Tick Tock Girlie Clocks!


Blink! Blink! Blink! Blink! I cant believe my eyes!!!! Inside the pages of this BREATHTAKING magazine on page 14 in the bottom corner is a photo of my precious Hollywood Starlet doll clocks. WOWZERS!!! Never did I ever expect to have a piece of my work published in such an awe inspiring gorgeous magazine! 


Fifi contacted me after our shoot back in February to tell me that my doll clocks were going to be in the Favorite Finds section. I giggle because I love them so, and I have a blast making them, but I know some may think they are a bit creepy! Oh well….."to each his own!" 

I am soooo honored to have my precious gems in such a stunning page by page magazine and I thank you Fifi for seeing something special in my artwork, and providing me with this great opportunity to share with your readers.

So in celebration of my feature I have created a few more glamour gals for my shop!!!! 

This pretty gal is to date my largest piece. She's from sunny CA and  stepped right out of the 50's! Her name is Betty and she's a pinup girl! She is sweet as pie and loves cruising in her pink cadillac. 

DSCN4983_edited-2Wanna go for a ride? tee! hee! 






This sweet and pretty clock is Miss Tiffany. She has a dainty look about her and she is decorated in the prettiest of colors! She LOVES bling, and has plenty of it, because her favorite place to shop is Tiffany's. 




Lots of BLING!!!!


This next whimsical clock is UBER girlie! Her name is CeCe and she is a Parisian circus dog trainer. She and her precious poodles peform encore shows every night! Her pooch's jump thru hoops and walk the mini tightropes!






This last clock is very special and she is SOLD. She is actually a custom made clock for my sweetest sweetest of friends Miss Christine "Dollybelle". Christine named her "Twinkle Belle". ;) 


She has a beautiful heirloom look about her.


Sooo romantic in creams and whites, and gorgeous rhinestones and pearls.


"You capture my heart." 



I am beyond THRILLED that she is going to be well loved and admired in Miss Christines home and "Dollybelle" world!!!!  

Please pick up a copy of Romantic Country!!!! It is a *GORGEOUS* issue FULL of the most beautiful homes!!! I cant stop *sighing* and "Ooooh-ing and Aaah-ing".

Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit! I cherish all of your sweet comments more than you know!!!


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Your clocks are so GORGEOUS Jenn! I love my special Twinkle Belle clock so much! You are the very princess of vintage enchantment and maker of all things dreamy, girly, and lovely!
Lucky lucky lucky me! Long live the faerie land of Eye Candy Creations, for it is the place where my sweet Twinkle Belle hails! LOL!
I got a little carried away!
Love you and LOVE my clock! Congrats on the ROmantic Homes spread too! I suspect we will be seeing more and more too!

Jenn, I just picked up my copy of Romantic Country yesterday, and was delighted to see your pretties featured in this issue.
You make me want to go create something “twinkly”!!

Elma Riedstra

Oh I just love the spread in Romantic Country!! Love the magazine! Such beautiful kitchens in there:) Love the clocks you made soooooo beautiful!! My favorite was the last one:) Have a wonderful weekend:)!

How beautiful your clocks are! Very original idea, and beautiful work!
Go Girl!

I’m so excited for you sweetie! Your clocks and gorgeous creations deserve to be in every gorgeous magazine in the world! I’m so proud of you!!! xoxo

Oh how excieting!! Congratulations on being in the magazine! You deserve it! What a beautiful kitchen on the cover!!

I have never seen anything like them and they are Gorgeous! Congratulations on the RC feature!!

I am in love! These are beautiful!


Congrats on your clocks in Romantic
Country! Great Job!
The clocks are the sweetest! So girly!
Enjoy your weekend,

Oh how exciting for you Jen and what wonderful creations you have completed.
I adore all the fluff and sparkle you add, too sweet!
I will look out for that copy if it ever makes it across the ocean.
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

the last clock is the one io wanted!!!
tee hee
we brunettes have to stick together!!!
congrats on your spread. beautiful!!!
My sissy is such a talent!!!
love ya peaches.

These are so gorgeous. Congrats on being published with them

How exciting Jen!! Your clocks are just adorable!

All of your clocks are gorgeous. I am partial to the dark haired little girl…………….so sweet. Congrats on being published in a wonderful magazine. Have a great day.

Yeah Jenn!! I can’t imagine anyone more deserving than you!!! So happy for you sweet girl!

Aaaagh, we can’t get Romantic Homes here in the UK, so frustrating!
Congrats on having your clocks in there, i’m not surprised though, they’re gorgeous.
Love the one for Dollybelle!
Beki xxx

Congratulations on your pieces being in Romantic Country. I can’t wait for it to hit our news stands over here in Oz.

Jenn, congratulations!!! that is just wonderful:) and i am happy for you…your new clocks are adorable…and all sold out already i see…good for you:)


Wow! Twinkle Belle actually made me gasp! She is gorgeous!

oh there is NO CREEPINESS…to these at all!!! CONGRATS!!!! THEY ARE JUST SO GLAMOUROUS!!!
hugz and love,

Oh, my gosh, I am almost speechless at how yummy and gorgeous your blog is. I want to eat them up like candy! Definately a feast for the eyes!
Michelle πŸ™‚

Congrats to you! Isn’t it exciting to make such fabulous magazine issues?? The clocks are cute and clever, Tiffany is awesome! Visiting you is like going to a favorite candy shop with no calories, but it makes you want more and more!! Have a candy sweet week with the two precious cupcakes, Grant and Vivi, smooches to you all, love,Lori

Jennifer Konda

Hi Jenn, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting one of your clock designs! I don’t think they are creepy, not at all. I like everything that I have seen. Your works are very original and very pretty. congrats to you being in the magazine πŸ˜‰ hugs, Jennifer

Ack! those are so cute Jen! congrats on the Romantic Country spot and on your very sucessful Jardin event. I have seen it on a several blogs… everything and everyone looks sooooo beautiful! Maybe next time….my babies do not fare so well when I am gone!Boo hoo! I hope that you are well and I wish you a wonderful summer!

OK…me too, the last one my favorite! Who in the world would think that these are “creepy?”

Hi Jenn! I beg whenever looking at your post never ending of Arhhh….WOW…OMG… always happened *lol* my hubby giving me an odd yet curious face of guessing what am i looking at and making so much of weird sound. Too adorable sweet clock!!!!!! Why aren’t you have any of these in your Etsy store? I love it SOOooooooo MUCH!

Congratulations Jenn! I LOVE these clocks, I am so bummed, I already missed them all!!! They are gorgeous! Perfect detail as always πŸ™‚
Love you,

AND I am beyond thrilled you, my friend. This is fantastic. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s time you got more recognition (pardon the pun). I’m having serious computer mail problems hence the delay in getting back to you. Will be in touch as soon as it gets fixed but WOW!

HI! I have to say that Tiffany is my favorite, but maybe that has something to do with her name?? LOL!! Love them all! You need to sign my RC copy for me ! I’ll get one of your first autographs!! Tee hee hee..
love ya!
xoxo, tiffany

Congratulations! That is so exciting! You deserve it – you are so very talented! πŸ™‚

Yay! COngratulations Jenn! Your creations are so pretty and so unique. Perfect for publication! I’m heading to Target to get my copy…..
xo andrea

CrEePy dolls? NO WAY! “Creepy” and “dolls” do not go together…ever!! lol LOVELY is more the word! They are all wonderful but I especially love the Twinkle Belle clock!!
Have a lovely day!
Dolly Blessings,

Sparkly days, these are. Sparkly days. I am so happy for you dear! Blessings.

Jenn, congratulations on your gorgeous clocks!! I am so excited for you. What an honor to be featured in that beautiful magazine for your artwork. They really are just too cute.
So happy for you! xo Heather

Such blessings and hugs I send you dear.
Amy Sperry Faldet

Hi sweetie!!! oooh!!! how exciting to see your clocks in the mag!! I adore that mag!! Congrats on being in Somerset too. I need to make some of those clips!! I hope you have a great weekend!!! hugs!!!! Britt πŸ™‚

Oh my gosh, I can’t find that magazine Jenn. I think I’m going to run over to Barnes and Noble here in a bit.
By the way, I have amassed a sweet collection of the baby nursery planters and when my hubby and I are out thrifting and he spots one he says, “There’s a Jenn! I’m grabbing it before someone sees it!” I have to laugh because I tell him that it’s all your fault that I fell head over heels in love with them and how many I let get away before I really saw how wonderful they really are. If you ever get a chance, drop by my blog, I have a few pictures of them. You see how you inspire…?
Deanna πŸ˜€

warmest congrats on being a romantic country favorite find! i just bought the issue yesterday and am waiting for the right, quiet moment to sit and savor it all.

Congratulations in your clocks getting featured in Romantic Country! They are absolutely adorable!!! I got my issue a couple of weeks ago & it’s spectacular! Patti

I picked up the Romantic Homes..I just loved seeing your clock in there…I think your clocks are just stunning and amazing..Congrat’s on being featured…

Congratulations Jenn! I actually saw them in the magazine and got all excited for you… I thought to myself “I know her”… well, not KNOW her, know her, but you know what I mean!! LOL!

Congrats on your feature. I have the magazine and fell in love with your clocks right away. You are so very talented.
I’m thinking I will need one of your clocks for my Candylights studio re-do.

Jenn: Your clocks are so cute. You are so creative. I just love visiting your blog to see what you are up too. Wishing you a wonderful summer. Martha

Hi Jenn! Love, love the clocks, soooooo
Big Congrats on the Romantic Country article!!!! My mom just picked up the issue and I will see it Friday when I stop by there πŸ™‚
xo Tiff



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