Birthday Celebrations

February in our family is one giant celebration.

My son, daughter, parents, and I all celebrate a birthday in the month of Feb.

So needless to say Im stuffed and full of cake by the end of the month!

I love taking photos of my children every year during their birthday. It’s amazing to see the difference in how much the grow in just one year.

Vivian is turning 6!

She is borderline the age where I can dress up her sweetly and take cutesy photos such as these.

Before I know it she will be a pre-teen and dressing herself and will have an opinion of her own!

These are a few timeless photos I took of her.

A small slideshow I put together and a few include my son Grant who just turned 8!

Best Birthday Wishes to my TWO precious children that bring me the most joy I could ever imagine!! 🙂

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