The Birthday GIRLS!


HAPPY 1st Birthday my little sweet Vivian Rose!


Yes! I cant believe it’s been ONE year ago today little missy here was born into this world and blessed our lives!

And…..on Feb 12th (GULP!) it was 36 years ago I was born into this world as well. This pic was taken on my recent ski trip. CHEERS!!!!


We planned a small family get together for her FIRST birthday. When planning everything I freaked when I realize that I didnt PURCHASE a pink froofy party hat for her, so within 15 minutes of family arriving I quicky assembled a party hat to match her outfit. I think it turned out pretty darn cute for putting it together in 15 minutes. This is my first hat I’ve ever made! YIPPEE!!!!


Vivi of course REFUSED to wear it. LOL!!!!


Miss Vivi’s cake. I just LOVE how it turned out!


These are some fun party snippits!

First BITE!


After several hand fistful bites! πŸ™‚


Hee! Hee! This picture cracks me up!!!!




A Madame Alexander doll called "Birthday Celebration" from Mommy & Daddy


Here she is in Vivi’s room. Isn’t she just GORGEOUS!!!! 


Vivi is all pooped out! Comming off Sugar High! NAP TIME! Kiss! Kiss!


I purchased this super cute vintage greeting card pocket posey from Diane of Saturday Finds. It looks so darling in Vivi’s room,and will be a sweet piece we will always have to treasure and remember.


A few days before Vivi’s b-day Mommy was busy celebrating her b-day in Beaver Creek, CO. πŸ™‚ We have some good friends that own a condo and this is the DROP DEAD GORGEOUS view from their balcony.


View of the ski lifts.



Me & the hubby getting ready to ski.


Valentines Dinner CHEERS!


We indulged in alot of fine dining and drinking while on the trip. A local known restaurant has a fabulous piano bar, and our friends are good friends with the pianist Tony. This was a fun group shot.


Of course what is a trip without shopping! On Valentines day it snowed like crazzy! No skiing for us girls! Only shopping! πŸ™‚ Bags from a local fur shop. I bought some fun furry boots and vest!


Here’s Deidra and I stopping to flirt with a sweet older German man who was blowing his horn for entertainment. hee! hee!


This last picture kinda sums up the crazzy fun we had on our trip. πŸ˜‰


I had such a GREAT b-day week and I just have to share with you some of the super fun gifts I received. My dear friend Kim bought me this super cool pink nano Ipod. I was shocked to say the least. She felt so bad for me because a few weeks earlier I accidentaly washed my ipod  in the washing machine. OOPS! When she saw this pink one she just knew I had to HAVE! Eeek! I love it!!!


This by far is the FUNNIEST gift! This book is HYSTARICAL! I MUST show you some of the pages inside. DONT FREAK when you see the title!


I laughed SO hard, and I know you will too!!!!




Hee! Hee!





There are MANY,MANY pages like this in the book! HOWEVER, I saved the MY favorite and the BEST for last!



Tee hee! Tee hee! A man after my OWN heart!!!!

Ok, this long post is ABOUT to come to an end! WHEW! However, I have to show off my fabulously (if that’s even a word) luxurious birthday gift from my SUPER SWEET hubby. Here I am trying to "strike a glamourous retro pose" in my black mink fur wrap. Oooh it feels soo divine!





Hee! Hee! Enough of my cheesy Zaa-Zaa Gabor poses!

Hugs and Kisses to you ALL my sweet and wonderful friends!


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Ana Barrett

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JENN AND VIVI!!! looks like you girlies had a great b-day!!! i feel so special being the first one to post!!! that nano is ah-dorable!! mine just froze and i have no idea what is wrong!!! wahh!!! lol….. love your sweet little birthday hat for miss vivian! great to hear you had fun on your trip! have a great week!!! hugs

Cute Cute Cute!!!!!!!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to you Miss Jenn and to sweet precious Miss Viv.
This is such a great post!
Thank you for sharing your birthdays with us!
Birthday Hugz,

Hi sweet Jenn, Happy Birthday to you and gorgeous Miss Vivian!! How beautiful her cake and party hat! She had an beautful first birthday, how fast they grow!! The view from your friends condo, absolutely breathtaking, like a picture postcard, perfect! We are so happy to see you had so much fun, shopping, dining, skiing, how wonderful:) That German gentlman (hope he was a gentleman!! lol) would have been tickled pink when you and Deidra came along! Love that photo of the two of you shopping, such lovely memories! And the mink stole, how divine, we were close! lol Have a gorgeous week Jenn, beautiful post πŸ™‚ Jenn and Jacqui xo

Hi Jenn! Looks like you had a fabulous time away! Happy birthday to you and to beautiful Vivi, just gorgeous in her outfit and hat, and those cakes, WOW!!!
You look so lovely there modeling your stole. The skiing looked like fun, so glad you came home without broken bones! Missed you xo Natasha xo

Oooh forgot to say how much I love the porn for women book!!!!

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Birthday Girls!!! Vivi is such a baby doll, she looks just darling in her party hat:) and i love the pics of her shoveling that cake in!!! too cute:) you look pretty as a picture in your stole…and the porn for women book looks too funny!!!

so fun! vivi is darling! love the cake photos!
you of course look fabulous in all the picks! i love shopping in ski towns! looks like you did well.
im glad you had a let loose weekend! you deserve it!
happy birthday month!

Happy Birthday to both you ladies and loving all the photos from your celebrations!

Happy Birthday Jenn and Vivian! Such cute pics! I’m glad you both had such fun! Best wishes girls!
xo natalea

Happy Birthday girls!! I love all your pics – they are so cute!! Where did you get Miss Vivian’s adorable dress? I love the color / monogram!! Looks like you had a terrific birthday – enjoy that fur πŸ™‚

I love all the pics of Viv’s first bday!!! sooo cute!! Lundyn turns one on April 28th and I can’t wait for his party!! I hope that you had a happy bday too!! Love the pics of your trip. The first bday sign for Viv is so cute!! I have been thinking about getting the boy version she made for Lundyn’s bday. I love the book too! so cute! xo Britt

Happy Birthday Baby Vivi!!! Oh my she looked so adorable in her outfir, and hat, but gotta love her little shoes!!! And her cake, how sweet!I just bought an adorable baby pocket from Diane, love her work! Glad you had a wonderful birthday to Jenn! Cheers, Lori

Happy birthday to two beautiful ladies! Vivi is so cute in that little outfit and the cake pictures are just cracking me up. Looks like the ski trip was lots of fun – how was skiing? You hadn’t done it in a while right? I love all of your gifts. My sister washed her ipod as well and amazingly – it still works! The Porn for Women – priceless! I had heard about it and its great to see a peek inside – I agree the last one is the best!


Happy birthday to 2 fabulous girls! She looked precious in her hat and by the way that is cute cute! Love your gifts this was a fun post thanks for sharing Zsa Zsa! LOL! Grace

Well WHERE to begin, Sweets???? How about Happy Birthday to the Hayslip Girls!!! LOVE Sweet Vivi’s bday outfit and cake love! Looks like everyone had fun. And what lovely snow scenes in Colorado! How FUN. πŸ™‚ And I ADORE the “porn book” hehe! I had seen a couple of those before and that craft fair one was my fav, as well. And a pink ipod…so YOU. And last but not least, you are just so gorgeous in your new cape! Way to go, Curtis! Well Sweets…your gifties are on the way…I have been finishing up some bits and will mail it (late!) this week. So look out for a bday present from yours truly!

Happy Birthday to you and your precious little one. I loved the cake pictures!!

Oh! That book is TOO funny! Was actually laughing out loud! Ha! My daughters middle name is Rose too! Lily Rose. And it cracked me up to see your birthday pic with the martini right after her birthday pics! Hee Hee

Happy B/day girlies. Looks like yall had a blast! Precious!

Happy birthday to you both! Love the cake pics. Too sweet! My middle name is Rose too. Happy birthday once again!
Hugs and Blessings,

A great post as usual! Your little girl is so cute… love those little rollie-pollie fat rolls on her sweet yummy legs. What a doll. Looks like you’re having fun! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!!


What beautiful Birthday Girls. You captured the 1 year olds Birthday part just perfectly. The doll is so pretty, that will be a treasure all her life. You know one of the dolls you show all your friends. And your Birthday present from your hubby well WOW looks great on you! Thanks for featuring my Keepsake Posy Pocket. I must find something special for you. I am officialy on the look out! You just wait it will be a surprise!

You are my kinda girl!!! Happy (belated) Birthday, Sweetie! Oh, and “Lil’ Bits” looked soooooo cute in her birthday garb! Personally, I loved her hat!
Wishing you all things beautiful!

I just love the vintage birthday card. Your Viv is so cute, especially with her hat! One of my sweetest friends name is Vivian.

Beautiful bay girl HAppy Birthday. I love your style for her :). And the gift from youir husband looked positively delicious. Finally that book for women had me laughing!

Oooh Happy Happy Birthday to both of you!! Love your mink wrap, it’s stunning, and you look beautiful in it!
I grew up in CO, so that shot from the balcony made me miss it a lot! I miss snow!! You know we don’t ever really get any here. :0(
What a fabulous way to spend your birthday WEEK!
~Cerri xoxo

Aww Happy Birthday to the both of you! Your daughter is so adorable and it looks like she had a wonderful first birthday (cake is always the best part)!

Vivian is just the cutest little girl in the world! I LOVE Her legs – they remind me of mine! Happy belated birthday to Viv and to you! The book is too funny – I must get me a copy so I can dream….So glad you had a great trip – but the best gift had to be coming home to that baby!! Nan

Happy Birthday to both you two! Both beautiful and charming! But,,,um…where’s YOU in a party hat?
Cute pictures…all of them!

Happy Birthday to you two adorable girls!! Vivian Rose looks SO cute in birthday hat you made her!! Of course, she would look perfect in anything! Her cake was wonderful and I love your book you got- too funny!!

Happy Birthday to you two adorable girls!! Vivian Rose looks SO cute in birthday hat you made her!! Of course, she would look perfect in anything! Her cake was wonderful and I love your book you got- too funny!!

Happy birthday to two beautiful and sweet girls! You are such a joy-filled person, Jenn, I’m blessed to know you. xoxoxo

Happy birthday both to you and your beautiful girl! (She’s soo cute! Love her birthday outfit!) I adore the gift from your husband! Gorgeous!
hihi that book was hilarious!! I’ve got to get some of that girl porn πŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday(s)!! You made such cute stuff for her – do you have an etsy shop?

Dear Jenn,
happy birthday from one february-girl to another (two others!!!).
I really love the way you post since I found you. The first thing I saw was your awsome Christmas tree! I was so impressed!
And I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us! Belive me: I didnΒ΄t know “My favourite things” from “The sound of music” unless I heard it here. And I am from Austria!
Love and greetings from the Austrian alps, yours Bernadette

happy birthday to your little daughter!!!hope she had a wonderful 1.birthday

Hi Jenn,
What a fab post I love reading your blog it is always so bright, cheerful and lots of fun. Firstly Happy birthday to you and your beautiful daughter Vivian. Secondly I can’t believe you just whipped up the birthday hat in 15 minutes FAB! Looks like you had lots of fun on your ski trip, and lastly I love your birthday pressies, the book is hilarious and the mink is devine. (wow you fitted a lot in on that post)
Cheers Linda

I am glad to hear there were no broken bones on your trip! I love all of the pictures! Happy Birthday sweet baby Viv!
And You too Jenn I will be 36 in June, when do we stop counting???? Have a great week!

Hey Birthday Girl,
I have a surprise for you on my blog!
XXOO, Dolly

Pat Jones

Dear Jenn,
Your daughter is so darling and the birthday celebration and the hat is incredible. Your birthday gift is fabulous…there you go again…living A WONDERFUL LIFE. OOOh our birthdays fall on the same day. You are the only other person I have met with that birthday. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY…A BIT LATE BUT STILL WITH MUCH HAPPINESS TUCKED INSIDE. God bless YOU!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Jenn, and Vivian! She’s so-o-o-o sweet! Looks like you did a bang up job on getting that birthday hat ready, and fast! Your get-away looks just divine! Have a wonderful year ahead!

Happy Belated Birthday Jenn, to you and your gorgeous little baby girl!! She is the cutest cutest thing, and I love her hat and outfit!! Those chubby little legs, she is just so sweet, makes me want another one!!

Happy Belated Birthday to you, and your daughter. Your blog is lovely , and the party hat was just adorable!

What a fabulous post!! I am just drinking in all the beautiful photos! That little Vivian is so adorable…what a cutie pie! Happy Belated Birthday to both you beautiful girls. Your blog and artful creations are so fun and incredibly inspiring – truly eye candy!

You are definitely one busy girl. Love everything, especially the wrap. You go girl.

Happy Belated Birthday Jenn! Oh, your little getaway looked so fun!!! I lived in CO for 8 years, and I sometimes miss the snow… buuuut the California sunshine makes me so much happier!
Your little sweetie is adorable, happy 1st Birthday to her!!

Oh my gosh! Happy belated birthday! Such beautiful colors! I love the hat on Vivian! They age so fast… and so do we!

Happy birthday to two of the prettiest girls in the blogworld!!

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