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I think we can all agree there is nothing more wonderful than receiving a handmade gift. Big or small, it's the mere fact that someone thought you were special enough to set aside time to create something just for you.

Many a times, I've opened an unexpected package and inside was a gift made just for me. That flitter of excitement fills me up and Im super giddy to see what's inside. Than, I gently open the well packaged gift with anticipation and inside the box is the most fabulous handmade gift from a dear friend.  I will admit a few times I've been so moved by the thoughtful and beautiful gift that my eyes will "well up" and I'll feel extremely emotional. Im sure several of you reading this have experienced what I am talking about.

It's not the same reaction as hubby going out and buying me a gift from the mall. As much as I love my gift, they just don't provoke that same type of emotion. Unless, it's sparkly and it's name is diamond. πŸ˜‰  hee! hee!

Big or small these are some handmade gifts that were given to me and were made with much love.


This beautiful dress collage was given to me by my sweet friend Mary Smilove. The box was full of fun treasures, but this collage took by breath away! 



  Sweet little details.

What's incredibly special about receiving handmade gifts is they are unique and often times made for your taste, style, and personality.

I will cherish this gorgeous collage made lovingly by Mary.


I received the BIGGEST surprise a few days ago when I opened a package and received this beauty.



A charm bracelet especially made for me by my wonderful friend Miss Andrea Singarella.

Attached with the gift was this card and inside sweet sentiments wishing me all the best with Petticoats and Parasols. 



 Andrea handpicked the perfect charms for me.

EEEK! It has a parasol, bunny, dress, and even the state of Georgia with Macon and Savannah written on it. I about died when I saw it! 

I literally *gasped* when I saw this stunning bracelet. So incredibly thoughtful of Andrea to think of me. I love it and cant wait to wear it at P&P!

Around my birthday my Dollybelle girlfriend Miss Christine gave me this FABULOUS colorful and fanciful crown! I LOVE Christine's work and this piece brought me to tears! Perhaps It was that time of month (wink!), but I was super emotional and the flood gates open! LOL!!!


Isn't her face just darling???


Natasha, my fun and spunky artistic girlfriend made these delicate and pretty earrings. Aren't they gorgeous! So perfect for spring and summer!


 It's not only fun to receive these amazing gifts, but I enjoy even more making one of a kind gifts for my friends and family members. 

I just recently finished making this adorable baby boy picture frame collage for one of the sweetest gals I know….Holly Abston.

"Little Sailor"


Holly just welcomed her 3rd little boy. CONGRATS!!!

Holly mentioned that she was going to decorate her son's room in a nautical theme with soft blue colors. So that gave me the perfect idea to make her a picture frame collage. 

My son's room happens to have a vintage nautical theme, and so the collage looked darling displayed in Grant's room.

I made the frame with white and cream buttons.


Little Sailor Boy

Little makeshift compass  

I hope Holly will love and enjoy her new collage that was handmade with love just for her!


Thank you wonderful friends new and old for stopping by. Sorry Im a bit M.I.A. right now. I am ONE week away from Petticoa
ts & Parasols and playing Southern Belle hostess!

Enjoy the rest of your week and happy creating!!!!



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Wow! Super lovely treasures for the loveliest lady! You are such a beautiful soul Jenn!
May all the most delightful treasures in life always come your way!
love love love

Beautiful Jenn:)
Kay Ellen

oh my word, what gorgeous gifts. I love the dress collage, it is fabulous, and Andrea’s bracelet. Wow. What a superb and thought pressie.
And you deserve such nice things. Lovely things for a lovely lady :o)
YOur gift for HOlly is beautiful. Just beautiful.
Just one week until your P&P! You must have a million and one things still to do. Gosh, am looking forward to seeing the photos afterwards. Your event last year was so wonderful to see, it looked like great fun.

all very beautiful creations!

hi Jenn, the collage you made for Holly is wonderful.. every sweet little bit of it! she will love it. I’m looking forward to seeing baby pics. Yes, the gifts youve recieved are lovely and it is really special when someone makes something especially with us in mind. I bet your really busy with your event being soo close now. I know it’ll go perfectly and everyone will have a great time. wish I was going to be there! Maybe someday! have a great weekend!

Jenn, wow weeeeee…your friends sent you the most beautiful goodies…that DRESS {!!!} collage is the sweetest thing, i just love the dress, so soft and pretty…i ADORE your bracelet from Andrea, that is a stunner…and your gifts from Christine and Natasha are really beautiful…the collage you made for Holly’s baby is SO sweet:) she is going to love it!!!

WOW Jenn!! What a beautiful post! So many gorgeous treasures here! I LOVE that dress collage so much, that is amazing! And the bracelet from Andrea is to die for!! She could not have picked a more perfect gift for you! The collage you made for Holly’s baby is so perfect! I just know they will love it!!
I have been thinking about you and your magical event!! Not too much longer :):)
Love ya,

That dress is the most wonderful thing I have seen a in long while. Simply beautiful. Andrea’s bracelet is too sweet. The little boy frame is precious.


My goodness but that dress collage is absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It took my breath away. You are a lucky girl to have it!!! `

OH MY!! Everything is just gorgeous!! STUNNING!! and i love how you made such a CUTE frame for a boy! I guess because I have a little girl I never think of boy decor being so sweet, but you did it!!


Hi Jenn. I love the dress is gorgeous.I love love the bracelet I am so jealous.I want one so bad.

I agree with you; sweet, handmade and heartfelt gifts are the best received πŸ™‚

That just goes to show how loved you are, Jenn! Such pretty gifts from everyone. I’m glad you like the bracelet. πŸ™‚
And the piece you made for Holly’s baby is adorable! I love how you made the little makeshift compass…..so creative! She will love it, I know!

I am counting down the days until your glorious event!
Thank you for being such a sweet soul…
Andrea’s bracelet is darling! SoOo You….
I love the collage you made…I can’t wait to have some more of your creations in my collection!

Jenn, such beautiful gifts! Mary’s dress collages are amazing and soooo her! Everyone she has made are just breath taking. I will miss you girls. I hope you have a wonderful and sparkly weekend full of fun!
Hugs, Tricia

Jenn…these are all just beautiful. The gift for Sweet Holly’s baby is just adorable. Have a fabulous weekend.
xxoo Valarie

What a wonderful group of gorgeous goodies! I adore them all and can see why they make you so happy! The GA charm on the bracelet is great!

So glad I stopped by! I love the charm bracelet!!

As always, your gives and gets are just spectacular!!!

Aww…thank you Tricia!!! Wish you could be with us! πŸ˜‰ XOXO

I cant WAIT to see you!!! EEEK!!! Im counting the days my southern belle soul sister! hee! hee! XOXO

All your gifts are magical, Jenn, just like you!

Hi, I’m new here πŸ™‚ I LOVE the gifts and want them all!
My address is: blah, blah, blah….. LOL πŸ™‚ Seriously, though, beautiful things, I am a jewelry nut and LOVE the bracelet…I am a photographer and LOVE the dress collage….although if it arrived to me, it may come apart for a quick photoshoot πŸ™‚ Love the frame you made too and the other beauti-mus gifts!

Hello sweet Jenn
I have soooo much to tell you, but first I have to comment on the most beautiful gilts that the girls bestowed upon you. WOW. That dress, the bracelet, the crown, the earrings…and your gift to precious baby boy!! OMG you are blessed.
Now I was in Savannah after meeting and staying with my beautiful girlfriends on my 3 week vacation. We went to Savannah, because I was dying to go to Stay in the Day bakery. Well we did, and what a treat to meet the one and only Cheryl in person. I told her between you and Kim I just had to eat one of her famous cupcakes. I picked up one of your very pretty cards for your upcoming P&P. I just told Randy that I would HAVE LOVED to be there. I actually felt you all over Savannah.
If I had one more wish, it would be to be with all of you to finish out my 54th birthday celebration.
Just wanted to come and say hello to you sweet Jenn. May you have the BEST party ever. I know I did. St. Augustine was so delightful also.
Have a great week, and wear that bracelet with a big ol’ smile on your face. Can’t wait to see all the pics.
Love to you and your family
Love Claudie

Everything is wonderful, but I particularly love the bracelet!

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