HAPPY FALL LADIES!!!! I hope you are all ready for a LONG post! I have LOTS to share with you all. Grab a cuppa and comfy chair. 🙂

My first topic of the day is FALL!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I can already feel the temprature drop and the humidty FINALLY leave us slowly. Which means BETTER hair days for me! LOL!!! Ok…After reading my Oct issue of Country Living magazine yesterday I was TOTALLY inspired to get off my butt and decorate my home for Fall. Not many of you know, but Im having surgery tomorrow (Tues), and my recovery will be pretty long. No heavy lifting for 12 weeks. EEK! That includes my KIDS!!! AAAuughh! Anyhoo, so I knew that I needed to drag out all my decor from the basement and get busy while I had the energy. Thank heavens I did. Im thrilled with how my kitchen turned out. Warm, cozy, and oozing with Fall and Halloween spirits! You will see several pics of my Department 56 Halloween Villages that I’ve been collecting for 6 years now. What you will see is only HALF of what I own. I usually set up a HUGE display in the front window of my Living Room for all the kiddie poos to see, however it takes DAYS to set the whole village up. Well, I dont have that much time, so I pulled out a few of my favorite pieces and displayed them on my kitchen countertops.

So……here is how it all turned out. 🙂




This is Miss Odelette the Calico Kitty. She is handmade by the FABULOUS artist Jennifer Docherty. Odelette is sooo sweet and is wearing the puuurfect Fall wardrobe. I just had to show her off on this pumpkin. 🙂



My kitchen bench and fall strung lights.


My crow.


My Department 56 Halloween Villages






Green Antique Hutch




Table Setting






Now it’s time for a little "Show & Tell". I just recieved my packges from SUPER SWEET Lori aka Miss Faeriewindow, and I did a swap with the FABULOUS Miss Natasha Burns . I wanted to show you all where I displayed my sweet new treasures.

This is called "A sweet life" by Lori. This sweet and whimsical creation is displayed on the fireplace mantel.


Natasha made this ADORABLE Cupcake Fairy jar. Isn’t she just too sweet???




Last but not least, here is the BEAUTIFUL plaque that Natasha made for Vivian.



HANG IN THERE!!!! Im still not done posting. hee! hee! I wanted to post some pics of this past weekend of my hubby and I with a group of our friends attending the UGA football game. DOGS WON!!! WHOO-HOO!!! Deidra and her hubby own box seats so we were able to watch the game in style! We had a blast!

My friends Betsy, Deidra, Stehphanie, and ME!


The boys….


Us girls with Deidra’s hubby "Brother". Can’t you tell he was in heaven??? 


Last BUT not least!!!!! I am truly OVERWHELMED at the comments that soooooo many of you left last week regarding "What I love about my home".  I cant THANK YOU all enough for the SUPER KIND comments. They mean the world to me!!! In turn, I thought it would be fun and giggles to show the "REAL" home when it’s not all "fru-fru’d" up for the magazines and camera. My art room is my dining room. Once we adopted Vivian, my little studio became her nursery. So, the only place for my supplies was the dining room. This is what it looks like TODAY. BTW….I am NOT organized! I work in chaos & messes. Things are EVERYWHERE. Dont laugh to hard!!!


Yes, that is a baby toy excerciser walker you see.


My crafting table.


Fun finds….



My "must have’s". Good lighting, and my Hello Kitty boom box which is always set on NPR. Believe it or not, Im a BIG NPR fan!


I cant believe Im showing you this. LOL!!!! It’s soo messy!!!


HOPEFULLY, one day in the near future when my hubby and I deciede to move I will have my own studio and plenty of working space to keep everything nice and neat. 🙂 HA! HA! Yea right!!! 🙂

Ok my sweet friends. I will be out of touch for the next few days, but starting next week while Im taking it easy at home I will be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, working on my creations. Im sooo anxious to fill my orders and make some new goodies to share with you all. 🙂 XOXO,Jenn   

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