The Creative Connection


Over 2000 miles, and almost 40 hours total driving time Miss Sherry and I finally made it home safe and sound after spending an incredible week in Minneapolis attending The Creative Connection.

We left on Sunday and arrived downtown Minneapolis on a Tuesday.

It was the longest drive of my LIFE, but having Sherry's fabulous company made the drive and trip 10x more fun!!! We talked, laughed, talked,laughed, talked and laughed the whole drive to and from. Meanwhile turning lots of heads pulling Pinky the trailer.


On the way to MN, we of course had to make a little stop driving thru Iowa. We found the cutest antique store right off the road.


This part of the country was SO beautiful! Lots of farmland, silo's, barns, rolling green hills, and dirt gravel paths.


Cute Miss Sherry posing next to Pinky.


Sherry took some of me standing next to the store sign. How beautiful are these sunflowers???



It was fun seeing parts of the country I've never been thru before. 

Minneapolis is a beautiful city and the hotel for the event was in a prime great location! Close to wonderful shops and restaurants, and the BIGGEST & NICEST TARGET ever!!!! (it's headquarters)

My booth turned out over the top sweet thanks the BIG BIG help of my amazing big Sis Jessi!!!! This was my first big vending show ever, and I underestimated how much hard work it goes into setting up.

Jessi, Sherry, and I were my roomies for the weekend and it felt like we were the 3 musketeers all weekend helping each other out and offering support.

(click on image to enlarge)



Hands down I think it's fair to say I won the pinkest frilliest booth.

I even had a Christmas tree. πŸ™‚



Jessi was my ROCK and Im so grateful for ALL her hard work and help!!!


 She was also the BEST saleswoman! She pimped Eye Candy to the max!!! hee! hee!


Two of my booth neighbors were Rachel Martin of 2 Martins in a Nest.


Across from me was the amazing and talented Krys Kirkpatrick of Hutch Studio


Krys is most famous for her darling Bunnies by the Bay collection.


Miss Sherry and her Rose Cottage table.



Her doll bottles and vases were GORGEOUS!!!


Our beautiful and delightful friend Miss Christine was our other sidekick and supporter for the weekend. We had SO much fun hanging out together!



It was such a treat to have friends stop by my booth to pay me a visit.


The adorable one and only Fancy Farmgirl Tiffany.  


My lovely friend Suzanne. She too made the trek from Macon, GA.


Precious friend Danielle Muller.


Two cuties!!!



So so happy to have a visit by Shelly Overholt and Leslie Walker.


Super happy to see Kari Ramstrom and Hope Wallace.


I can't say enough kind words about Nancy Soriano. Incredibly personable, gracious,  and friendly.  Always had a smile on her face!




Being I was a vendor I was pretty much in my booth during the entire vendor market hours. 

I  did attend a few things such as the Welcome Dinner and autograph book signing party. WOW! Sooo many talented and published artist everywhere you turned. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

One morning I attended a breakfast panel seminar with publishers from Lark, Stampington, Better Homes and Gardens, and Mary Jane Butters.

    It was an incredible panel of knowledgable women in their fields. 


My wonderful dear friend Suzanne MacCrone was the featured designer of the breakfast seminar. What an honor!!!!


So so happy for Suzanne!!!!


Jo and Nancy hosted a VIP cocktail party for those that worked the event.

The ladies gave a heartfelt thank you to us all.


Some fun shots of the party.

Me & Sherry


Beautiful Suzanne


Sherry and Suzanne


The super cute and fun Michelle Legler


Sherry and Michelle. My goodness…I think these two could be sisters. Blonde and beautiful smiles!!!

Hanging with the fabulous Miss Christine. 


The rocking Miss Fancy Farmgirl Tiffany taking a much needed break from photographing. So so good to catch up with her!!!


Christen Olivarez of Stampington . 


Im extremely happy to have attended the first Inaugural Creative Connection event.  

It was my first time putting myself  "out there" as an artist. Face to face contact with

 friendly customers and browsers. I learned alot as a first time vendor and was

 constantly inspired and in awe of all the amazing and talented vendors around me.



Thank you to the customers who purchased my treasures and to those who stopped in

 to admire my little cubicle whimsical world. 

I will be listing several of my handmade treasures in my Etsy shop in a few days. So

 please check back!

Now that Im home I can't wait to finally relax, spend much needed time with my

 family, catch up on Tivo shows, and read my favorite magazines and blogs.

Oh and I forgot… unload my trailer that is still sitting in my driveway waiting to be unpacked. Anyone with no plans this weekend? hee! hee!

Hugs & Kisses 






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Jennifer Grenko

Jenn, Your booth! So precious! I want to see what you have left for purchase! Please put away a pink santa for me too if you have one! I know you girls had a wonderful, exhausting time!

Hey love bug,
what a fun weekend we had,
The booth rocked!!!
pure eye candy!!!
Love ya sissy!!!

so pretty! So pink! I love it! You both did such a great job with the booth! Love those shoes boo!

Hey sweet Jenn ~
It was a wonderful week and weekend with you and all the fabulous creative souls. Your work is precious and your booth delicious! If you need help unpacking…I’m around.

I am green with envy!! LOL… Everything looks just amazing. The table, the smiles on everyones faces!! so glad you all enjoyed. I LOVE that pink gum ball machine =)
Thanks Jenn for sharing!!

I was wondering about how pink “pinky” was and now I see her! She is a beauty!! How fun!! What a trek you made. Forty hours is pure bragging rights and especially pulling a trailer!!!! So fun to see you and your gorgeous booth:)

It looks like a beautiful and fun time!

Jenn, everything is just perfect. Your table was absolutely dreamy and I’m sure there was a lot of gasping going on. You and Jessi look adorable… and you and Sherry too! So cute all of you! Thanks for the wonderful post – I feel like I was there.
Big hugs,

Thanks for your lovely comment Sonia!!! XOXO,Jenn

Jenn, Love the Whole Thing!! So Beautiful! All of you girls look so pretty and happy. Wish I could have been there. Hope to see you soon! Love Sylvia

WOW Jenn, your booth looked fabulous! I love that pink bubble gum machine! I was tellin my husband when my studio is built I simply must have a pink or blue bubble gum machine to fill with fun goodies. Looks like you had a wonderful time! xox Cassandra
P.S wow that is a LONG drive! lol

Jenn, your booth was stunning! Like a sweet,surgar heaven! Everyone looks like they had such a great time…. and rocked some pretty cute outfits to boot! That is one long drive! I don’t think I could EVER do it! LOL xo

Your booth looked scrumptous!!! Wish I could have seen it in person!! Cant wait till you list on etsy…I have been wanting to get one of your beautiful treasures for some time now…One day I will get lucky!!
smiles and hugs,

What an exciting event! Your booth looked beautiful and I just love your pink trailer.

What fun! Your booth was GORGEOUS! You did a fabulous job. Congrats on your first big vendor adventure!

Awww…thank you Sandy!!! You are so so sweet! Ill be listing goodies shortly! Check back doll! Hugs!! XOXO,Jenn

I am still smiling just thinking about our trip! We had alot of laughs & alot of stares pulling Miss Pinky all the way!LOL Although the trip was 19 hours each way, it went by fast!
Your booth was the prettiest, pinkest and froufiest & was even better in person.
I love all the great pictures you posted, especially of you and Jessi….the 2 daughters I never had! You know that I adore you both so much!
See you Saturday for our little lunch!
hugs, Sherry

What a gorgeous booth – so pink and frilly – done up to the nines! Your pink wonderland is truly a sight to be seen with so much eye candy….can’t wait to see what you list in your shop!

oh just gorgeous!
Now. Important things first. Are your red shoes the Louis Vuitton ones? I love them. I have the same pair in green (from Schuh, sadly not Louis ~ but a dashed good lookie likey!)
I loved seeing all the photos. It always looks like such a good time when creative ladies get together. Love the pink trailer!

What an awesome post. Thank you for letting us all live vicariously through you. I so wanted to attend this event. Your booth was 2DIE4. And, of course, the bunny bubble gum machine is my favorite! I think it sold already!! lol I’m so jealous. I can’t wait to see what’s coming on Etsy.
Have a great time lunching with the ladies tomorrow. Kiss everyone and hug them for me.
Great job!
xo Cath

Your booth looked amazing! I know it was even prettier in person. Congrats on your first “BIG” show. I bet you did great.
Lee Laurie

Oh Gosh – you girls were so cute with Pinky! Your booth was incredible!!! Luvluvluv all of Sherry’s pretties! So glad you had a great show ~ will be missing you girls this weekend. xoxoxo H

oh wow girl!!! you always floor me completely!!! your booth was seriously adorable, and so perfectly YOU! You and Jessi really are just like sisters!!!
Sherry’s booth looked so lovely and frou frou too!
That pink trailer kills me, it’s SO sweet!
love ya xoxo

Loved the post, all the eye candy was gorgeous, not only the stall but all your beautiful homemade goodies too.
Everyone looked wonderful and look like they had such a great time and what a fab drive through the countryside, I can’t believe the miles you did !!! :-0
Best wishes Ginny x
(second attempt at trying to leave a comment … hope you get it :-))

Katie Barker

Your booth looks simply divine…..WELL DONE SWEETIE for going all that way to showcase your amazing talent….I wish I could have flown over from the UK for such an event it sounded brilliant! Big hugs and congrats x

Thank you sweet sweet Heidi!!! Hugs!! XOXO,Jenn

Jenn, your booth was GORGEOUS!! It looked so pretty & organized so beautifully!! LOVE the pink trailer… you guys look like you had a wonderful time. xoxo Heather

Ginny, thank you for leaving a comment! I got it!!! YAY!!! Big hugs!! XOXO,Jenn

Hugs Katie!!! Thank you doll for your lovely comment! πŸ˜‰ XOXO,Jenn

Georgie Parker

What beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them all.

I loved your beautiful booth! I wanted to turn all of the lights out everywhere else and just sit in it! It was so nice to meet you. All of the gals you mentioned above were such a treat!

Jenn, Everything looks Stunning! What a outstanding booth you created! I’ll be doing this next year and will be looking for someone seasoned to help me!! Waiting to see what you have left in your etsy shop. Thanks Jenn for Sharing your wonderful experience with us!!
Huggs, Nancy

Thank you Miss Heather!!!! πŸ™‚ XOXO

Hi Martha! So lovely to hear from you! It was great meeting you! Hopefully our paths will cross again. πŸ˜‰ XO,Jenn

Oh I am laughing at that pink trailer! I can only imagine the laughs you guy shared on that LONG ride! Your booth looked amazing! You never EVER skimp on the pretty details, Jenn, that’s for sure!!!

What elaborate and beautiful displays!! Wish I had been there. I’ll bet Sherry kept you giggling all the way up there, that girl is such a hoot.

Yes, Miss Sherry definitely kept me in giggles! We had a ball! SHe made the trip 10x more fun. πŸ˜‰ XO

hey jenn,
great to see you again!! and, just checking to see if you have the first chapter of that book written yet?!!??
hugs from ny,

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