At Home Christmas Decorations Holiday Haul

8 weeks till Christmas!

Let the holiday decorating begin!

Hi Friends! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve last blogged. Life has been so busy and unfortunately my blog took a long nap. With my favorite holiday Christmas right around the corner and some exciting news to share soon I thought it would be the perfect time to connect with my friends and followers. Btw….do people still read blogs? Ha!

Last year my social media feed was flooded with all the sugary holiday treasures from the At Home store. Like this coveted gingerbread house that went viral. I hit the jackpot by shopping EARLY! I went to my local At Home store and to my wondering eyes turned down the isle to the holy grail of pastel sugary sweet holiday decor.

I shamefully admit I showed no self control! hee! hee!

Who could resist this adorable Gingerbread trailer?

I was impressed by the amount of holiday decorations At Home carries. They have a every style imaginable!

How daring in this pale pink Santa Claus?

These gingerbread houses makes me smile. Love the aqua pink colors!

Holiday cookies from Mrs. Claus Bakery collection are sugary sweet.

The angel is my favorite of the three.

How darling are these Gingerbread houses?

Love the pink Nutcracker with a bottle brush tree on is head. Handsome chap!

Last but not least I fell head over heals for the pair of Nutcrackers.

I think they’ll look great right outside my front door.

At Home for the Holiday win! I highly recommend you run over there NOW before everything is out of stock.

Let the Christmas decorating begin! Who else is ready for the magical holiday season?

I’ll be in the Eye Candy Studio making Christmas jewelry and assemblage art for the shop. Coming soon!

Thank you for visiting! Happy Creating!

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