Artistic Affaire L’Automne


Hello friends! Im back from a FANTASTIC weekend in Southern, CA.  I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Kim Caldwell's Artistic Affaire L'Automne. What an EVENT!!!! I've heard sooo many amazing things about Kim's past events, that I was giddy with excitement to finally attend one.

This is my gorgeous roomie Miss Jessi. We had the BEST time together! 


The studio Kim rented was amazing space. She had it decorated in beautiful fall colors.  




Friday evening was the Vendor night market soiree. Oh my heavens it was the best shopping ever! Tons of delightful goodies and gorgeous handmade creations!!!!


My sweet sweet friend Sherry is in the photo. Not only is she a wonderful friend, but she's an excellent travel & shopping companion. We sat next to each other at the workshop and had tons of fun together!

One of the many exciting things about this trip and attending this event was meeting sooo many new and lovely faces! I was blown away by all the sweet ladies I was introduced to, and ALL are so extremely talented!!!!

Meeting this beautiful gal was definitely a highlight of my trip! Christine Rose Elle aka Dollybelle.


Look at her GORGEOUS spread of the most beautiful handmade designs.


 Im thrilled that Christine will be teaching at my upcomming April workshop event Petticoats & Parasols Plantation Art Event. Sign up's are under way right now!!!

Loooove her necklaces! So unique and one of a kind!


Another sweetheart of a friend that I've been DYING to meet is Holly  of Holly Loves Art. Oh she is too cute for words! Her aprons are TDF!!! 


 I could not resist shopping the uber sweet and lovely Amy Powers "Sugarville" table. I snatched up two of her miniatures. EEEK! I just LOVE her work!!!




Im a HUGE of Jamie Simply Me Art. I own several of her pieces and it was wonderful finally getting the chance to meet her in person. Look at this STUNNING spread of gorgeous sparkly jewelry. YUM!!!!


Another real special "treat" was getting to see my homegirl Analise. 


Saturday was the workshop event. The studio was lively and full of creative inspiration!!!


The lovely hostess herself.


Super talented Lisa Kettell teaching a dragonfly shadowbox class. 


This is a table of the dragonfly dolls we made. Sooo cute!!!  



 This is the shadowbox I made in Lisa's class.  



Some fun random shots with the girls. 

Holly, Christine, Jenn, and Sis Jessi.



Christine is such a beautiful person inside & out!!!



There are so many ladies I had the pleasure of meeting that I wish I had photos of to share with you.  I was SO happy to see and visit with Maija with whom just cracks me up and had me in stitches the whole time. I love her zestful personality!!! The lovely Danielle Muller also attended and was Maija's roomate. I love Danielle's work. I took a quick photo of one of her projects. Sooo sweet!


This is a wall the floral wall hanging I made in Julie Haymakers class. Julie is such an amazing instructor.



Im really thrilled with how my collage turned out. It will look lovely in my ivory living room.

The last class of the day was romantic wristlets taught by Ruth Rae. Im very challenged by sewing, but I gave it my best and Im actully pretty happy with how my wristlet turned out.  




The last day of our wonderful weekend Kim planned a reception in Long Beach at the shop Vintage Emporium.



WOW! The shop was beautifully decorated inside. So welcoming, inviting, and cozy. Vintage Treasures everywhere you turn!



A yummy spread of delicious finger foods and sweets!



How cute are these cupcake toppers! DELISH!


Sweet & pretty Holly. :) 


This last photo is of me & Lisa Kettell with whom I worship creatively. I've been a HUGE fan of hers for many years, and she truly has the magical fairytale mind of any artist I know. I've been so honored to have been featured in her book Altered Art Circus, and it was a REAL joy having participated in her shadowbox class.


 I can't thank Kim enough for hosting such an INCREDIBLE artistic event. She goes out of her way and doesn't spare a detail! It's everything I imagined! BRAVO Miss Kim for hosting an EXTRAORDINARY artistic event! Wonderful memories have been made. 😉

Hugs & Kisses XOXO,

P.S. Typepad has been a PAIN today. Not sure if many of your other typepad bloggers have had issues or not. Im also sorry if you've had a hard time leaving a comment on my blog. I've reported some compliants so hopefully this is just temporary. 😉

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OH yay! Perfect timing… I popped over to see if you had posted yet and here it is!
Oh Jenn, what can I say? It was such a delight to finally meet you in person after all this time. And what a bonus to share the same table and spend 12 straight hours together! All of your projects turned out so beautiful. Your shadow box and doll from Lisa’s class are just TDF. And your felt collage turned out just gorgeous… I can’t believe how elegant and YOU it turned out to be! And lastly, your cuff from Ruth’s class is so darling. I just love it!
I’m so happy that you were able to come to L.A. and even happier that you had such a good time.
Lots of love,

Welcome Home Jenn 🙂
This event looks spectacular! Such a warm and inviting space! The projects you created are so beautiful. A adore the floral collage! And the shadowbox is so cute 🙂 You look darling as always, love the lacy blouse paired with jeans 🙂 I am so glad you had a wonderful time!!!

Oh Wow!! What a wonderful time you had and how simply gorgeous everything is!! I love everything but your collage and wristlet and breathtakingly beautiful. You should be very proud….I bet you are but I bet you are exhausted as well!
Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos even if they made me feel jealous on so many levels!
Great post….
Kiss Noises Linda


Ms. Jenn you are absolutely as Charming and Beautiful in person as you are in your Blog Home. I’m so Happy we got to meet and chat. I’m Blessed you took a liking to my Jewels. Your friend Sherry, What a Sweetie and I could have talked to her all night too. You Southern Ladies certainly are Wonderful. Your projects look Amazing! What a Fabulous Group of Teachers . So Glad you were able to come from so far to Play. Your Sparkle and Scotty are on their way !! xoxoxoxo, Jamie

Such beautiful pictures and such wonderful goodies everywhere! Looks like everyone had a supper time. And such pretty creations Jenn. Thanks for the share.
Hugs, Diane

Thanks girlie!! I always appreciate your sweet and lovely comments! XOXO

Thank you Jamie, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Im a huge fan of your work and Im tickled over my new purchases. I cant WAIT for my scotty necklace. Not sure if I should post that one or not. tee! hee! Hopefully I’ll make it to LA for another one of Kim’s future events. THanks for you kindness! Hugs! XO

Thank you Diane! I appreciate your lovely comment! Hugs! XO

Awww…Thank you Linda. You are so sweet to stop by and leave such lovely compliments. 😉 Hugs! XO,Jenn

Julie Boyer ~ Pieceful Bits

You look marvelous! Glad you had a great time playing and meeting new and old friends.
Everything looks lovely. Your shadowbox will look gorgeous in your home.
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.

Jenn, looks like you had such a wonderful time! SO many pretty things to take in… the projects look awesome. Kim always seems to host the most amazing workshops and everyone always seems so happy!
xxo Heather

Hi Jenn!
I just wanted to tell you I received my copy of the current Romantic Country and loved seeing you and your beautiful home in it! Congrats on the lovely feature.

Oh my, so much eye candy in one post. It’s too much. Looks like a fab time

What a wonderful event to have participated in. So many talented girls in the one place – such fun

WOW- how lucky are you? That looks like SO much fun!!! I sure wish there were events like this closer to my home! 🙁 Jenn, i just love your blog & all the beautiful eye candy!
Your MI pal, in the great white NORTH!

Thanks Penny for stopping by! I just got my copy of RC as well. Sooo exciting! I appreciate you kind compliments! THANK YOU!!! Hugs!! XO

Thanks Alison for stopping by! I apprecoate your comments! 🙂 XO,Jenn

Awwww….THANKS Misschell! You are soo sweet! Im thankful for your kind and loving compliments! Is is SNOWING in your neck of the woods??? WOW! IT’s warm and humid here! ICK! HUGS!!! XO

Hi Jennifer ~ What an amazing trip you! It is fun to link through your post to see all of the talent that is out there, including yours! Looks like a fun time for all! (it is also wonderful to have faces to the names, too).

Jenn, holy WOW WOW WOW!!! that looks like it was such a fun event!!! everything you made is SO cute too…i love your little frilly dragonfly box…that is just precious…and your wristlet is gorgeous, you sew better than you realize…and your wall floral wall hanging is TDF!!! so pretty with all the bling and lace…i hope you had the best time!!!

Christine Karie

Hi, Jennifer!
The photos taken during your CA trip are truly amazing, which translated, to me, simply means that you also had a truly amazing time. Good for you! My favorite photo is the Victorian lady surrounded by fall’s exploding color of leaves. Is it a poster?
Also, received my copy of Romantic Country and gasped when I saw your beautiful home featured in this mag. In this day and age of super superlatives, your home photographs super-bly! Ms. Fifi O did an outstanding job of staging, but then again, look at the material she had to work with!
Best wishes,
Christine Karie
P.S. I’m new at this blogging thing, so did I do O.K.? (sigh)

hey doll
wow what a fabulous weekend we had.
i can’t wait till silver bella!!
see ya soon

Wow, looks like you had quite a time!
The tables all looked lovely. I hope I will be able to travel out to the West Coast sometime to check it out. So many cute things!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.. Everything looked so amazing.. I love how everything was decorated..The shopping looked like lots of fun to.. Some serious eye candy..
It’s always fun spending time with friends and meeting new ones.. Glad you’re back and your picture look amazing..

Hello Jenn,
Looks like you had a wonderful time on the west coast!
I just picked up my Romantic Country & your gorgeous home is a wonderful part of the magazine. You are a true southern belle!

Hi Sweetie! Looks like you had a fab time!!! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself! Kim did a great job.
oh, and typepad is being a HUGE pain for me too, all sorts of issues!
xoxo, Tiffany

Oh sweet Jenn! What a true delight to have met you and spent some quality crafting time with you! I feel so blessed that we met! Thank you for all the sweet things you wrote and thank you for being such a beautiful person! I can not wait to see you at Silver Bella!

Oh my you and your sister are sooo beautiful!! It looks like you all had so much fun and crammed so many activities into a short time. Those treats on the last day looked divine!! I wish there was something like that out here on the East Coast. If any of you ladies in New England are interested I’d love to be involved in something like that.
♥ Rebecca

Looks like fun. I have a blog and I would like you to check it out. I make handmade kittens (on my blog) and I would love to make one for your adorable daughter. Let me know if you would like one for her. Thanks! Rachel

Jenn, what a room full of beauties creating beautiful things! Looks like you guys had the best time!!

EVERYTHING you do is just lovely – you are so talented.

Jenn, thanks so much for your wonderful and extensive photos of this event. I almost feel I was there! I will get to one of Kim’s soirees one of these days. All the pretties at the vendor fair really inspire me. Thanks again.

This looks like so much fun and you look just as sweet and stunning as always!

I’m so glad you made it out to CA!!! It was so great finally meeting you!!! I just love how your sweet little ballerina turned out- so cute!!!!!

Beautiful things you’ve made (as usual!) I love the wristlet, could I order one? How much would that cost?
Love cissi from sweden

That event looks wonderful! I’m wishing I could have been there, what a fun group!

Hi Jenn! Oh my Gooooodness!!!!!!! What a feast for the eyes!!! All the pics are GORGEOUS!!! I know it was a Wonderful time!
The most fun I had this week was buying groceries and a trip to Hobby Lobby 🙁
Have a Great Sunday!
xoxo Tiff

OMG…Jenn….I can’t believe my mom just so happened to give me her Romantic Country this evening!!!!!
And who is in it….Our Jenn!!! Oh my gosh, pure excitement. The pictures are Gorgeous {but of course!}…..I’m off to look at it again, just wanted to let you know I’m so Happy for you!!
xo Tiff

I wish you could have been there too! I think Kim is going to have next July. Beach theme! Maybe you can try and make the next one! Would be loads of fun!!! Cant wait to see you soon! Im gearing up for the Glitter Lounge. 😉 XO

Hee! Hee! Thank you sweet Tiffany! Yes! Little ole me is in the RC! So exciting! I just did a new post on the magazine plus a giveaway. So check it out!!! Sweet hugs my friend! XOXO

Woow¡¡ that great walk in this emporium shabby. And the things there, they are beautiful. Regards.

Sounds like a FAB trip Miss Jenn. So glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see you projects.
Ciao bella,

My head is spinning, so many lovely things to see. I am going to mark this post for tomorrow morning so I can really go through it with a cup of coffee, instead of the Seahawks game in the background. What fun and you look marvelous!

What a splendid event! It looks like everyone had so much fun! Your work from the classes is ADORABLE! I just LOVE that cuff! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

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