Bring On The Candy!!!




Hi Friends! Hope your Halloween was SPOOKTACULAR!

My two goblins went as a Star Wars Clone Trooper Rex and Miss Pixie Fairy.


Poor Grant…the costume is really cute on him, but the mask didn't fit well. 🙁

He could barely see out. 

I told him next year we are going to ditch any type of costume that has a mask. 

I usually end up carrying the mask the whole time.


See his eye peeking out?





It's no surprise Vivian dressed up as a fairy. It's a super cute costume that she can play during dress up.







I had fun putting gloss, a little mascara, and glitter on her face.









Uncle Brock came over to help pass out candy.

Darling photo of the three of them.









I have yearly Halloween tradition with my girlfriend Suzanne MacCrone and her adorable son Matthew. They come over every year to trick or treat with us.

The kids always have a ball together.




Matthew dressed up as an old man. hee! hee!







Our neighbor and friend Terrell Sandefur always puts on a big show with his house and costume.





Terrell drinking blood…or Starbucks. Mwwwahhh!!!





His son Wyatt






I could NOT resist taking photos of my neighbors daughter.

How precious is she as a little Scarecrow?







The boys hanging out in a makeshift graveyard.


I thought it would be cool if they had a stern look on their face and vintage the photo.





There is NO telling how much candy the children consumed Halloween night. I ended up finding empty wrappers sprinkled throughout the house. 

Kids stayed up way past bedtime on a school night just like I thought would happen. The sugar rush hit them hard and the candy coma set in. I barely got them bathed and PJ's on till the fell fast asleep.


Once kiddies were fast asleep Mamma got to go trick or treating in their buckets. hee! hee! 


Enjoy your week and PLEASE check back early next week! I have some EXCITING NEWS to share!!!










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