WOW! WOW! WOW! One year of blogging! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! :) I cant believe one year ago today I sat down and nervously wrote my first post. I had NO clue where to start! What to say! Well, I feel like I've come along way since my first post. l've never been one to write eloquently like several of my blogging friends. I've always been envious of those that have a beautiful gift of writing. I might not be one of those gals, but I do feel like I've developed my own personal style and I ALWAYS write from my heart!!! I would love to give a WARM THANKS to Miss Jenny Heid. It was Jenny from the very beginning that inspired me to start blogging and open a Flickr account. (Which Im so addicted to btw!!! LOL!!!) Jenny kept insisting I jump on board! Well, Im soooooo glad I DID!!! Im going to sound super sappy here, but blogging has changed my LIFE!!!! Never EVER did I expect to connect with soooo many talented, inspiring, and fabulous people. I cherish the friendships I have developed thru blogging. Who could ever imagine I could be such close friends with someone that lives hundreds of miles away? That is what the gift of blogging has done for me. I love to share my sweet vintage treasures, whimsical creations, my adoring family, and most of all my friendship and love to all new and old friends.   

I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who entered my giveaway. Im BLOWN away by ALL of your comments and amazing compliments. I had happy tears in my eyes several times. YOU ALL INSPIRE ME!!! I  sincerely cant thank you enough for your kind words. I wish I could give you ALL a big happy hug! You make my world a MUCH HAPPIER PLACE!!!!


This is me and Esther Bunny and Im sending you ALL Virtual ((HUGS!!!))

DRUM ROLL for the GIVEAWAY!!!!!! The Winner is………….. The randomly picked number is: 79

TAMMY from CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Tammy for always stopping by my blog! I cant WAIT to send this goodie basket of sweet treats your way! ENJOY!!!! πŸ™‚

Before I "unveil" some new creations and note something really exciting for me. I MUST share some SUPER ADORABLE summertime and patriotic 4th of July goodies.

My girlfriend Suzanne that went to Scott's with me about two weeks ago made ADORABLE placemats with the photos we took of the vintage dolls.



HOW CUTE!!!! Wouldn't these look PRECIOUS decorated at your 4th of July picnic??? You can find them here in Suzanne's shop Italian Girl in Georgia for purchase. 

Ok, Next SUPER fabulous find. Are these AMAZINGLY ADORABLE hair barretts from Goldilocks. They scream SUMMER FUN!!!!

Darling packaging!!!




Im SO excited to put these Im Miss Vivi's hair. Of course I can see my son totally intrigued with them trying to pull them out of her hair which in turn causes her to scream and have a lovely meltdown. :)  

I CANT believe it's been since Easter since I've listed new items in my Etsy shop. It's totally been lonely and neglected. πŸ™ Well, I have a GOOD REASON why. Turning that frown upside down! πŸ™‚

I've been asked by the incredibly talented, super sweet, and lovely Amy Powers of Inspire Company to be featured as a guest artist on her site as of July 1st. I was extremely flattered and honored that she asked me to feature and sell my work. So with that being said I have actually been a VERY VERY busy bee working away for the past 2 months. I've created some fresh and new original creations which Im DYING to share. I will share one sneak peek, but you will HAVE to visit Amy's site on July 1st for ALL the yummy goodies that will be for sale.

This piece is I literally dreamed up one night while in bed. There is something magical about hot air balloons. They lift you up into the soaring sky and clouds and float and sail you around where all is beautiful and peaceful. This hot air balloon is titled "Searching for Love".



The story of this piece is of a Parisian lady soaring over Paris looking for her long lost love. She is holding old vintage postcards and love letters.


The ballon is made out of chicken wire. Oh yes! That was an experience! Nice little scratched up hands. LOL!!! I wanted the style to be a dreamy french parisian theme balloon. The banner says "Searching for Love" in French. I've adorned the balloon with vintage rhinestone brooches, ribbon, fan, feathers, minature mask, millinery,etc.

Here are some close-up's.






This is my first balloon I've ever made, and being it so special I just decided I must keep it. :) I have an old birdcage stand in which I display the hot air balloon in and sits beautifully in my room.


Since this first balloon I have decided to start a "series" of hot air balloons. ALL will have a different theme and no two will be alike. I have created two smaller hot air balloons that will be for sale as of July 1st on Inspire Company's website. 

Ok, Im going to give you gals a little sneak peek of what you will find on Amy's site! hee! hee! Im such TEASE!


Hmmm…. it's definitely has to do with girlie vintage doll heads. hee! hee! On July 1st my post and Amy's site will be a HUGE EXPLOSIAN of Eye Candy GALORE!!!!! Im really really excited to share with you my new creations. Ya'll come back now ya' hear? hee! hee! Silly me!

THANK YOU AGAIN for the most HEARTFUL and lovely compliments I've receieved from you ALL! My heart is BURSTING with love and joy!!!!


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congrats to your winner!!! i can’t believe you got that chicken wire into a balloon shape, amazing…and the balloon itself is precious…i do believe it’s the frilliest thing i have ever seen…and i do adore frilly…can’t wait to see what else you have been working on Jenn!!! i will be offline the entire first week of July, but i will head over here when my break is over:)


Well Miss Jenn, I saw the photo on Flickr and High tailed it over to see what you had Created. WOW, Amazingly Gorgeous! Huge Congrats on your Anniversary and to be a Featured Artist at Inspire.Well Deserved! I will be checking in to see all your Lovelies too. The Summer accents for Vivi are so Gorgeous too, Im going to check that shop for my Granddaughter. Thank you also for being kind enough to send your lovely Friend Suzanne to my Shop. I truly appreciate you thinking of me and my Jewels. Jamie

I’m just loving the dress you’re wearing! Congratulations on one year of blogging – I’ve only been going 3 months but love reading so many blogs out there! Here’s to the next 12 months!

I was ‘brave enough’ to leave you a comment on your giveaway post so now I can congratulate you on your 100th post (and the winner too!!) and congrats on featuring on Inspireco, I cannot wait to see what you come up with!! This wire balloon is so beautiful and detailed!


Congrats on your one year!
The hot hair balloon, is beautiful! I love
all the details.
Can’t wait til July 1st!
Best Wishes,


Oh Jenn!!! The fireworks going off in my heart for you right now put 4th of July fireworks to shame! I can’t quite determine what has me the most spastic at the moment, the photos of your all-new top secret creation(s) which seem to derive from some sort of candy & glitter-dipped 6th dimension, your words which seem to have swam first through a sea of syrup of sugar before being sent out through your fingertips, or just the fact that you’re YOU & quite simply, a winged & glowing SAINT! Happy Blogiversary to you, beautiful being! I sit here in awe of you as always, an emotional mess of disbelief that someone so darling & talented exists! That hot air balloon truly looks like something from a dream! I will be one of hundreds hoping to POUNCE on the opportunity to purchase one! And oh my GOSH, that piccie of ivory-skinned faerie princess fair maiden YOU & miss cutesy Esther Bunny… there definitely is no proper combination of words ‘impactual’ enough to express how that picture makes me feel! Your e-mails the other day required me to wave actual smelling salts under my own nose in hopes of ceasing the feeling of a fainting spell approaching! And aaahhhh, too many other things to mention… this post is just chock full of all the sweetest & the neatest things life has to offer. Somebody please pinch me that you’re actually in this world! You are too good to be true, Jenn. I can’t praise you enough, I really can’t! Heart whacking plum out of my chest right now… I’ll respond to your magical little bonanza of beautiful e-mails soon, Sweets! And hit up your photo stream, too! I just need to declare once again how much I LOVE YOU right now. How repeatedly you BLOW ME AWAYwith your sweetness & skills! Congrats on one full year of making people smile ’til their cheeks split! Knowing you has altered my life in the most angelic way! Oh happy day! xox!!!!!


P.S. That HOT AIR BALLOON! That HOT AIR BALLOON! That HOT AIR BALLOON! Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

DARN!!!! I just knew you were going to pick me for the give-away..oh well, maybe next time. Those are the most darling barrettes…Yes, you must dress Miss Viv now because believe me when they get older and get their own styles, the cute stuff is done for..LOL.
That hot air balloon is to die for and good for you for keeping it for yourself. And another DARN,, because I am leaving Friday for vacation and will have to wait to see what else you created when I get back (unless I can sneek my laptop with me)!


Oh, Jenn thank you so much! I sent you an email with my address…I saw the name of the winner and I can’t believe it was me. How perfect for everything…I remember the aqua Avon tin from your past post and I fell in love with it – and, it says California – it will be perfect in my vintage ’54 Calif bathroom (it has the orginal teal colored tiles).
The tags are the most adorable things…my sister will be so envious when I show her. Pink cars have happy memories for me, too…my dad bought one in the early 60s – I know, can you believe a man bought a pink car? My mom was even confused. πŸ™‚
And, chenille! My fave material…I have chenille blankets on my beds and I used to make chenille bears & bunnies several years back.
I just love vintage baby items and have a small collection.
A huge congrats on the Inspire Co. guest artist…she has featured some of my fave artist/bloggers.
Your French balloon is amazingly creative…the doll looks like a 1920s lady looking for her sweetheart…have you thought of taking pics of this for greeting cards? Your friend’s Patriotic dolls/cards sound so cute…will visit her site next.
I feel like playing with my packed away dolls now. πŸ™‚
thank you again for making my day brighter…:)

Congratulations of your anniversary. Wow!!!
The hotair balloon is so gorgeous and beautiful. I just love it.

Congratulations !! I love the hot air balloon its so sweet!

Woah Baby!
Look at that Hot Air Balloon! I seriously can’t get over the fact that you come up with these fanciful creations! You just blow my mind!
I absolutely ADORE them!
I’m super bummed I didn’t win your giveaway–but maybe next time huh?
I still have some Miss Jenn creations hanging on *MY* side of the bed from Valentine’s Day.
That was such a fun swap!
I love the way you blog, by the way. You write like to talk–and that’s the most honest way to be.
Loves & Hugs!
~Sadie Lou

Okay, basically this post has left me speechless! Their is too much cute stuff and pretty stuff to even comment, lol!!! You are so cute Jenn, I love your halter top! And that hot air balloon, OH MY GOSH!!!! I want that so BAD! I still dont have a Jennifer piece and i NEED one, lol!
CONGRATULATIONS to you on EVERYTHING!!! I just love visiting you, your blog is one of my favs! I feel the same way you do about blogging!! It has changed my life.
Love ya lots! And I hope we get to see a pic of Miss Vivi with one of those adorable yummy barettes in her hair!

happy blogaversary and OMG Jenn, that balloon is so magical and being full blooded french, of course I wanted it…! I’ve already set the alarm on my online calendered to remind me to hit amy’s blog in the early am on 7-1 to see what I can get before everything sells out…and you know it will. Don’t you just love chicken wire, I still have marks on my arm from when I made the crown out of it…it’s like being in a fight against something with tiny knives poking at you while you are just trying to get it go the way you want.

Hi Jenn, as always, gorgeous photos. I think you have a great style of writing, it suits your creations, all light and lovely and sweet! Now the hot air balloon, no wonder you kept it, to die for. The balloon itself must have been tricky to construct. Looking forward to 1 July and seeing a few dolly heads at Amy’s!! Take Care – Rachaelxo

Congrats again on your blog anniversary. Your new balloon is DARLING!! I can’t wait to see all the goodies you have dreamed up for Amy’s site. As you know I have been eagerly awaiting your arrival there!! Cheers!

Suzanne Harley

Hi sweet Miss Jenn, I am sooo in love with your beautiful new creation!!! It is just sigh* Wonderful! I have been missing your creations so it is great to have you back. Well done on being a featured artist on Inspire Company’s website. Can’t wait till July 1st. Hugs, Suzanne:)

Wow Jen, congratulations on your blogging milestone, woohooo!! I have to say I love love love your hot air ballons, they are just too perfect!! Worth chicken wire scratched hands I think!! Talk about suffering for your art!! Have a simply wonderful start to your next year of blogging, it sounds like you are on your way to one amazing year!! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Happy Happy Blog~anniversary Jenn!You are truly a creater of magical things!
Arizona is 3 hours behind, so I’m going to set the alarm on Eastern Standard Time to try purchase one of your Sweet Goodies from Inspire Co on July 1.
Methinks they’ll need one of those number machine’s (“Now Serving #16842 at counter 13!”)at this spectacular event!
Yippee! Happy Day!

Congratulations my inspired friend! What fabulous creations you have up your sleeve. Can’t wait to see everything come July 1.

Congrats on a year of blogging. Your blog inspires and refreshes. It certainly makes me smile:) That hot air balloon is ADORABLE. Can’t wait to see all your goodies at Amy’s. FUN!

Oh my word! That hot air balloon has to be one of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. It is truly stunning!
and…congratulations on your first year of blogging!

Twinkle, OH MY, I am in love with the hot air balloon. I just can’t wait to see what goodies will be available on July 1st. Wahooooooooo.
I hope I remember to check out her website.
Congrats on your one year anniversary. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you. Hopefully we will meet at Silver Bella this year!
xo Cathy

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. Love, love your hot air balloon, can’t wait to see what else you have made.
Cheers Linda

The new Creations Look just Yummy and yes seems like you have been a busy busy girl. Where do you find the time?
Congrats on your new exciting venture on Inspire Co.
You deserve the best.
Hugs, Diane


I love that beautiful balloon. My gosh you are creative. Congrats on One Year of blogging!!

congratulations! I just started blogging and I am so glad I found yours ! Your creations are lovely and I see we have the same duvet , ra bella rose, my favorite fabric!


Oh Jenn,
You look so cute in your little strawberry dress! I love the balloon, and can’t wait to see what other goodies you will have for sale. Happy anniversary!

Hi Jenn, Yes dear you are the pink sparkly sprinkles on many of our blog cupcakes! LOL I was to sick to sign on and enter your give away boo-hoo! But so enjoy the new ceations! Miss Vivi will be summery sweet in her new hair pins! Poor Grant will just have to admire! Heck, buy Grant a snowcone maker and he won’t mind not touching the barretts! take care,Lori

Congrats to Tammy! Lucky girl she is!!
Thank you to YOU for the gorgeous creations, beautiful eye candy and wonderful friendship and warmth you give to us.
Now girlie, you are blowing me away with your newest creations!!! congrats on the inspire co feature too. But boy oh boy those balloons, you are just too unbelievable for words! I’m speechless….
and loving the doll heads!!! xoxo

Oh Jenn, I think you have outdone yourself with that balloon!!!! It is amazing! Your are so incredibly talented…you always look so perfect in your post pictures…you must have been a beauty pageant queen!! You look like Miss America! Happy Friday…

Love your new goodies! Can’t wait to see them all up on Inspire Co. You know Shannon from Goldilocks Barrettes is my SIL my brothers wife! How fun you got her stuff! Maybe I will finally get to meet your sweet self when I come to Atlanta, only a few weeks away! Congatulations on a year!!!!!!

I am so in LOVE with the hot air balloon sweetie!! so fabulous!!1 I am sure they are all as cute!! Big hug!! xo Britt πŸ™‚

Congrats Jenn love your adorable creation! Thank you for bringing so much JOY into my life,your an inspiration!
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

Yay!!! One year. And Darlin’, it wouldn’t be the same in BlogLand without you. You’ve brought such joy to our wonderful world. Thank you so much for all your lovely posts. Ahhh… I am flipping over your balloon ride! Amazing and so unique… just like you.
Thank you!!! You made my day. πŸ™‚


congratulations Jenn! and the hot air balloon is wonderful! cant wait to check out the site you mention and see all the goodies youve been working on. I know we will all be impressed. and of course congrats too on your blog anniversary!
I think mine may be coming up to.. I should check!
anyways, have a lovely lovely day!

Ana Barrett

CONGRATULATIONS JENN!!!!! You’re definitely my most favorite blog, and sooo creative and sweet as well!!! I’m sooo delighted that you always keep us updated with your fun and creative days and creations!! and WOW!! that hot air balloon has just blown my mind! I really cannot get enough of the precious creation! It’s just so magical and breath taking!! How stunning really.. I’m glad that you take time for creating and doing what you love and sharing it with everyone as well!!
ana b. β™₯

What can I say? You are the most creative person on the planet! I LOVE the balloon – so, so sweet! So, this might not be what I should send you – I should send you a huge thank you for always inspiring me…but instead, I’m “tagging” you….I’ve left it on my blog – basically you need to list 6 unimportant facts about yourself – something that might be HARD for you to do!! You can play if you want and no worries if you don’t…and congratulations on one whole year! Nan


I just love your blog! I found it a few months ago it is one of my favorites!! I cant wait to see what you have on amy’s website. Brittainy

Hi sweetie!
Congratualations to Tammy, she is a lucky girl!!! Your hot air balloon is simply AMAZING Miss Jenn! We are sitting on the edge of or chairs waiting for your feature at Amy’s!! Giant hugs to you and the little ones too!!
Jenn and Jacqui xoxoxo

Hi Jenn,
Nice to meet you! I’m Gina from Illinois. I emailed you several months ago regarding millinery! LOL! Not sure if you remember me?? I just wanted to tell you that I just love your amazing & whimsical creations! The hot air balloons are fabulous! My daughter loves them too! Your blog is the first blog I ever read! I just love reading all of them now! There are so many lovely ladies out there that adore the same things I do! Take care…and can’t wait to see your next post! Hugs, Gina

Oh my, you have the most beautiful and creative items around! I loved going thru you photos of your home too. Congrats on the invite as a guest artist on “Inspire Company”, I am off to read your comments there.

Hi Beauty Queen…all your girls are sold! πŸ™
Good for you, bad for me…get to creating more…I want a Jenn,eye candy original too :0)

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