My Eye Candy Pastel Art Heaven Studio

Hello Friends!

FINALLY….after a year and months gone by I am thrilled to finally take you on a tour of my happy art studio.

What started out like this…..

Now looks like this…

Dreamy, pastel, sugary,pink,vintage childhood nostalgic playground.

This is now my other home where I can be inspired and happily create for hours.

I’ve posted several photos AND I created a 3 minute Video of my studio for your viewing pleasure!

To view the video scroll to the bottom.

If you are ever in the market for crystal chandlier. I have your hook up!

Gorgeous quality for reasonable prices!

One of the main things that sold me about this space was the amount of natural light that comes thru the windows.

The tall ceilings lends to a very light and airy type feel.

I had the ceiling painted to look like the sky.

It’s a pale blue color with soft white pink fluffy clouds.

I also had the muralist paint five bunny clouds scattered around the ceiling.

They are in different shapes and sizes.

You can play “I SPY” bunny clouds. πŸ™‚

This is basically the wall of cuteness overload!

I adore charming old stuffed animals and vintage children’s toys and books.

They have such a sweet nostalgia to them.

My sewing/ribbon station is located to the far left.

It’s crazzy the amount of ribbon and lace I’ve collected and purchased over the years.

(notice there is no sewing machine. hee! hee! For those that know me know I don’t sew. However, it’s on my bucket list to learn. High School Home ec does not count!)

My dream car. *sigh*

For now a toy car will have to do. πŸ˜‰

The Candy Machine is one of my all time FAVORITE vintage finds!

I about had a stroke when I first laid eyes on it at the flea market.

I found the perfect spot for it in front of my window.

Yes, it does hold candy and still works!

The little spindle table to the far right used to be an old baby diaper changing table.

I converted it into a storage holder for all my craft hardware, and office supplies.

I paid $10 for it.. painted it pink… added ruffled material skirt to the outside..and Ta~Da

it was now functional and cute!

The ribbon holder use to be a gun rack.

It was an easy DIY project.

More of my vintage collectables.

The bottom shelf is just a small sample of my favorite and inspiring books and publications.

How darling is she???

More bunny love!

My sweet dear friend Natasha hand painted the adorable bunny picture. When I first started my Eye Candy business Natasha was so sweet and kind to create my first logo for me.

This is a peek of what my mood board looks like.

It’s full of special pictures, cards, gift tags, and mementos from art events I’ve attended.

Yes, It’s obvious I love children’s toys from the past.

I’ve started collecting children’s suitcases. The illustrations are precious.

Glitter station

I put together this video to give you a true peek inside.

Thanks for taking a tour of my studio.

I still pinch myself sometimes that I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful space.

Now who wants to come and play???

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Most definitely, I’d LOVE to come and play. Well, if nothing else – just to sit and stare at all the beautiful things you have on display. Thanks for the tour!

Linda P.

I was so excited to see this grand tour! What a gorgeous fairyland you have to create in! Oh, how the colors are soothing and candy sweet, and all that light is so cheery. Thank you for the video, too. I really enjoyed seeing close-ups of all your pretties. Listen, if I lived nearby, you wouldn’t have to ask ME twice to come and play! How I would love it. : )

Debra Ganas

Jennifer, when I saw you had a new post and that it was about your studio, I made another cup of coffee. I knew I would be in for a sweet treat. WWWWWOOOOWWWWWWW, you did not disappoint. Absoloutly amazing!!!
I am now going to buy white paint and paint everything white. And knock a big hole in the wall to bring in more light.
Im inspired and I better get busy.
I spotted a piece of furniture you bought at the antique mall in WR. You still need to come see us at The Robins Nest. But I can see you have been super busy.


So dreamy! You must love it.

Jenn, This is amazing~ pure deliciousness!! Wishing you much light and happiness as you create in this space! xo, Jen

Candice carpenter

That was such a treat! Thank u for sharing! I saw that little bunny nut cup u purchased from me sitting on a shelf and it looks right at home! So sweet!


Hi Jenn! I’d love to come over and play! I am certain the photos and the video do not do justice for your studio. It is beyond beautiful and completely adorbs! A slice of heaven on earth. Enjoy creating in your sweet studio, you lucky girl! xoxoxo

It seems as if I’ve waited forever for the reveal of your studio space and I am tickled pink that the time has finally arrived. Your studio is really more like a museum of sugary sweetness with all of your vintage finds being lovingly and beautifully displayed. LOVE IT! You have just inspired me to re-vamp my craftroom.

I just know that your creativity will soar like never before in this fantastically whimsical space. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

P.S. Your candy machine is pure *BLISS* (sigh)

Oh Jen, no wonder so many fabulous things come from you in this room! It’s so beautiful and inspiring. Stunning. Love it!

hey jennifer πŸ™‚ ! β™‘ WOW β™‘ what a lovely room – soooooooo many bright colors ~ And such a colorful collection ~ Bunnies Everywhere πŸ™‚ ! ~ Best wishes from Germany,

WooHoo! Been waiting for the beautiful tour, and it was worth the wait. It’s a beautiful eye candy creation….just like I knew it would be. Thanks for sharing your pretty space!

Wanda Contreras

AMAZING!!!! I love your space!!! I open the page of your blog and was transported to HEAVEN. Every single detail is perfect and the colors are so fresh and inspiring! I have a craft space that I love, but yours is incredible!!! Would you mind sharing where did you get your chandelier? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me in so many ways. Please continue creating such beautiful things that make me smile.
Best regards,

Watching that video made me smile! It felt like being a little girl and being in the prettiest toy store in town! Isn’t it’s awesome being grown and collecting all the toys and dolls you want with no one to tell you you can’t?! hugs and kisses sweet Jenn!

Mrs. Tricia K.

I’d love to come and play in that adorable room! Count me in forsure. Matter of fact I’d like to sneak into that sweet little room of yours and hide amongst all of your vintage cuties. I’m small… I can fit anywhere… and I don’t even think you’ll notice I’m in there!!! Unless your looking for a playmate to craft with then I’ll come out of hiding!
Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Anyways , very nice Jen ~ Good for you! And your tour was just what I needed being we are in the middle of a snow storm up here in MN!!!


Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so inspired. I *need* to know about the chandelier. It is bee-u-tee-ful!!!

Lovely, lovely studio!

Oh my gosh Jenn!!! If there ever was a happy place, this is it! So you and so much fun! I’m thrilled for you that you have this space to create in.

Tracy W

Gorgeous, fabulous, whimsical and amazing!!!!!!! What a beautiful craft space.


Would love to know where you got your chandelier! It is so gorgeous!


OMGOSH. I knew it was going to knock my socks off but really Jenn??? WOW OH WOW.
It’s sooooo you. From one sweet corner to the other. I could see having the girls over there for parties. Just to play and create. HEAVEN. You have a very understanding husband like I do ; ) The kids must want to be there ALL THE TIME… well Viviv anyway, lol.
LOVE it Jenn. Nothing but EYE CANDY for sure.
Love you from all the way over here.

Ruffles and Ribbons
Glitter and Lace
Oh my Jenn what a sugary sweet place!

Donna Arlotta

I love your beautiful space, so bright and colorful. I am always thinking how I could make my craft room brighter but there is just no possible way. Then I remind myself how lucky I am to have a craft room.
I would love to know where you purchased your chandelier as well, beautiful !!
Thanks for sharing your great and yummy space.
Donna πŸ™‚


SOOOOOOOOO Beautiful!!!!!!!

Abril laura alvarrez

I love your blog and I also really like your candy cake studio! πŸ™‚


So much beautiful inspiration in one place! The details and care put into this room…AMAZING!!

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