A sugary sweet GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!


Greetings my sweet and lovely friends! Im THRILLED to announce that ONE week from TODAY on Wen June 25th will be my ONE YEAR BLOGANNIVERSARY!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!! I must celebrate by having a BIG giveaway to all my new and old loyal fans and friends! One randome lucky gal will win ALL these sweet goodies!

So, let's take a sneaky peek at what is all included!


Shabby pink pail and one of my girlie bunny Christmas ornaments (Yes Christmas! hee! hee!)   


Light mint green chenille and a beautiful vintage avon perfumed talc container.


Music sheet notes stamp


Darling little girl figurine and a stamp with the most beautiful and INSPIRING words!!!!


Of course I must throw in some Kitsch fun goodies.


I LOOOOOVE this fun retro cocktail napkins! hee! hee!

Last but not least. I made these adorable and fun tags. The little doll remindes me of Doris Day (hence the oldies music). Especially with the tag titled "Let's Chat". It reminds me of the movie "Pillow Talk". Anyhoo, these are uber cute and who ever wins my drawing I hope they will find a special place for them. πŸ™‚


"Let's Chat"


"Hello Lover"  I just LOVE how Sarah Jessica Parker says it in "Sex and the City". Yes! Those are my juicy big red lipstick marks on the tag. tee! hee!


Finally, this last one is my FAV! I did an old 1950's glamourous look with this large tag titled "Cruising in Style".


"Honk if Blondes have more fun!"


"Im ready for my close-up"


Ok gals! PLEASE post a comment and make sure I have your blog or email address. I will announce the winner on Wen June 25th! As well as announce some fun and exciting news!

One last thing Im dying to share with you is a picture of my retro Hello Kitty bicycle. It was a Christmas gift to me from my hubby several years ago. Well, It's been stored in our basement for over 3 years now and has NOT seen daylight. We are getting ready to take a family vacation to the beach in about a week so I decided it was "high time" I pull my bicycle out and give her a good dusting! I cant wait to peddle around the beach on my Hello Kitty bike and ring my bell! :) RING! RING! Jeez! Do I sound like Im 12 years old or what? LOL!!!!


Hope you all have a fabulous and creative week!


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Hi Jenn!
Congrats on the blog anniversary!
Every visit is always a TREAT!
Happy Day!

Lee Laurie Noll

Hey,Jenn!Your give-a-way is so cute!!Congratulations on your one year bloggin anniversary!!I still dont have one yet.I have to get with it!I just dont know where to start.Anyway,your little tags are too cute!!I love your blog!

omg your tags are so cute…love them! of course you have to put in for your give away…congrats on your blogversary coming up.

your blog is such a treat for me. πŸ™‚ and a bright spot in an otherwise depressing time. thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

How fun! Count me in! I used to a Kewpie Doll, but it burned up when my parent’s barn burned down in some of the California fires a few years ago. (See how I’m playing the pity card?) Such generous gifts! Thanks for doing this & happy anniversary!

Sue M

How sweet all your things are. And I’m glad I’ve been reading since you began.

What a fabulous giveaway…congrats on your soon to be 1 year anniversary! Love your bike too!
Your new friend,

Everything is just wonderful!!!
Im keeping my toes crossed that I win!!!
oh and I bought a pink cruiser last year also.
I love it!

HUGE congrats on your blog’s first anniversary!!! ^____^
Happy One Year Blog Birthday and here’s to many, many more!!!
Your goodies are truly the cutest treats EVER! ^___^
xoxo, Lala
PS- Your HK bike is ADORABLE!!! πŸ˜€

NO stinkin way!!!!!!! i MUST win this giveaway!!!!!! oh dear me, i was so excited that i forgot my manners…congratulations on your one year blogiversary Miss Jenn…it has been a true pleasure reading your blog and getting to know you better…now, where was i…oh yes, PICK ME PICK ME!!! well, i am hamming it up a bit…but i really really DO want to win:)

What a fabulous-o giveaway! Please count me in, and thank you!! πŸ™‚

Congratulations on your BLOGANNIVERSARY!!!! I really enjoy stopping by here every week and seeing all the fun you are up to.
Everything in your giveaway is so sweet but the tags are just too adorable. :o)

WOW congrats! How fun!! Happy Blogiversary!!
All this looks OH SO very sweet and fun! OH that little ballerina is to die for! She is my most favorite! Those tags give me such a giggle too! You are too cute sweetest Jenn!
Can I borrow that bike and NEVER give it back? LOL!
xoxox Molly


Hi Jenn!
Congratulations! I cannot express to you how much joy and pleasure I get from reading your blog. Every new post is a sugary treat that I so look forward to as it brightens my day. Thankyou for your efforts and for sharing so much with us. Lots of LOVE…

Holy Anniversary! Congrats on a fab year — love your goodies. Just as sweet as you!
Hugs, Kim

Suzanne Harley

Hi Jenn, Happy First Anniversary of your Blog! What a super sweet give away! Is it open to overseas visitors? If so please count me in!! Thank you so much, Suzanne. suzanneharley@hotmail.com


Jenn, you have done it again – been totally adorable!!! yes you HAVE!!! on and on and on, your eye and your writing are so appealing.. and the colors and the items, they are all so much like my own home.. you must come see it sometimes.. COngratulations on your anniversary.
Never stop sharing.

Congratulations Jenn, and if I win can I swap for the PINK HELLO KITTY BIKE, I really, really, really need it:) Rachael

Congratulations on one year! Wow, where does time go? All your goodies are wonderful, I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Love your pink retro bike, I’d love to ride that! Wonder what your news will be?!!!

I sooooooo have to win your fabulous giveaway Jenn! Your tags are so candy sweet and adorable!
Count me in your giveaway!
Can’t wait to find out what the news is πŸ™‚

~Gracious! I was so excited by your tags and bunny that i forgot to say~
Happy Happy Bloganniversary!!!
You are so insiring~


Jenn, love your PINK bike I’m sure it will take you to some wonderful places. I was so surprised to hear that it has only been a year for your blog it sure seems like you have much more experience. Keep up the good work it is so fun to stop by your blog. Have a wonderful Vacation.
Hugs, Diane

OMG what a CUTE bike and such delicious give away offerings. Congratulations on your FIRST blogoversary. You’ve come a long way baby!!!

Cindy King

I check your blog all the time, I LOVE all your creations and would be ecstatic to win your giveaway!! Happy Anniversary with your blog – can’t wait to hear your news that you are going to share with us!

As I am a regular visitor but not a regular commentor. I would usually pass the give away. But yours is way tooooo cute. I cannot resist this! I have to wish you a happy blogversary, telling you that I enjoy your blog and being part of a network of dutch women cruising the internet, I know I’m not the only one in our little country too…and shooof this is how I sneak in your give away.he he he…

Dear Twinkle,
I don’t think you would even have to guess how much I WANT TO WIN your goodies. Everything is so sweet and YOU KNOW how amazing it would ALL look in my pink pastel house.
Love ya tons, xo Cath

Happy Anniversary and just want you to know I enjoy your pics on flickr.
Your giveaway is WONDERFUL!!!


HI JENN! oh what lovelies you are giving away! I would be thrilled to win! thanks for letting me know! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!


Hi Jenn,
Congratulations! What a fun give a way! Ü

Hi Jenn! Congratualtion! I love your blog and visit it almost daily. Cristina

Such a cute giveaway – please count me in!
That Hello Kitty bike is great… I think even i’d be tempted to ride a bike like that!!!
Victoria xxx

kelly h

I love love love your blog!! I have never left a comment before, but I am 41 and 9 months pregnant and would LOVE to win all the goodies-I NEED a pick me up!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us week after week!

michelle blaise

All that pink goodness! Happy Bogiversary! I just love the little rhinestones on the corners of her horn-rimmed glasses! too funny a detail!!


Hello Jenn,
I LOVE these giveaways and would love to win! Happy Blog Anniversary ~ Your creations & home decorations are always so inspiring, bright, sweet & cheery. You’ve hinted at your big news & I can’t wait to hear all about it. Also, am looking forward to seeing the finished custom project we’ve discussed.

OMG!! What a fabulous giveaway Jenn!! Wonderful, sweet goodies…whoever wins is going to be a lucky girl!
Congrats on one year~ you’ve given us more eye candy than words can say! xo natalea

Yessssssss, put my name in the hat and if I don’t win just shoot me, my little southern fried chickadee!!!!!! Oooh, be still my beating heart….I haven’t heard that “If I knew you were coming I’da baked a cake” for aaaaaaaaages. I actually sing that song on a regular basis. Stuck with me since childhood so I’m supposin’ that dates me, huh??!!!! But I love ya, my sweet chick,

I’ll enter for the hello kitty bike! hee hee…just kidding but would love to enter the give-away! Hope all ahs been well with you!

Congrats on your blog anniversary. What a wonderful give-away!!! Love your bike…I totally agree that it would be most fun to ride!!!

Jenn, What beautiful and fun treasures. I alway find your blog such a happy place to be. And, I just love your Hello Kitty bike. It is amazing and you really need to ride it. Happy Blogaversary
Hugs Karen


You have a very beautiful giveaway. Someone is going to be very lucky to recieve all your yummy items. Congrats on your blog annniversay.


Congrats on your Blogoversary! Love the Givaway and the Bike is the Pink Bomb!!I would ride that with Pride.. Have a wonderful trip to the beach with the family too. Jamie

Me! Me! Me!
Oh my gosh!
I LOVE those tags! Your imagination is like filled with frostings and sprinkles! I love your creations so much Miss Jenn!
What a great giveaway!
*fingers crossed*
~Sadie Lou


Hi Jenn – Love the bike! How fun to be able to ride that around – you’ll get lots of attention I’m sure…with or without the bike! I’d love to win the blogaversary gift- it’s filled with some of your best I’d say! Congrats on making a year! Nan

ooooohhhhh, such pretty things! Happy Happy one year, I remember when I first found you on flickr and was BLOWN AWAY by your gorgoeus home! You are just soooo sweet and kind Jenn, it has been a blessing to me getting to know you. :))

Oooooh!!!!! I need these goodies! They are just lovely I am just swirling with ideas on where to put them all! I have a nice little spot in my retro powder room for that vintage bottle! I just love reading your blog always so cheerful. Thanks for sharing with us!

Lori Ventimiglia

I just love to look at your blog. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I found your blog by way of Vivian, viv out on a whim. I could spend hours just wandering around blog land and dreaming. I’ve been ispired to do some redecorating of my own which I will be sharing on my blog soon. Thanks for sharing. One of my fav things– was when you cut your hair BANGS. Looking forward to what comes next.
lori ventimigla

What a fun blog you have! I can see why Diane at Crafy Passions awarded you the Arte y Pico Award!
I love the bicycle, too!

Hello sugary-sweet friend,
Happy Blogaversary!

Dear Jenn,
A BIG congratulations to your 1 year anniversary.
If I win I will hire a band.
And if you ever come to Phoenix, I will bake a cake!


WOW! What a great give-a-way! You don’t know me but I found your blog a while ago and have been admiring your style and goodies for a while … please throw my name in the hat!


Jenn….what a wonderful time I’ve had reading your blog!! You are so creative! Love, love, love the bicycle. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings. XXOO

Hi Jenn~
Happy 1 Year Blogiversary! I have always *loved* your blog and show you off to everyone I know! lol
Big hugs and Congrats!!!
I am SO JEALOUS of your pink bike!!!

This is a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me!! Thanks and hugs,Angelina

Oooohhh Jen, this is the most beautiful giveaway!!! LOVE all the pink! How sweet you are to do this!! Please count me in, I would love to din this πŸ™‚
Okay, I LOVE that bike!!!!!! I have been a Hello Kitty freak since I was little, lol! And My Melody bunny of course! Love the pink of that bike!! I have been looking for something like that for my garden! We are going on a beach vacation in a week too! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time!
Love ya,

claudette flanigan

Wow! Love it all! Especially the tags…so cute! I wish I did have a blog, but hopefully some day! Your blog is just so pretty and I am loving this music! I’ll keep my fingers crossed on your anniversary contest! πŸ™‚

Erin Barraza

Congratulations!! I enjoy your blog and your decor and style is just fabulous dahlin!! I hope I’m the lucky winner.

Happy Blog-aversary!! Really fun goodies! “Eye Candy” for sure!! *smile*


Congratulations! Happy Blog a versary! Ü

I would love to be entered! Thank you and Happy Anniversary Jenn! My little boy just asked, Mom what are you listening to? lol!

Grace P

Oh my stinkin fabulous word! This blog always makes me smile but this time I am overflowing with smiles…I love it all the gifts the tags just too sweet! I am imagining all the places to place all these beautiful treasures…Love your bike! Hugs Congratulations! Grace at Gracemypal@aol.com


I am also a non-commenting visitor – but visit I do every day so I don’t miss anything deliciously wonderful! I’d love to win any one of your adorable give-aways. Happy first blogversary and please keep creating your delightful eye candy.

Diana Wood

Howdy Mrs.Jenn,
So happy to be entered into your “BloggAnniversary!”
Your Sweet Eye Candy Creations are adorable and simply divine! XXOO
loves, diana (CupcakeSugar)


Congrats on your one year anniversary. I read your blog daily. You are doing a great job!
I love your giveaway so so cute! Love the colors.
Enjoy your riding your Hello Kitty Bike!
Best Wishes,

Oh, I’m lovin’ that pink hello kitty bike and your fun and sweet giveaway goodies. Somebody is certainly going to be squealing with delight. Happy Blogaversary and here’s to many more posts.

wow…awesome goodies! happy blogiversary! jessica http://www.funkyfinds.us

Woohoo… I’m a big fan of your blog and the sweet items that you create. Your kids are adorable! I can just see you cruising around at the beach now. I love that bike!
Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway.
Happy Blogiversary!

Michele Dunn

Yet another OMG! I just found you and know that I will be up half the night going back to the beginning. Happy blogiversary(aversey?…oversary? eversery?)! Your give away is just too too wonderful and so so generous!

Congrats!!! Plse enter me into the giveaway I’ll be so over the moon if I win!! Such Pretty things!!
I LOVE your bike how sweet is that!! & PINK cant get better!!!

Wow! Happy Bloggerversary! Throw me in! I love your bicycle!!! I have had my eye on one. πŸ™‚

Heather M

I just found your blog about a month ago, and I love it! Your artwork and photos are so inspiring. Congrats on a whole year of crafty goodness! You are a doll!

OOOoooooo!! I just love everything all the way down to the GREAT music. My FAVORITE song!! I’m typing and dancin at the same time!!!!!
ps happy blogiversary!;0)

Everything is adorable!!! Count me in! Have fun at the beach riding your pink bike πŸ™‚

Oh, Jenn~ what a marvelous give-away!!! It is just scrumptious!!!!
And I ADORE your bike!!!What a treasure!
hugs and Happy Blogiversary!!!


Too darn cute – as always! I love Doris Day…I have Pillow Talk on DVD and recently watched it…even my husband watches it with me & never likes those old movies! “Pajama Game” is another Doris movie with lots of polka dotted skirts & gingham. πŸ™‚ I don’t even want to look again at the cuties above ‘cuz I REALLY want to win them. πŸ™‚
A big congratulations on your blog anniversary…if I had the time & know-how I would have one myself – recently I drove past a carnival being set up and I so wish I had a camera – it looked so much like your blog/crafting – all cotton candy colored rides…and, then I never got back over there, darn!
Love the bike, too….I keep eyeing the aqua ones I see around.

Oh My Jenn! I am number 78 here~ a girl can dream anyway:) These are so yummy and I have a new craft room just perfect for these goodies! Congrats on 1 Year!

Jeccica Simpson

Always enjoyed your blog, and all you pics!!
Happy Blog Anniversary!!

Kathy Hansen

what a wonderful giveaway and happy 1st blogaversary.. Hope you have a hello-kitty of a time at the beach. Love your blog by the way.. Kathy H.

I’ve just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Pure eye candy. A true southern belle. πŸ˜€


oh my goodness Jen!!! I love your new creations… wowwy zowee!!!!!!
Congrats on your 1-year blogiversary. Your blog is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Hi Jen, gosh I hope being the 82nd!!!!! person to comment is good luck. Love love love your giveaway goodies and those tags are tooo sweet!!! I have been looking for a bicycle for ages for a display at Lilly Cottage ( as riding one would not ne quite a glamourous if it was me riding!!) anyhoo your bike would be perfect but I really do think you need to add a really cute basket with flowers on it and in it to the front!! I can just picture you complete with headscarf and sunglasses, wearing capri pants and cute little flat shoes zooming around on your bike. Have fun and I shall everything crossed until Wednesday. Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

blog anniversary yay!!!!! Can I come ride your bike?? πŸ™‚

OMG Jenn!!! Pick me pick me please please please!!! Congratulations on your 1 year bloggiversary! I remember when you first started and I’ve loved your blog all along, you’re so inspiring and fun and motivating and above all a dear beautiful friend! Now, please pick number 85 ok?? xoxo

Congrats on your one year!!!! OMG, how cute is your give away, I’m in love!!! So glad that I found your blog. You have such super sweet posts, I love every bitty bit of each one!

Hi Jenn
I quiet often visit your fabulous kitsch blog so when I seen a blog give away I had to leave a comment ,please enter me in to your amazing give away .
please come and visit my blog!! I love kitsch stuff too I even have a 1950s original kitchen .
Congratulations on your blogiversary .
love from sesga xx in Wales UK

Congrats on the anniversary! Your blog is just the cutest!
Love that pink bike!

Congrats on the blog milestone! Great prizes. And I love your bike!

OH!! It’s all SO SO cute, Jenn!!! Please enter me in your give away!! Love your adorable Hello Kitty bike! I want one!!
Michelle xoxo

Jenn, I visit your blog often, but too shy to post. Everything you do is so beautiful and your children are gorgeous. My best friend from high school was Vivian and I just love that you called your beautiful daughter that—it fits her to a tee. Everyones giveaways are always so beautiful and I want to start crafting again.Good luck to the lucky winner of this gorgeous giveaway.—I have lots of cupies like the one in the photo and got lots of vintage decorations after my mom died. Hugs, Pat

Michelle Saiz

Hi Jenn! I just love your little creations! You are truly talented and so inspiring πŸ™‚ I just love your sweet pink bike, absolutely adorable!

some serious pink eye candy~love it!!
it is amazing how time flies in blogland!!

Kerri Norrod.

Congrats on your blogversary! Your blog is a bright spot in my day.


HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY !! You have definitely brought a lot of creativity, class, charm and fun to the blogging world.. I know we all have enjoyed taking a peek into what is going on…
I love the bike:) You may just stop traffic riding that sweet thing.. Have fun..


Jen, Your blog is so adorable. I found it by searching for shabby chic pictures on Flickr. You have been an inspiration to me as I am slowly turning my home into a shabby chic cottage! Hopefully we will bump into each other in Macon someday so I can say hi! Oh and I love my Easter frame creation… It is still on display!!

Happy 100th Posting. I really love your blog and you have always gave me inspiration and I love pink also. Well keep up the good work and best wishes.
Kelli Lusk

Pat Jones

Hi Jenn,
Love all the lovely items in your give away.
Especially the tags.
I also love your pink bike. Now that is a treasure you should be enjoying.
Hope everything is lovely in your world.
Have fun today.

Jenn what fun things for your giveaway.

Hi sweetpea!!
Happy One Year Blog Anniversary Jenn!! A year goes by soo fast, but what a geat year πŸ™‚ We have loved your blog from the very millisecond we set eyes on it!! You have such a special way of sharing your gorgeous creations, your adorable family to your beautfiul home with us that NO ONE can emulate or even come close to!!! But most of all, we are soo proud and honored to call you our dear friend!!! A beautiful and generous giveaway from a beautiful and generous true LADY πŸ™‚
Happy weekend sweetie πŸ™‚
Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

natallie king

Hi from AUS!! Beautiful blog and always having a look!!! Happy Blog Anniversary!!!
Someone will be extremely happy to have your give away!! So generous!!! Regards!!

WOW! I knew this post would have tons of commens πŸ˜‰ Im so loving the HK bike.. but thats a given. I haven’t commented in a few posts… But I had to for this one!
LOVE the giveaway… someone is going to be verrry happy πŸ˜€
xoxo Take Care!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I do so enjoy catching up with your latest yummy creations and hope to own more soon :o) Loving the pink bike too…lol ;o)


I just love your blog! You are so glam! I am addicted. Love your babies too.
Any chance you woud post some beauty advice? You always look so pretty. Like procucts you like,etc.
Congrats on your anniversary!

Oh, throw my name in the giveaway hat!!

Happy Bloggy Anniversary!
Your blog is always on my weekly bloggy read rounds. I love all of your sticky sweet creations! I would love to enter your sweet giveaway. Thanks.
Hugs and God Bless,

OMG!! I love everything! Congrats on blog ! theres my pink convertible and bike..I love the napkins! Made me laugh!
xxoo Denise Boston

Jenn…I’d love a chance to win your cute goodies. Thanks for the chance.

happy blog anniversary jenn!!! what a sweet and special give away! enjoy your vacation and your pink bike… :)!

Over the Top Cute !! Congratulations on your one year Blogging !!! I am having a little give away too, not as cute as yours though !! Come sign up if you want. πŸ™‚

Marta Putnam

Congratulations! I am recently new to your blog but I enjoy looking at your beautiful works. Thanks for sharing…..martap64@verizon.net

Hi Jen
Congrats on your 1st Anniversary.. I read your blog all the time and love your creations.. you have all the cutest, prettiest and cool stuff in here.. and the giveaway pressies.. way too awesome! very yummylicious!.. wish I win!..

june gibbons

i love your blog, it such a sweet escape for me. so yummy and beautiful to gaze upon!! make sure to get a pic of yourself on the cutey bike of yours!! maybe in your pink petticoat. πŸ˜€
june g.

Congratulations….I look forawrd to many many more posts from you. I enjoy your sweet style.

great giveaway Jenn πŸ™‚ Hope you have TONS of fun at the beach!!! you deserve it! xoxo Britt

Love your bike!!!!!!
You have the most adorable bike ever made!
What an awesome giveaway! I love the pink caddilac and the red sequins on the lover tag! So cute!
Happy Blogaversary!

Ana Barrett

Congrats dear Jenn!!!
I love all your give-away items and that hello kitty bicycle is to die for! looks like a ball of fun! and the beach sounds soo wonderufl also!
love hearing from you always! =]]

Hi Jenn,
Oh you are going to have so much fun at the beach on that awesome pink hello kitty bike! As always your creations are awesome! Happy one year of blogging!
Mary Ann

Lisa Guidry

Congrats! I would love to win these AdOrAbLe cuties πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see Grant’s new big boy room as I am re-doing Blake’s room in the nautical also. We, however, are probably going to do the navy, red and white πŸ™‚


I absolutely love your stuff! Sweet as pie!
xoxox Jenn

Congrats on the blogaversary!! Love all the goodies in your giveaway, hope I win:) I am having a giveaway also so stop by!


Being a military family, we are never where our roots are. Your blog reminds me of the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the summer, the taste of Granny’s fresh baked cookies, and the feel of mississippi mud between my toes. It’s a taste of home.
Everything is simply dashing!


Hi Jenn…I think I forgot to add my email. It’s wauvie@msn.com. thanks, valarie

What a fabulous give away for your celebration! Happy blog-Birthday Jenny!!!

love the bike!

WoW! Please count me in for your fantastic giveaway! And I love the bike! Sounds like fun!

Jenn, your blog is so fun πŸ™‚ You just have to post a pic of you riding that bike down the boardwalk!!! Too fabulous!
As a long time reader of your blog I would be honored to be entered into your giveaway~ Congratulations on your Blogiversary!!!

Wow, what fabulous goodies. Totally put a smile on my face:) Please put my name in the hat. FUN!!
Happy Summer, sweetie!

Hey cutie!!
i just got back from vacay!
what a fab giveaway!! so fun.
i LOVE your bike. we are Sanrio nuts at this house. so darling.
have a great trip.


congratualtions on your blog anniversary!!
what a generous bunch of treats!!


Hi Jenn,
Cute giveaway goodies! Your blog is really pretty! Please enter me in and don’t get too crazy on your hello kitty bike!
karen b…

gayle olson

I love your spirit and your spunk! We are going to Mn. next week for a family reunion at a lake and I am making your honey bear favors for the gang. Thanks for another great idea. Love Gayle

Congratulations, Jenn! Love to you. xoxoxo


Don’t know what I like best the goodies or your pink bike.

Theresa cox

I love your blog it is so pastel, creative, fun; it lifts my spirits after a hard day at work (like today) I love your playful creativity, thanks, cheers! Theresa

What fun! Happy Blogiversary to you!


Congratulations on your FIRST blogoversary!!
you are so inspiring to me , your talent deserve some marketing success such as a line of knick knacks and ornanments etc.really !!!!!!!!I love your blogs they make my day any day !!! your a blessing !!
I AM TRYING TO FIND MY INNER ARTIST because of you!!!!! Thank you Jenn and may you have
all the sucess you deserve!!! keep up the great work!!! I KNOW YOUR everyones favorite blogger!! you reach out to us with your life and creations!!!! xoxoxoxo!God Bless.

I don’t know if I am too late but Congrats on your 1 yr. blogiversay!


Happy Anniversary!!!!!
We enjoy your blog so much! it never disappoints! my co worker and I impatiently wait til the next entry and then call each other up and look at it together.
you have wonderful taste in decorating
and a very beautiful home and family.
Keep up the work !

Wendy dufty

Wow it has been a long time since we have had a chat, but all your items are still just as beautiful as when I first came to visit you.
Great achievement to be one year for you, with all that you do in life.
Enjoy my friend
Always Wendy πŸ™‚


Congrats on your one year! I enjoy your blog and would love to added in for your give away! Thank you!


Happy Blog Anniversary Jenn!!
I always enjoy reading your Blog and would
love to be entered in your SWEET give-a-way.
Your Hello Kitty bike is the Cat’s Meow! : )

Congrats on the anniversary!!!!
This would be wonderful to win.
All that pink yummy goodness would be a welcome site in my “Mom to 3 boys” home.

I always look forward to your cheery posts. Those tags for your Giveaway are Stunning! & the chenielle blanket is so perfect for my girls rooms. You can never have to many “blankies” forlittle girls.


WOW! Congrats Jenn! What fab idea! You are the sweetest! Love your hello kitty bike as well! LOL!
Cheers! Come by and say hello when you get a chance!

Oh my goodness – what lovelies in your giveaway! I just love all the wonderful pretty colors on your blog – so SWEET!
p.s. LOVE the bike πŸ™‚

Michelle K

WOW!…I am lovin your bike. Happy Anniversary to You!! And, what a fabulous and Super-SWEET prize package you’ve assembled! Please, add my name to your drawing.

Happy Blog Anniversary-fabulous gifts and cute bike!


OH boy how fun this is. Happy Anniversary today, I read this on the 18th but thought I would wait till today to say the actual Happy Anniversary. I sure hope I win, I just adore everything that you are giving away. You are quite talented !!!
happy day

I can’t believe that you’ve only been blogging for a year. You know that I love reading your posts. I, too, have a pink cruiser. I’m looking for a fun basket for it. Love your Doris Day!

Vicki Page

What a great giveaway! Congrads on your anniversary. Doris Day my era!
Vicki Page

Hi Jenn… Congrats….. Blogging is a real treat…… I love all the use of color you always use….be back for news……

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