Pretty in Pink


Warm welcomes girlie girls!!! What a way to start off a new post with a sexy Gil Elvgren pinup girl. Think of her as a grown up "big girl" ballerina with a little less tutu and high heel satin pumps instead of ballerina slippers. hee! hee! This post theme is dedicated to all that is "Pretty in Pink". I have ALL sorts of sweet pastel pink yummies that Im giddy to to share with you. 

This evening I took this super sweet pic of my cutie-pie Vivi. She just had her bath (hence the wild wet hair) and she is riding her pink pony.


Here we are commanding that DADDY stop standing around and "PUSH ME"!!!!!


That picture just cracks me up. All ready acting like a DIVA! She’s got the PJ top to prove it. πŸ™‚

I’ve had a fun time scouring and finding some ooey gooey sweet pinkalicious goodies for my artwork. Look at this darling pink squeaky elephant I just purchased. I have some WILD and INSANE ideas for it! However, it’s so darn cute I dont know if I can part with it.



These next Pretty in Pink items were purchased from Miss Sheri of Pawsh Poodle. She has a beautiful online boutique that you must check out!

EEEEEK!!!! Isnt this frenchy poodle with the pink barrett just ADORABLE??


LOOKIE at this SHABBY PINK DOLL!!!! Have you ever seen one quite like her? I haven’t!  She is so pink and girlie! Another one to add to the growing collection! hee! hee!


Mister Grant was invited to a PINKALICIOUS birthday party for a little girl in his class this past weekend. My first thoughts were. Girl.. Pink.. BIRTHDAY!!!! OH WHAT FUN I can have making something special for her. Forget running to Walmart or Target. Grant’s mamma is going to MAKE her birthday gift. πŸ™‚ The little girl’s Mommy emailed me a picture of her daughters face and TA-DA!!!! This is what I dreamed up!




Cute little pup tooting her party horn!



I added a pretty bow and it’s ready to hang!


The little birthday girl took one look and instantly tried to bite the candy! ACK! I should have known better. It quickly ended up in the pile of opened gifts, but thankfully the Mom was TICKLED and THRILLED over it! I was even more delighted when the Mom showed me her daughters room which is decorated so sweet and girlie, but had NO pictures on the wall! GASP! So, the Mom is super excited to FINALLY have a little something special to add to her daughters bedroom walls.

I have recently become OBSESSED with Etsy seller Missy aka Boopsie Daisy . I OOOGLE her COLORFUL RAINBOW Flickr photos ALL the time. She is like a little bright sunshine bringing warm smiles into your life with her photostream. They are UBER whimsy, quirky,funny, and SOOOOO DARN CUTE! Take a peek when you have time. You are guaranteed a smile and a laugh! Trust me Im not the only one who worships her. Just take a lookie at her testimonials. They speak for themselves.

Missy and I have formed a blossoming friendship. We both LOVE  and admire each others work. She is such a sweet soul and truly ONE OF A KIND!!!! I just purchased one of her NEW Boopsie dolls named Esther Bunny. Omigosh! Is she just not a bundle of CUTENESS??


Lookie at her GORGEOUS candy hair "DOO". She has to visit the hairdressers weekly to maintain her stylish look! hee! hee!


In return I have created a special doll for Missy. Miss Boopsie Queen.




Miss Boopsie Queen has a pinwheel instead of silver wand because Boopsie’s world is so COLORFUL and there is one particular photo in her Flickr photostream of her daughter with a big old fashioned rainbow swirly lollipop. It’s the SWEEEEETEST photo, and In the background is a LARGE wind pinwheel. To me this darling little pinwheel represents Miss BOOPSIE. πŸ™‚

Im a LOVER of vintage jewelry. My heart belongs to vintage bling! However, this last little sweet treat I  took one look and just had to have! It’s NOT all pink, but has plenty of sweet pink pastel sprinkles inside. It’s my new resin candy cupcake necklace by Kim aka Stoopidgerl.



She is now creating a custom EYE CANDY piece just for me with some extra BLING! Can NOT wait to see it!!! 

I also have to give Kim a HUGE CONGRATS! She now has 4000 people that heart her shop on Etsy! Whoo-hoo!!! Kim has such a WILD sense of humor which I just LOVE! You’ll get a little taste of it if you stop by her shop. hee! hee!

Im looking forward to participating in Miss Jessi’s "Favorite Childhood Toy Party" which is Thursday May 1st. Be sure to stop by Jessi’s blog and hop skip over to mine for some super funny childhood pics of me and my FAVORITE toys!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous spring filled week. Im off to Savannah this weekend for a fun getaway! I hope to catch up with everyones bloggies before I leave!

Hugs & Kisses sweet friends!!! XOXO



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Hey girl!!
so many cute things today!!
i love your new necklace. and that creation you made for the little bday girl. so fab!!!!!
this song brings me back to jr high, high school.
see ya thursday!!

SO so many cute things Jenn!!! WOW!!! I love that photo of Vivi tellin Daddy to push her… priceless. lol!! You look gorgoeus in your new necklace.. :))
p.s.- I just posted a thank you on my blog for my sweet little gift you sent me. :))

Oh Jenn! I AdoRe that sweet frame you made!!!!!!!!! I just love what you did. I think I MUST try something similar for our little granddaughter who turns 1 on the 3rd. Thanks for sharing your fun finds, and creations!

your blog and work are so much fun! really enjoy everything!
love the collage for the little girl!
thanks for sharing,

Hey Sweet Girl, just wanted to pop in and say hello! LOVED looking at all of your fun pics and esp. love the birthday frame you made, adorable!!!!


Jenn, I love all your new toys what a delightful mix of sweet eye candy. And Miss Vivi is sure getting to be a big girl, love her P.J.’s That necklace is perfect for sweet eye candy girl!
Hugs, Diane (;

TOO MUCH FUN! I love it all!!! But my FAVORITE is Miss Diva Vivi commanding Daddy! We’ve got our own little “commander” over here, too, so it’s fun to see that expression I know all too well on another little cherub’s face! πŸ˜‰ And what sweet creations you made for Grant’s friend and Miss Boopsie. LOVE it all! Thanks for all the eye candy, as usual, Sweets! HUGGIES!

Wow you never fail to make me smile!!! Jenn I love that gorgeous creation you made for Grant’s little friend, I remember when you told me about it. So great that it is going to a room that needs it too! LOVE the pics of Vivi, how fun!!! That necklace from Kim is so you, I can’t wait to see the custom one. Oh and your hair is looking as cute as ever still! xoxo


Jenn!!!!!! I’m soooooooooo in love with you at this minute, I can’t see straight! I kid you not! I’ve forgotten my own name! My hubby is off work for the next 2 days… that will give me plenty of opportunity to return here & tell your Saint Self how this blog post made me feel!!! I’m so winded by your kindness! You are one in a million. No, make that one in a ZILLION! Make sure to watch for me tomorrow, I am coming back with bells on! Love you soooooooooooo effing much! (I’m FREAKING OUT!!!!!) β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

Jenn, Vivi looks precious:) you can get away with being bossy when you are that darn cute!!! LOVE the piece you made for Grant’s little friend, it is precious!!! and the doll you found, weeeeeee she is adorable! and i adore the doll you dressed up in sequins and tulle, she is darling sweet!!!

Gorgeous post… the little Diva… cute pink elephant and such a thoughtful gift for Mister Grants little lady friend!
Can’t wait to see what you come up with Thursday!!
Victoria xxx

Awwwwww, Miss Vivi is SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!! That ‘diva’ pic is too cute!!!!
Sophie saw her on the moniter and kept saying ‘Beeee Beeee! Beeee Beeee!’ LOL!!
I love your new goodies and that birthday picture you made is precious!!!! πŸ™‚

OH my goodness! :O) Your blog is so wonderful and pretty… I think I want to live here!
Thank you so much for giving me a shout out with the cupcake necklace. I’m so glad you love it and it is sooooo you!
I will have your custom necklace soon I hope. I still need to get to the store to get the Swarovski crystals… hopefully I can get them this weekend!
You are going to love your Boopsie doll… I’m loving mine- Dunkin Donna! :O)
I’m off to get read some more of your blog… it really is eye candy.

Hi Jennifer! I LOVE this post!! Talk about eye candy!!! It is so funny because I was going to buy that same doll from Pawsh Poodle Boutique, lol!! I love Sheri’s shop too πŸ™‚
That cuppiecake necklace is the cutest ever! I am off to that shop next πŸ™‚
I ADORE the gift you made for Grant’s sweet little friend!!! That is wonderful!

I can just picture that little girl trying to bite into her gift! I’ll bet her eyes lit up so bright when she saw it. How cute.

What a wonderful piece you made for Grant’s friend. I’m heading over to check out the links you gave.

Your blog is always SWEET EYE CANDY.
So many great things to look at :0)Pin up girls are a fav. of mine. I will have to post some of my pin-up necklaces. You would love them.
The Birthday gift is sooo you and your darling daughter looks like her mommy.
The pink elephant reminds me of the vintage bear toy that I just added to my site. Not pink, but it is still fun.
Jenn~Sunny yellow is your color and the necklace is yummy. I checked out the Etsy shop….great,funny stuff.
Hugs, Sheri

Firstly, I am SOOOO jealous of the pink pony!!!
Secondly, I would have tried to eat the candy
necklace too! (It is FABULOUS!!!!)
Lastly, the cupcake necklace is so cute!

Ana Barrett

im soo awed by your inspiring pieces.. again!! LOL~ whatlovely pink photos and hope you have an amazing time this weekend!
ana :]

I love the picture frame, it’s so sweet! And the look on Vivi’s face is priceless while she rides her pink pony, I can definitely see the diva in her!


Jenn, here I am again half a day later, still stumbling with words. I should’ve just stayed up last night & tried to compose my thank you then because after I left my comment above I went straight to bed & simply tossed & turned for ages dreaming of where I’ll place the Boopsie Queen & how a girl as kind as you even exists! I feel like it sounds so clichΓ© to resort to saying I’m speechless, but I truly truly am! I honestly don’t even know how words are forming at this minute, my brain isn’t in control of this comment at all, I’m just typing blindly, letting my fingers tap the keys while I sit here with your face inside a dream cloud in my mind. I know you have people informing you day in, day out that you are the absolute cat’s meow. Your ears must be so used to hearing folks exclaim what a darling you are, how generous, talented & insanely inspiring you are, every freaking second of evry day. I wish with all my might that right this moment I could invent an all-new language specifically with which to thank you in so the words seemed fresh & new. You ought to have The Penguins ‘Earth Angel’ playing in the background here at your blog because that is PRECISELY what you are! That Boopsie creation is going to claim a place of honor in my home, shown with pride to every guest we entertain, looked at & loved & cherished EVERY DAY! I’m in shock that you made her for me… SHEER SHOCK! Her pinwheel & color scheme & heart lips & polka dot bow just DRIVE ME WILD! I just want to squish you right until you’re putty in my grip! Thank you sooooooo much my little muffin! You beautiful, beautiful soul! I’m looking at the pics of you modeling your cupcake necklace from Kim & you’re seriously such a pretty thing, my eyes glaze right over at the sight of you & notion of such kindness. Please tell me you understand how very grateful I am you devoted such time & affection to me… how eternally thankful I am that you’ve welcomed me into your cute little carnival world! Going 100% bananas right now over everything above. Miss Vivi on her pink pony, (giddy’ up gorgeous!), your incomparable creations & your precious eli purchase! Your blog is like my crack lately! I love you more than life. You make my head spin, honey girl. Overdosing on your beauty… I’m just lovestruck as can be right now. YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

LOVE the birthday gift you made and I too am a fan of Boopsie and Stooped girl!Can’t wait to see what Stooped made for you!! Oh and where did you get your daughter’s adorable outfit??? CUTE!

Oh how sweet Vivi looks on her pony. Love how she already knows how to boss her man around!!!LOL

Your little girl is adorable with that angelic face!! OMGoodness, so many pretties to look at! What a fabulous gift, your gorgeous piece for the little girl, I can just imagine the delight in the mom’s face πŸ˜€ Beautiful stuff, and you are just lovely too πŸ™‚

The birthday present has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time! The little girl might not love it now but one day she will! Your blog is so fun to read -it’s like a click of inspiration for me – thanks! Nan

Jennifer, I LOVE the frame creation you made for the birthday girl. You are so talented. The little queen so soooo cute. Love her pinwheel. Have a fun little trip!

i love the super cute collage you made for the pink birthday party and the doll you made, wow, i have never seen anything so cute before. i like your blog. i have not been here before but hope to stop back by in the future.
hope you had a great may day.

What is it about elephants that always makes us smile? They’re such a goofy looking animal – but an utterly irresistible goofy! I look forward to seeing what you do with him.

You always post the bestest things ever!! Love all the colorful fun stuff you made, bought, found.


Yummy Miss Viv! I am catching up on your blog and saw the pic of you in the short party dress….soooo in. The papers have been showing short prom dresses and how fresh this look is. You look perfect with the short dress and I am sure Macon will follow this style! I found empty bears for my next grandaughters’ party. Yippee! Gayle


Can hardly wait for a beautiful new bloggie entry here, Hunnyface! I’ve fallen into the freakish habit of checking 3 or 4 times a day! Ha ha! ENDLESS love! xox!

Hi Jen~
What a sweetblog this week…
Your daughter is adorable , and I recall seeing some of your pix on Flickr (I am “Oh so Very…”) and we are in eachothers contacts.
I love that “candy doo” on Esther bunny…that is just the sweetest thing! Oh and the birthday girl gift…just the opitomy of preciousnesness!!!
Keep up your adorable work, Jen~~
See ya soon~
xxxooo Ruth

That frame is just precious! The pink elephant too! and that little cutie pie diva is adorable!

love all the pretty pink pics!! I adore pink! Vivi looks sooo cute in her crown pjs!
xo Britt

I LOVE the Pinkalicious wall hanging you did for Grant’s friend. It’s positively delicious! You’re blog is just wonderful. Thanks for always giving us fantastic eye candy!

Jenn, Oh my America’s little sweetheart Miss Vivi on her pink pony!! She needed a little tiara or pink cowgirl hat!! love the gift you made as always it looked so yummy!!!! I get over how cute you look in yellow!! A few posts ago I loved the yellow top you had on, still thinking of your dreamy pink dress!!! Take care my dose of cute-ness! Love,Lori

I don’t know how you can let all this cute stuff leave your hands once your finished! And the pink elephant is ADORABLE!

I just love your unique-ness – it shows in your creations – lovely!

Hi Jenn! Where did you get that pink dress you have on for your Gala Event in your previous post, it is absolutely gorgeous just like you! Ann πŸ™‚

Wow! Thanks for the fun trip in to pink-landia. That was great. Pink is my fave color.


The pink shabby baby doll, I have one thats yellow from when I was a baby!! she is in my moms basement (yes basement in Cali!!) I am gonna go get her next time I am there! Sweet pics.


Hi Jenn, I thought I had left a comment here last week.. maybe I didnt! I bet youve been outside enjoying beautiful weather with your very precious children!
cant wait to see how you use that wonderful elephant!
have a great day!

What a sweet gift you made for Grants little friend. Although she may not appreciate it now, which is understandable at her age, just wait until she is older and I am sure it will become a treasured keepsake for her.

I love the Boopsie Queen & that cute little elephant! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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