A Serendipity Day


*Ser-en-dip-i-ty* - (noun)

1. The aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. Good fortune; luck

Hello sweet friends! Hopefully many of you have had the good fortune of having a "Serendipty moment". They come far and few between, but that's what makes them so special.

I know it's a wee bit early for Christmas post, but this pink jolly fella has a good story of how he came home with me.

Im working on a special project that (fingers crossed) might get published in a book one day soon and of course there is a deadline. Im in desperate need of a pocket watch for my project. So I drive over to my favorite antique mall "The Big Peach". I look & look & look, and I find my watch. YAY!!!

I also stumble upon this BEAUTY of treasure. An Austrian bowl that is 12" in diameter.


Soooo beautiful and it only cost me $8!!!!!!!!!!!  YES! EIGHT dollars! Whoo-hoo!


Of course Im not in the market for a decorative handpainted bowl, but I just couldn't pass it up at that price.

Not sure where it's going in my home, for the time being it's sits pretty on my dining room table.


Ok…..back to the story!!!!

I just finished checking out and paying for my purchases. I have my bags in hand ready to walk out the door. Right before I leave I see the owner John. He's such a nice guy and is always keeping a look out for stuff for me. We make little chit chat, and I ask him how business was. Well, he decides that before I leave he HAS to show me this little ivory hand carved Eskimo that is worth so much money. A guy sold it to John for $100, and it's worth about $850. (I know this part is boring, but stay with me!) Big Peach is a HUGE antique mall! John wants to show me this eskimo which I honestly could care less about, but I decided to appease him.

We go to a locked glass case and here he is. Eskimo man. John said he has Eskimo man on Ebay right now and people are going crazzy bidding on him.


I took one look and said "Oh that's nice" and a split second later right behind Eskimo man I spied PINK SANTA!!!! EEEEK!!!!!


Seriously, what are the chances of finding a vintage pink Santa? He's in *MINT* condition. I look at these on Ebay and they go for lots of $$$. The are rare and my heart dropped when I laid eyes on him. I literally told John "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!"

The ironic thing to all of this is I just signed on that week to open up my house for our neighborhood Christmas candlelight tour of homes the first week in Dec. This pink santa was waiting to be found by ME! hee! hee! 

He is going to look so fabulous in my Sugar Plum dining room this Christmas!

 Gosh, he's so cute!!!

There I was bags in hand walking out the door. John calls me over to look at Eskimo man, and directly behind him standing in his pink glory is Santa. It was for me a happy Serendipity experience. 🙂

Lastly, I have a funny picture of the week I would like to share. We took the kiddies to the State fair this weekend (now that they are ALL better after having the flu! Whew!) Grant and Vivi both rode the mini Nascars.

Take a good look at this pic. Notice anything funny? Yes, my head is in the gutter, so please forgive me if your easily offended. tee! hee! Im sure the carnival guys had a good laugh when putting this together.


It's a short week for me this week. Hubby and I are leaving Thursday for a mini adult getaway to Savannah this weekend. Were staying at the Ford Plantation because it's "Homecomming Weekend". All the members come and stay for the long weekend, and the F.P. plan all sorts of fun dinners and festivites. I'll have lots of great photos to share with ya when I get back.

Wishing you all a happy week and a SERENDIPTIY day soon!


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