Ohhhh Sooooo You!!!! Finally ~ He has met his perfect owner who will truly love him and appreciate him for all of his pretty vintage pinkness!!!
Congrats, and good luck with hosting your home over the holidays, Sounds like lots of fun!!!!
God bless, Tricia

I have NEVER seen a pink Santa like that before…How delicious is he?!! I can hardly wait to see him all settled in.

Thank you Jan for paying me a visit. I’ve come along way huh? tee! hee! It’s lovely to hear from you and I really appreciate your super sweet comments!!!! XOXO

Woa! A Pink santa! He is so cute! I love him! If you have time, please come by and see my sweet retreat and enter my 1 day give away! β™₯

I Love when that happens, it’s as if it was meant to be. He is just gorgeous and he looks like freshly spun cotton candy. The eskimo – well… I hope he finds a good home πŸ™‚ Just not my styly either, and I live in the great northwest.


Great serendipity story! I’ve never seen a pink Santa before…it was meant to be. πŸ™‚


Oh Jenn,
I would have bought that Santa also!!!!!!!He’s a cutie!

DING, DING, DING Jenn gets the prize for the best find of the week!!!! WOO Hoo, oops, no prize, sorry, CAUSE YOU HAVE IT ALREADY A STINKIN TOO CUTE PINK SANTA!!!!! Lori

Hi Jenn! The bowl is so pretty! The perfect colors and what a great price! I adore your sweet pink Santa! What an amazing find~ definitely meant for you to find!

Pink Santa found a PERFECT home! Yaahoo! Love the naughty bumper car too!

oh my what everyone said above about the santa!!! he is sooo yummy!!! and as for the barbie car…lol…i had to enlarge it and look at it for a moment…walk away and look somemore…i was looking for you in an angle of photography THEN I GOT IT…oh goodness…lol

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