A New Chapter and Journey in my Life

I would like to share some news with you all that is so incredibly big and life changing for me.

These past few months I've had some BIG milestones happening in my life.

Everything from my stepfather having major bypass surgery. 

My son Grant starting his first day of Kindergarten.



Another milestone…attending my 20 year high school reunion.

I had the BEST time hanging out with my longtime high school friends again. 

We made a weekend of seeing each other.



I mostly enjoyed the quality time hanging out and catching up with my life long best friend Kristie.


However, nothing is as big as what I am going to share with you.

One of the biggest milestone of my life is after 37  long years of searching and looking I have FINALLY found my biological Father.

Keith Alfred Campbell.

I will share a little bit of the background story with you.

My Mother Blythe and my Father Keith married at a very young age. 

They married in California and shortly moved to Hawaii. 

This young stud was a surfer and my Mom worked at a local t-shirt store.


Shortly thereafter they became pregnant with me, and decided to move back to California.

I was born in Los Angeles and six months later my whole family (Grandparents, parents, uncle, and great-grandmother) moved to GA when my Grandfather accepted a new job. 

This was a very difficult move for my parents. They were young and having to support their daughter in a new state. My father especially had a difficult time adjusting to his new life and being so far away from the West Coast and missed his love of surfing.

My Mother and Father realized the marriage wasn't going to work, and therefore decided to divorce. My Father moved back to CA, and my Mother continued to raise me and soon after remarried my Adopted Father Doug Harris.

This is the last photo I have of my Father and I. Taken at Christmas in 1972.

Throughout my teenage years into adulthood I have a had a huge void in my life and have always wondered where my Father was living and would I ever find him again. For as long as I've remembered I have been searching and searching for him with no luck.

FINALLY…..through the miracle of my Uncle John's longtime friend Tracy who still lives in California. It was Tracy that led me to him. She found out my father was living in Kauai, Hawaii. 

I soon had a contact phone number and on July 23rd with my heart beating fast, a huge lump in my throat and MAJOR sweaty palms I called the number.

FINALLY for the first time I heard my Father's voice and we both rejoiced in knowing we had found each other. It was BEYOND emotional for me and I didn't even know what to say or where to begin. My father explained to me that  he too has been looking for me ALL these years. He and I both praised the Lord that after all these long long years of wondering and feeling such emptiness that he had faithfully reunited us again.

We have talked for hours and hours, I am learning SO much about him and my other family. 

Im THRILLED to know I have half siblings! All my siblings were born in Hawaii and their birth Mother was Polynesian. 

I have a 30 year old brother named Kika.

Kaiu who is 25 years old. This photo if of Kaiu and little niece Makaia.


Kuulei who is 26. This is a photo of her. I think we both have our Dad's big eyes.

Kuulei with her precious daughters (my nieces hee! hee!) Makaia and Kamalei.


Kuulei and I have already formed a wonderful bond on the phone and via email.

My heart was overflowing with happiness when I found out that Kuulei has been searching for me for YEARS!!! She told me ever since she was in High School she has been looking. On the internet, thru hospital records, and anything she could find. When we finally spoke on the phone she was just as giddy that I had found them after all these years of searching. She also moved and touched me when she told me she has always wanted a big sister. 🙂

This whole experience of finding my biological father has been so SURREAL!!!

The reunion between my father and I on the phone has been like something only you see in movies.

It's been so heartwarming and loving.

Im DYING to see my Father and meet my siblings and nieces and nephews. So… a week from TODAY I will be flying to Kauai for a full week to spend time with my Father and meet my half siblings for the first time.




My Dad lives in Hanalei.

Kauai4-1 copy
I know many of you might be surprised that this trip is so soon. However, I look at this way…life is precious and too short. I don't want to waste time and waiting for the "perfect" opportunity to fly out there. Im very blesssed and grateful that my husband Curtis is extremely supportive of my decision to go so soon. He is going to be on some serious Dad duty while Im gone. hee! hee!

Thank you Honey!!!


I can't even begin to describe the "weight" that has been lifted off of me now having been reunited with my father.

I bless the Lord for making my life feel complete now. I am SO excited and ready for this new and amazing chapter and journey in my life.

This will be my last post until I return from my trip. I am crazzy busy in my studio now making vendor Eye Candy goodies for The Creative Connection. Im losing a week due to my trip so I will be a bit M.I.A. for awhile. Im so sorry. I miss visiting all of your blogs and staying connected with my creative soul sisters. Im hoping I will have lots of downtime while at the airport and on the plane that I can finally catch up with you all. I miss you all much!!!

Hugs & Kisses!!!





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