Summer Days


Hello sweet friends! Glad you've stopped by. Our family is enjoying the lazy days of summer. My son Grant has summer break from his pre-school so it's been so nice not being on a fixed schedule and routine in the mornings. We can all leisurely get up and have time to actually enjoy the morning and not have to experience the mad rush of busy week day mornings. Well, MY CHILDREN may not notice a difference, but I DO! 

 I LOVED summer as a child. It meant swimming, riding bikes, ice cream trucks, roller skating outside in the driveway, family vacations. Brings back so many fun and nostalgic times in my childhood. Right now Im enjoying this time with my children and creating wonderful and memorable summer experiences for them. Before it get's TOO EXTREMELY HOT here in the south I try to let them spend as much time outdoors. This past Saturday I took my children to Dairy Queen. LOTS of great memories at the ole' DQ! Got to love their soft serve ice cream!!!




After our trip to the local DQ, we headed to the park to burn off the calories. ;) This was Vivi's first time on a swing set and just from looking at the first pic it's obvious she LOVED it!  


Such a happy boy!!!!!


Me being corny and taking pictures of my feet.





The heat is already reaching the 90's here so needless to stay we didnt stay at the park too long. I put sunscreen on them both and they still started turning PINK!

It's nice to spending quality time with my children. Too often, I get caught up in my creations and work that Im guilty of not "stopping to smell the roses" I keep reminding myself that they are only young once and to enjoy every moment of it.



GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Who has seen this movie yet? What did you think? I LOOOOVED IT!!!! Im sure like many of you I am a HUGE DIE HARD fan!!!! Some of my close girlfriends Heather & Renee with whom I use to be next door neighbors with back in my younger single days use to get together to watch new episodes of Sex and the City every Sunday evening. We would wear our pj's, mix up a margarita and sit back and enjoy. Sometimes our good friends Ben & Jerry would hang out too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My girlfriend Heather hosted an "all girl" party for the opening night of the movie. Sixteen of us gals dined at a fun swanky restaurant in Atlanta. We of course had to celebrate the movie with the traditional COSMO martini.


Being silly!

Jenn & heather      

"The girls"


All over Atlanta the movie was SOLD OUT! Our tickets were for the 10:45 show. I kid you not out of the whole entire theatre we counted only 10 guys! YEP! The rest were ALL women! Lots of estrogen flowing!!!! hee! hee! It was a site! GIRL POWER! ๐Ÿ™‚



Dreaming of Mr. Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The evening was a blast! You MUST see this movie if you are a fan. I promise it wont dissapoint!

Have you ever heard of the motto "Less is more…" Well, I do believe in that in most cases. Less clutter and more simple is very soothing and pleasing to the eye. I agree to an extent. However when it comes to my daughters room it's MORE! MORE! MORE! I cant stop buying and collecting things for her room. Hence my newest purchase. I want to share with you my custom Vivian cupcake banner made my the SUPER SWEET and amazingly talented Laurie of Happy as a Lark.   I own several pieces of Lauries work and Im in love with her magical and enchanting creations. Especially her fairies!!!! This is a cupcake banner made in my favorite pastel colors with Vivian's name at the bottom.


It looks PERFECT on her fireplace mantel.

DSCN1134_edited-1 Close-up


Soooo ADORABLE!!!! Thank you so much Laurie for the gorgeous banner!!!!

I have some BIG SURPRISES that Im going to be unveiling within the next week. One VERY VERY special piece that I just finished creating that is dreamy and magical.

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy creating!!!! 

Hugs & Kisses,    





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so cute! i love the banner…makes me want to try and make one myself… the girl-power party and movie looks fun too! thanks for sharing!

oooohhhhh, your little ones are just SO cute and looks like they are having so much fun.
I did not get to see the movie yet Jenn…but I can’t wait! wow, what a super fun night for all of you to get together like that and go! so fun!
I serioulsy think your Vivi (and your Grant) have the best kids rooms EVER!! Just like a dream… ๐Ÿ™‚
xo Heather

Hi Jenn looks like some Summer fun happening with your sweet family.

Hi sweetie! Such a beautiful post Miss Jenn! You really did have THE best time at the movies, such fun with a group of giggling friends! Those poor guys!! I am going next week with two girlfriends and we CAN’T WAIT!!! The Banner made by Laurie is so pretty, perfect for the mantel, and Jacqui and I just love the photos of Grant and Vivi on the swing set, that really IS such a simple but special fun time to be treasured at their ages! Jacqui wore her little curls just like Vivi’s, so darn cute!! Now keep cool!! And we so look forward to the unveiling!!
Hugs, Jenn and Jacqui xo

Gorgeous Jen, the whole post is full of gorgeous!! Your SITC ‘party’ looks like fun and I am glad you decided not all to go in your PJ’s as you all look very glam!! Your little girls room looks darling, so sweet!! Thanks for sharing, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

how fun that all of you girls went to see the movie together!!!
i love the pictures of your little angels having fun, esp the ice cream face shots…too cute!!!
what a sweet banner from Laurie:)

hey sweetie!!
great post!!
the kids look so so cute.
love summer.
your sex in the city night looked so fab!!
you are all so gorgeous!!
i love that you wore pink!!
that’s my sissy!!!
have a great weekend,


Hi Jenn!
I always love stopping by your blog. its always so bright and cheerful! You kids are gorgeous.. like their mama! cute foot by the way! Vivi’s room is a little girls heaven on earth! she is a lucky little princess!
well.. off to work I go now!

It looked like you had such a fun evening and girls night out!
and I do like the concept less is more but I cant seem to comply hee hee.
your daughters room is so precious!
Cant wait to see what your new creations are! your full of talent!

Adorable cupcake banner. My neighborhood “moms” group is going to see the movie over the weekend. Can’t wait to see your latest creation.

Oh how fun! You girls are soooo cute and it looks like you had a blast!!! Love the piccys of the kidlets swinging, eating ice cream and being silly. So precious! And that new cupcake banner….YUMMY! Can’t wait to find out what your surprises are, too!

love viv’s pigtails! so darn cute. and that dreamy room of her’s…fabulous!

Lurker here.
I have to ask…where did you get the shirt with the trucks & cars on it that your son is wearing?
My 21 month old would go nuts over that!!!


Your daughters room is amazing!! I have 2 sons, so as soon as they moved out, I turned their room into a pink french parlour!! I love reading your blog, my husband and I have a condo in Beaver Creek, so I got a kick out of the pictures you had posted. What an amazing place!! Valarie


Your daughters room is amazing!! I have 2 sons, so as soon as they moved out, I turned their room into a pink french parlour!! I love reading your blog, my husband and I have a condo in Beaver Creek, so I got a kick out of the pictures you had posted. What an amazing place!! Valarie

Yes I saw SETC too and I was trampled on as soon as the doors opened! I LOVED the movie! I heard they are talking about doing another one!! Viv’s room is darling!


What adorable kids you have and how sweet they look at the park. Yes I agree time flys by so we all must stop and take the time for our love ones… You glam girls looked like you took on the town… whatch out you have enough to make your own movie!!
Darling over the top Vivi’s Bedroom just what a princess deserves (:
Hugs, Diane

What a fun Summer you’re having!
Your SATC night looked such fun… my friend & I went and were amazed looking around women everywhere!!
Victoria xx

Jennifer, you have the cutest babies!!! How can you not just kiss those cheeks all day, lol! It looks like you are all having so much fun together! Yum, ice cream!!! My boys get out of school next Wednesday and I cannot wait!!
I also cannot wait to see Sex and the City!!!! I love that show and miss the girls! Your evening looks fabulous!! I love your little pink dress!!
Sweet Vivi’s room is my dream room now, lol!! How fabulous!! She deserves it all too!

Your babies are beautiful! All smiles and happiness!
Your Sex party with the girls looks like my kind of girls night out!

Looks like the kids are having such fun! I want to come play!

Everything looks so fun…park,Dairy Queen and The little princesses room is AMAZING!
I am dragging hubby to Sex In The City LOL.
You have me on pins and needles..I want you to show your new creations. HURRY!
you look as lovely as ever :0)

Jenn your kids are adorable~! Wow Vivian has grown so much, she’s looking less baby and more girl now, they grow so fast!!!
Loving the banner for Vivi’s room, it’s adorable, Laurie does beautiful work.
I can’t WAIT to see SATC!!! I’m going in 2 days, making an afternoon and night of it with a few girls, it promises to be fun! Wow lol look at all that cleavege in the pics, you girls all looked gorgeous!! Did the 10 men die of oestrogen overdoses?!!!

Lee Laurie Noll

Hello,Jenn.Im the one that wrote to you about what pattern your china was a few days ago.Ive been meaning to get back to your blog ever since but Ive had so much going on.My daughter had my first grandbaby last week!A beautiful boy!Im gonna spoil him so bad!!Anyway,tonight I had plenty of time so I went to the very begining of your blog and I must say you have the most beautiful house that Ive ever seen.I love how you decorate!So romantic and girlie-girl.Ive got 2 boys at home still and Im tempted to go for it and redecorate my whole cottage that way!I plan on getting a blog soon too.You have really inspired me!Thanks!

Hi Jenn, Thanks for the update on “Sex in the City”. I might go to see it today. It’s 95 here is MA and I’m thinking an air conditioned theater is just where I need to be this afternoon. Of course, it’s only 4:20 am right now, but I can’t sleep I’m too hot, so I thought I would run around blogging in my p.j.s!


Hi Jennifer,
this is my first comment on your blog, although Iยดm reading your blog very often. Everything you make and decorate is so special and I love to look at all the photos. Especially the Christmas pictures were amazing and Iยดm looking forward to see your Christmas pictures 2008! Canยดt wait, hehe, Iยดm crazy. Itยดs hot here in Germany and Iยดm thinking of Christmas…
Have a nice summer with your nice family and enjoy every minute with them.
Many, many greetings from Germany!!

Hi Jenn! Thanks so much for showing off my banner in Vivi’s room! That room is amazing, and she is such a cutie! You have such sweet kids! You looked mahhhhvelous at your SITC party! Can’t wait to see it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ana Barrett

heyy hun!!
glad to hear summers been going good!!
lots and lots of rain here =[[
but hopefully sunny and warm soon!!
the ole’ DQ looks like tons of fun
and glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your summer in the south!!!
have a wonderful week!!
ana =]

Hey sweetie! Love the post and the fun pics, even down to your cute piggies! (toes!) That Movie was the best, I totally agree!!! Looks like you lived it up and had a blast!
LOVE the little banner with Vivian’s name on it, how pretty and oh so perfect!! Don’t you just LOVE that we have girls and can go all out Shabby Fab and pastel for them! Oh heaven!
Have a most wonderful week! Thanks for the friendship!
xoxox Molly

Robyn Haas

I have missed popping in here! What a lovely post! Come by and visit when you can! Lot’s of hugs!

I have to confess, I am probably the only woman in the US that has not seen even one of the episodes of Sex in the City! Crazy, I know. It looks like you all had so much fun, now I am wondering what I have missed!

What a lovely post!! Looks like your Gorgeous children are having a BLAST!!! And Sex in the City, seeing it on Saturday we are having a pedicure/ manicure, lunch, movie and then dinner and drinks!! cannot wait!! WWHHOO YYYIIPPEE!!
looks like you and the girls all had a great time out!!

What a fun girls’ night out!!!
Love Vivian’s room! Darling!!!!

oooh so darn sweet!! your summer is a dream and that darn sweet banner…oooh sweet as cupcakes doll!! just found your blog…swing on in to mine some time…cat^..^

I love Surprises!
The cupcake banner is delightful! I really enjoyed the pictures of you and your friends at the movies! I’ll be doing something like that soon–but we’re going to see Dark Knight. I have a huge crush on Christian Bale & Batman!
Hugs & Kisses!

Hi Jenn!
So glad to have found your blog!! Your kids are too cute!! And I adore your home…I think I marked a ton of your photos as my favorite on Flickr!!
Haven’t seen Sex and the City yet…but am so excited to asap!!!

So Cute!
Denise Nantasket Beach,Massachusetts

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Jenn! Looks like you gals had a great time! Nothing like getting together with friends and having a girls night out.
Love your toenails. Cute toes! ๐Ÿ™‚
Your kids look like they are having such a fun time at the park. Nothing like a little old fashioned fun playing on the swings.
Stay cool!!

We are kindred spirits.
Your daughter’s room is lovely.
I did a post in May on Carrie’s new apartment. Here’s the link:

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