Celebrating 25 years!



This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of getting away for a girls weekend trip with my long time best friend Kristie Kline.

Kristie and I met 25 years ago in middle school. Yep! We go way back!

We've been thru the best of times together as well as the worst of times.

She's always been for me no matter what, and I feel so incredibly blessed that our friendship continues to grow stronger and stronger as the years keep strolling by.

Sadly, Kristie lives in Texas and I in Georgia so unfortunately we don't get to see each other often. 

That's why we always make it a point to plan a girls trip.

To spend quality time together and celebrate our longtime friendship.



Kris and I hit the big city of…. 






This was our 3rd bi-annual trip to Chicago. We love the city so much we keep coming back!



We stayed at the Conrad hotel near Michigan Mile and the best part of the hotel is it's connected to Nordstroms!!! 

My favorite department store!!!


Conrad_Chicago_102208 006_FP




Girls trips are always about some shopping time! hee! hee!







I couldn't resist a few splurges. 


Kate Spade has her new fall handbag collection on display and for purchase.

I fell in love with her Flicker Melinda handbag.

It's a classic black patent leather with gold trim.


Kate Spades new look is SO bright and fun!!! 






I adore this cute K.S. tote bag!






LOOOOOOVE  Josie Natori Pajamas!!!

They feel like the softest luxurious cotton t-shirt imaginable!!! 


So happy they came in my favorite color PINK!





A women can never pass up a visit to the Nordstroms shoe department.

I haven't purchased high heel shoes in quite awhile. I don't wear heels often, but for the right occasion there is nothing more beautiful and sexier than a gorgeous pair of heels!


Enzo Angiolini snakeskin sequin shoes. 


So fab!!!


Both Kristie and I purchased a pair.




While in the intimates department Kris and I took a quick look at the bra's and panties. I had NO intention of buying a bra that day. Just browsing and looking.


One hour later….


I was purchasing four new bra's. 




Ladies I can't believe I am admitting this, but for the past several years I have been wearing the WRONG bra size!!!!

Not just me, but also Kristie! Both of us!!


I had no clue the science and engineering of how the "perfect fitting" bra.

The super knowledgeable saleswomen was incredible in showing and explaining to us how the perfect bra should fit. 

WOW! What an immediate difference I felt! 




So ladies….take the time to visit a department store with experienced ladies to help assist you. You never know…you might also be wearing the wrong bra size. 😉



Night time we hit the town!






We met up with some of Kristie's girlfriends.






Dinner and drinks at the hotspot Sunda.









Next night we visited the uber cool and chic Ian Schrager's Public Hotel.








The original hotel was a hot spot for celebs back in the day.

Frank Sinatra, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas and many more.


The hotel has a modern glamourous 1930's & 40's look.


The Pump Room is the hotel lounge and bar. 


 Stewart Pump Room 1






A fun place to have a martini, chat and people watch.






These photos were taken with the camera phone.  A bit grainy, and washed out but still fun shots!







Time flew those few days.

We talked, giggled and reminisced the whole weekend long.


As I get older and realize more and more the importance of family and friendship I don't take it for granted like I use to. Time is precious and so is our friends. 

I cherished my girl "friendship" time no matter who Im with, but I especially cherish it with my best friend Kristie.









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