A Mother’s Day Gift….


The best Mother's Day gift you could give yourself is a HUGE pat on the back. Whether your children are small, or grown and independent a Mother never stops giving of herself to her children. Both physically and emotionally. Mother's are the ROCK and the backbone of the family, and her love is unconditional know matter what.

As I have learned these past five years, Motherhood is very "trying" at times.  Some days are better than others. From the times when my children are acting out of control  and fighting to the point where Im about to pull my hair out, or when I get the teenage "attitude" when I tell my stepson to pick up his clothes for the fifth time. Not every moment is a Hallmark moment. LOL!

Regardless of the bumps and trying times, there are more precious moments that I have with my children that will a fill a lifetime of memories.

 My children are my world, and it's my job to be the best MOM that I can be.

I reach over….give myself a pat on the back, as you should as well…. because we deserve it! 🙂

 Happy Mother's Day!!!!




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