A Melancholy Mood


Today Im in a melancholy mood. Yes, believe it or not everyday in my world is not sugar n spice. LOL!!!  Today I feel calm, not stressed and super busy to the max. After a busy hectic month I welcome this change and feeling. I woke up this morning, grabed my Ipod and went for a nice walk listening to one of my favorite singers Neko Case. The clouds are rolling in, the wind is blowing and the rain will be here soon. It's nice to have mornings where I can think with no distractions and get lost in my thoughts. Mornings like this I feel very inspired. Do you ever have days or moods like this? 

I grabed my camera and captured a few shots of outside. There is just something about dark grey skies that eerie and cool!  



So on this grey day I will be spending most of it in this little corner of my home creating my usual sweet magical creations while looking out to the dark grey skies and listening to Neko and feeling good and inspired.

No fancy pictures here. 



My messy corner with the best views!   



My happy messy spot! 




Even tho' Im in a bit of a dark broody melancholy mood I will be having a ball playing in my glitter and bling! 🙂

I will be updating my Lollishop this weekend!!!! So please check back!!!

Have a fabulous and creative weekend!!!


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