French Settee Makeover







Hi Friends!

Im excited to share with you my DIY makeover of this beautiful settee and chairs I had purchased many years ago.

Hubby and I were browsing Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta, and I spotted this gorgeous French setee and chairs.

Upon looking at the set I wasn't quite sure where I would put it. At the time we had just moved into our current home and I had 90% of the interior house finished and decorated.

I already had a beautiful sofa for my home as well as a victorian sofa I had inherited from my great-grandmother.

None of that matterd tho'… I  had already fallen head over heels in love with the gorgeous ornate wood carvings and caned back. 

The seller was willing to give us a good deal so it was too good to pass up! 🙂


*** Fast Forward***

All these years I never used the set. 🙁 They sat in my basement and later in the storage unit.


A few weeks ago I saw them in my storage unit and my  light bulb went OFF!

I knew exactly how I would decorate them and where I would put them.





I painted both the setee and chairs and distressed them lightly. 

I've yet to have them both reupholsted. However, for now and to keep the project budget friendly I was able to cover them all with gorgeous swoon worthy fabrics that were lightly drapped on the chairs. 


Believe it or not…I coverd the setee with a light pink lacy ruffled shower curtain I purchased from Urban Barn.

 Pretty huh?







The chairs I use in my Living Room.






The settee is in my bedroom (boudoir as I like to call it. 🙂 ) at the foot of my bed against the fireplace.











Hubby and I just recentely celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversay and one of my sweet gifts was a new Rachel Ashwell White Duvet called Petticoat.

So pretty!!!






Thanks to my handy little cellphone photographer Grant he captured this photo of me and my fur babies enjoying our lovely settee.




It's truly amazing what a little paint and some pretty fabric can do!

A night and day transformation.



I have some fun photos to share with you REAL soon using the settee as a whimsy photo prop. Can't wait to share!




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