New look, new designs, and a WINNER!


Hello! Happy you stopped by!

Im excited to share the news that Eye Candy Creations launched a new website!

It's been a summer long work in process, but Im tickled over how it all came together with the HUGE help of Hope Wallace Paper Relics.

Hope did an fantastic job on designing my new logo, and creating the gorgeous pages of my new website

To take a look please visit.

jennifer hayslip

Speaking of new designs. My dear friend and big Sis Jessi  has created a new collection for little girls called "Hey Doll".  The line is too too CUTE!! You can find it in her Etsy shop.

She was kind enough to gift Miss Vivian one of her signature Barbie silhouette long t-shirts.

I decided that Miss Vivi needed to have a little photo shoot modeling the Hey Doll line.

*** Please note…I am NOT a tantrum and tiara Mom! I repeat…I am NOT a tantrum

and tiara Mom. hee! hee! *****

With a little bit of blush, lipgloss, and shiny tiara (thank you Miss Jessi) we played outside with the dogs and captured some super cute photos.



As you can see Im having fun playing around on PS. Im a novice at this, but it's fun and addicting!



Sweet puppy love….





Vivi felt super girlie in wearing Miss Jessi's Hey Doll top, tiara, and my vintage pink poodle apron.





Smiles and giggles



Vivi say's" Thank You Miss Jessi for giving me a reason to play dress up!"



Craft-In winner is…..

The Miss PINK in the city girl….GRACE!!!

YAY!!! Congrats!!!



Enter the numbers between which a random number is to be created. 

Lowest Number:1 Highest Number: 53 

Result :  11


Craft-In cover-1

Guess what my friends??? It's Craft-In Wednesday at Lark, and they are having a GIVEAWAY !

Get in on the chance to win a copy of the book AND Debrina Pratt's Starlight mint tin assemblage which is beyond precious!

Just follow the link and you can read all the details to enter. 🙂


Happy creating everyone, and as always… thank you for your comments!



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Love the new look!!!
Your daughter and her t-shirt are adorable! I can totally tell you are not a tantrums and tiara kinda mommy. 😉
Have a super duper day
Cari B.

I am loving your fresh new look!!! It looks great. Doesn’t it feel good to have a make over even if it is for your blog?

SO cute!! I’m just trying to learn photoshop… you are WAY ahead of me!!

Hello sweet Jenn.
I’m using another browser, I just can’t leave a message the other way.
I’m running over to your new site Jenn. oh oh it’s not working either : (
LOVE Miss VIvi here. I must send you a picture of Brittany when she was that age. Hair style the SAME. Smile the SAME. cute as a button the SAME. I’ll try and dig one up.
LOVE your new look and new design.
LOVE Jenn’s sweet little barbie top too. Now I’m going to check out Grace from Pink in the City, cuz with a name like that I gotta like it right?
Love you
Love me

Everything looks so fresh, and the Website looks yummy!Your Viv is such a great model, you know what I love her sweet profile, she does make a great model for
sweet Auntie Scrappy Jessi. Got to love barbie I mean every girl loves Barbie right? And the photos are just super sweet. What a darling Post oxox, Miss Diane

Congratulations on your website Jen! Vivi is sooooo pretty and Jessi’s top is sooooo cute! Rachaelxo

Thanks Miss Rachael! Happy you stopped by! 🙂 XO,Jenn

♥OMG!!! Jenn your pretty blog’s new look is SoOOooo FUNTASTIC*BEAUTIFULLLLLL♥♥♥!!! I SWEAR IT’S THE MOST ADORABLE AND EYE CANDY BLOG ON THIS PLANET:) My heart stopped and my lips “O”! I love VERY MUCHLY with such beautiful blog banner design! Congrats on your new website it’s going to make so many of us dying over all your wonderful creations and love you tons sweetie you’re such a beautiful lady from in and out♥♥♥
Miss Viv what a cute little Barbie Princess! All the photographs are so gorgeous perhaps you should frame it up*heehee* Sending lots of blessing to you Jenn and have a fab month.

Zoe…you have made my day with your comment!! Thank you so much sweet friend! Love you!! XOXO

oooh this little princess looks so supercute! love all the pink!
best wishes and a very nice week!

I LOVE the new website redo!!! Viv looks like a doll in her “Hey Doll” couture!!xoxoxo H

beautiful new look jenn!! So pretty!
xoxo, Tiffany

Love the new design! Very sweet. Vivi looks adorable. She is getting to big!

Forgive me…but I was just reading this article trying to figure out who this Eva Longoria waxwork actually looked like … I think I figured it out — looks like the photo from your blog of you!!

Jenn, I first have to say, when did Vivi turn 10?? LOL My gosh, she looks so grown up! She looks beautifiul all dolled up in Jessi’s creation! The updated blog is perfect! So you…. sweet and sugary!! Hope is amazing the way she takes alll the swirling ideas in your head and puts them in place for you! Congrats on the the book too!! It looks like it’s filled with fun ideas! xo

I just cut myself off on the comment I made…..if you got it, sorry! I was saying what great photos of Vivian! she’s so sweet and looks absolutely adorable!
hope all is well and good luck with your website! xo

Thank you Miss Natalea for paying me a visit and leaving such a sweet comment! 😉 XO,Jenn

HI Jenn, Little Vivvi just keeps getting prettier and prettier! Isnt if fun to have a little girl to dress up now and then? And little boys are pretty precious too.
have a great weekend

Oh Jenn She is quite the little lady now isn’t she and such a beautiful mane of hair too. Great photo’s and love the effect … what is PS? Love the aged look around the edges of the pic.
btw – LOVE the website – I know a little girl who would just love to have one of those art pieces in her room.
best wishes always Ginny x

The pictures of Vivi are so adorable :-). What a fun & girly outfit, lucky girl! Can’t wait to check out your new website, congratulations!
xo, Jen

hi jenn,
vivi looks adorable. i can see that her little face is changing; she’s looking more big-girl and as pretty as ever.
your website looks great. very much “you.” i have been thinking of doing a website with links to my etsy, blog, publications. still mulling it all over … everyone has amazing things to say about hope, that’s for sure!
enjoy your weekend

WOW Jenn! Stunning! So very beautiful, I love IT! So sweet! I love the candy necklace! Ekkk adorable! And your website is just as spectacular! xox Cassandra

I love the photograph of the cupcakes in your banner. All of those cotton candy colors….oh la la! Your daughter and yorkie are so cute. Love your blog!

Vivi is soooooo beautiful.
She is growing way to fast!
She looks awesome her “Hey Doll” outfit!
I think Miss Jess should make Hey Doll shirts for us big girls too!
Miss ya,
Hugz, Dolly

she is sooooooooooooooooooooo sweet! cannot believe how grown up she is now!

Congrats on the website! It’s looking pretty good, though making the colors of the font darker might be a good move. It would be easier to see, thus making it more convenient to any visitors. Aside from that, the layout is quite pretty to look at.

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