Day out with Mrs. B

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Last Saturday I decided to treat Mrs. B to a girls day out. She has been so helpful to me these past several weeks and I wanted to spend some quality time with her to show her my love and appreciation for all her help. 


 Mrs. B is my Mother, and her name is Blythe. My Mother works for my husband and about a year ago his "all ladies" staff started calling her Mrs B.  She likes to be the office care taker  aka "Mother Hen" to the ladies in the office and to my husband as well. LOL! It's like she's taking care of her little chicks and making sure everyone is well fed (she cooks lunch somedays, and even brings breakfast to work), feeling ok, needs extra help, run small errands, and basically making sure everyone is happy. My mother has a vivacious firecracker personality and is super bubbly! You cant help but like her once you meet her.   

I cant help but giggle everytime I hear someone call her "Mrs. B."  I instantly think of Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith show.


I took Mrs. B to historic Perry for a day of shopping, lunch, and driving around admiring the historic homes. 

                                               So beautiful! 


             We shopped at Carrie Lynn's antiques in Perry.


 The owner Cindy Coller is so incredibly nice and welcoming. It made the shopping experience that much more enjoyable.

DSCN4815_edited-1 copy                                      Such a cute house!


                                  The lovely  Mrs. B


I found this darling childs wicker chair that will look pefect in Miss. Vivi's room.


Inside, I spied these too too cute little spaghetti poodle figurines.



After a little shopping we dined at "The Swanson" for lunch.


                       A darling historic house on the square.




We had a wonderful lunch with plenty of time to catch up and share stories.


               It was a lovely Saturday spending quality time with the sweet Mrs. B… Mother and friend. 


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Jennifer Konda

Your mom is so beautiful, what a nice day you two had. I wish my mom lived closer πŸ™
I’m going to call her and set up a time for us to have a mommy/daughter day!! Thank you for sharing your lovely day!hugs, Jennifer

Your Mom is just beautiful! Looks like you two had a wonderful day!! So nice to take time and spend it together!!

I’m so glad you had a nice day out with the delightful Blythe! Both of you deseved a fun day to play. She was such a whirlwind, working away and feeding all of us at your gathering!! Give her a hug from me.


such a precious mother-daughter time!

Jennifer Grenko

Jenn, tell your mama I said her haircut looks cute! She’s so sweet. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

What a sweet tribute to your mom.
Looks like you two had a great time.
And, the houses are beautiful.

That is so sweet Jenn! I love the poodles you picked up!

Jenn, your mom is totally adorable…just like you…it sounds like you had a fabulous day out shopping with her!!!

Hi Jenn, your mom is lovely! how nice that you were able to spend the day out together. YOu are lucky that she is so nearby. mine is in florida and I’m in NY, so I dont see her very often at all. but I do spend a huge amount of time with my daughters and I hope they never move to far away as I would be lost!
have a great sunday!

Wonderful that she created such dears as you and your sister! For we are luckier because you truly scatter joy! Blessings.

What a super sweet post about your Mom Jenn! SHe is just as adorable as you. How cute about her working for hubby and bringing breakfast… I love that!
xoxo Heather

Deborah Woodrow

Hello, this is a new fan of your blog, and all your creations…….JUST LOVELY ! Thats wonderful that you can spend time with your Mom. Mine is gone now, and you have no idea how precious every second is with her !
Every single minute, every word, every hug, every phone call is priceless.
I hope to have my own blog soon, as I’m new to the Blog/Etsy World.
Your post makes me miss my daughter very much, she is going to college.
Think I’ll call her, to say hi.
Keep having those special days with your Mom.

What a wonderful day! Tell Ms Blythe it was so lovely to meet her at EnLeJardin. She was a whirlwind! I must take mine out soon–we haven’t done one of those in a long time.

Mrs.B look so cheerful and cute! I’d believe she’s a very nice lady and a mother:) Isn’t lovely outfit and your beautiful handbag!?!! SWEET INDEED.
I’m so happy whenever seeing you came by my blog making me smile everytime. Been thought of you must real busy taking good care of your family that’s why it’s hard to go throught everyone’s lovely blog but how precious it is for me to see your visited mine! Luv always…

Jenn, I just had my Vintage Prom Dress couple of days!!!! Excited to showcase in my blog too:)
Welcome again to my blog “Dream Come True”

Jenn, your mom is just adorable!! What a wonderful thing to do together πŸ™‚ My special days with my mom are my favorite. Such good memories! It looks like such beautiful places to eat and shop too! I love those poodle figurines :)Sooo sweet!!
Love ya,

what a lovely post to your mom. you are both so lucky to share a warm relationship and friendship.
i am having a little giveaway if you would like to blog on over to enter.
happy weekend!

no wonder you are so pretty – you get it from Mrs B!!! thanks for your sweet and supportive comments Jenn:)xo

Aw, so sweet, Jenn! She was a such a big help at your event, and I’m so glad to have gotten the chance to meet her! Thank God for our mamas!

OMGosh!!! My grandmother had poodles just like that when I was growing up…there’s no telling where they have ended up since her death in 2007, makes me sick to think abt. On a happy note though, it looks like you and Mrs. B. had a wonderful time and please thank her for working so hard on pampering us, she deserved a great day spent with her super sweet daughter!!! Can’t wait to get together again!!

It is so wonderful that you and your mom got to spend the day together! I want to do that soon with my mom. She only lives 40 minutes away but we both work all of the time! Your mother is so pretty! I see where you get your looks from! I love the little chair that you got for Vivian and the little poodles look just perfect for you! Come by and visit sometimes!
Hugs to you,
Lee Laurie

hey there girls,
aaawww this was sweet.
mrs b would be proud.
your mom was such a doll during the event. im so glad i got to meet her.what a fabulous day you planned.
have a great week

How wonderful of you to treat mom to a day! Mothers are our greatest gift God gives us, our children next! Enjoy each and every moment you can share with Mom! She seems like such a joy! Does Vivi like her chair? I can see a cute picture of her in it!! have a charming week dearie!! Love,Lori

what a sweet post! I miss being able to do those things with my mom these days…but we did it alot when she was able to and I cherish the memories! You are such a sweetheart to share Mrs. B with us! I LOVE the story of how she works with your husband and is the mother hen to everyone!

Such pretty pictures of you & your mom, Jenn! I really enjoyed meeting her at your event. I love the pink poodles you found!!

What a great post! i saw the FUNNIEST t-shirt the other day, it said “don’t you wish your girlfriend was HOT like Bea” (but it was Bea Arthur from the Golden girls). Love your blog so much!!
misschell (chinamommy)

Jenn i nominated you for prettiest eye candy blog: here is the link:
everyone go vote for Jenn- you can vote 1 time per DAY!!!

Jenn, your mom is “B”-euatiful!! Looks like a perfect day to spend together.

That is so sweet for you to have a Girls Day Out with your Mom! It looks like you both must have had so much fun! I took my Mom on a Girls Day Out this past Mother’s Day! I plan to post about it soon! Mrs. B sounds like an awesome Mom & woman! Glad you can share fun times together! Patti

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