Farm time fun, Halloween cuties, & NEW candy sweet Shadowbox!

Happy Day after Halloween! 🙂 Who’s been dipping in the candy bag? NOT ME!!! hee! hee! Yeah right! I’ve already sneaked a few chocolate bars (Reeses being one!) from my son’s treat bag. Sssshh! Dont tell. 😉

WOW! Do I have ALOT to share with you all, and with LOTS of pics! What a busy, busy week. I am room Mom for my son’s pre-school class, and we took the whole class on a Field trip to Barns Farm. This property is just amazing! Sooo picturesque and with animals galore! The children had the BEST time! As room Mom I thought I would make a special treat for all the kiddie-poo’s. The bags were a HIT!!!!



These are some fun sweet pics of Grant and the children on the farm.


Grant feeing the horses.


I was SHOCKED that my son rode on the horse! In the past he’s had meltdowns.


LOOK at this face!!!


Sweet Kitty!


Mommy & Son


Snack time!


Children hunting for mini pumpkins


This is Grant’s FAKE smile, but CUTE!


Since his sister wasn’t able to join us. I had to take a sweet picture of my little pumpkin outside our house.


Hours later we were ready for TRICK OR TREATING! This year Grant went as Nemo. This smile cracks me up!!!


Here’s my sweet little lamb




Here’s the little threesome. Matthew is the son of some very good friends of ours. He went as Cinnamon toast! Isn’t that costume just DARLING???


I hope Im not acting like the OVER OBSESSED Mom and boring you will all these pics. I know I posted ALOT!!!!

While I’ve been busy with the children I finally completed a custom order small shadowbox for a customer with two small children. She wanted it to be a sweet boy/girl theme. My husband custom built the box for me which I painted a softer shade of pale aqua blue. I think it turned out soooo sweet! My fav is the doggies!






Here’s the last sweet little cubby.


The last little cubby just puts a BIG smile on my face. I just ADORE the vintage baby animal images.

SILVER BELLA is right around the corner for ME!!!! 7 days and counting! Im BEYOND excited! I am ALSO wishing several of you who are NOT attending this year, COME NEXT YEAR! Cheryl- You are comming & rooming with me next year for sure! 😉 Listen to me…I haven’t it been on this years trip, and Im already planning next years. Im not even sure if there will be ONE next year! LOL!!! My guess is there will be! 🙂 Bigger & Better each year!!!

WHEW! Ok, my lovely lady friends, hugs and kisses to ALL!!!!XO 

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