DIY Fireplace Makeover

For as long as I’ve lived in my 1927 home I have been dying to paint the cold grey limestone fireplace.

The fireplace is historic to the look of the house. I know many people would cringe over the idea of painting it.

However, after 9 years of living in my house and debating over and over I FINALLY did it!!!

I painted it!

I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out!

Before & After

It’s a true testament that paint makes ALL the difference in the world!

It was simple to do.

~ Clean fireplace with vinegar and water

~ For Concrete, Stone, or porous material seal with two thin coats of Lock Down Epoxy Bonding

~ Paint 2-3 coats of Acrylic paint

~ When dry apply 2-3 thin coats of clear Aqua Plastic Urethane Varnish. I used a flat finish.

I would love your opinion…..mantel scarf or no scarf??? Which do you like best?

Im overjoyed with the results!

Now Im asking myself…Why didn’t I do this sooner? πŸ˜‰

Email me if you have any questions and want to try it yourself!

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Benita DeVary

I absolutely love it Jennifer !! It makes such a difference and brightens up the whole living room ! I’m so glad you did it : )

It does brighten up the whole room. Even the paint color looks lighter. I love the new surround and the candlesticks. That is really pretty!

Linda P.

It looks gorgeous, Jenn! The fireplace’s new white coat looks just perfect with the room! You asked about the mantel scarf. I love what you have up there in these photos. I think it softens the look. That’s just my thought. It would be pretty either way!

Mrs. Tricia K

My vote is for the mantel scarf!
Good for you for having the guts to go for it!
I think it looks so much better painted and truly fitting for your room!
A job well done!!

I think it looks fabulous! It looks much better with your decor for it to be white vs. grey. Really brightens up the room and makes a much better focal point. Great job!

Hi Jenn!!! Oh my goodness, I am loving your new blog look!! It is just so fabulous! And your mantle makeover is gorgeous! Your newest sweet necklace is amazing and I’m loving the photos of your Christmas home in the magazine!!! You always share so much beauty and inspiration and fun ideas with us! I have just been looking back on your blog posts at all your wonderful Christmas photos from past years and it is getting me so exited to decorate for Christmas this year! I don’t know if I can wait till after Thanksgiving this year. I can’t wait to see your Christmas decorating and creations for this year’s Christmas!!!
Michelle xoxo

This made such a difference…it lightened the entire room! I love it and wish I could do that here! I like the mantel with and without the scarf, now that it’s white you can do so much with it..can’t wait to see!


The fireplace is lovely. Painting it was the right choice for your dΓ©cor. Living in a older home (1920s), I too struggle with the thought of making significant changes, and I don’t know why. Im the one who lives here, if something doesn’t work make a change for the better. You’ve made a beautiful home for your family.

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