Happy Easter!


Happy Easter sweet friends! What a lovely spring holiday to celebrate with family and dear loved ones. I also love that this is the one time of the year that I can kinda be obnoxious and show off my bunnies and bunny collection.  So hang with me. It's kinda cutness *OVERLOAD*!

Every girl has to have an Easter Basker right??? Well, this is my "BIG GIRL" basket that I put together. 😉


I filled this vintage basket with tulle, millinery, vintage paper easter eggs, and my sweet signature bunny.   



                      Love these soft pastel colors!!! 


The paper eggs that you see is actually from a vintage garland that I *scored* on Ebay.


              Oooh I just love these paper easter eggs!


I love collecting Howard Holtz figurines, and this adorable piece is my personal fav!!! EEEK! Those cute faces!!!


On a recent shopping outing at my local antique mall I stumbled upon these bunny salt and pepper jars.  How sweet and pretty are these?


I've been collecting vintage wrapping paper for my En Le Jardin event, and I found this cute paper with bunnies all over. 


  Love the butterflies and tulips! Too darling for words!


This commissioned Easter bunny box titled "Springtime Easter fun" is for a special young lady who lives in Australia and is truly my #1 fan. Her Mom wanted to surprise her Easter morning with a bunny box made especially for her daughter. This sweet little girl emails me all the time and praises my work, and is always wishing to own one of my pieces. I was very excited to make this and so I put lots of extra "childhood fun" and sweetness into this piece made just for her! 


       The sweet little girl chick is jumping a candy rope.


                       Bunnies twirling the rope.




  The other girlie chick patiently sits and waits her turn to jump.




                 It's a sweet sugarville Easter playground!


I can only hope Easter morning when she open's her gift she will be so happy and smiling!!!! 🙂


We are headed to Grandma's for a yummy big lunch of baked ham, potato salad, green beans, sweet potato pie, and an afternoon Easter Egg hunt! Im going to try and control myself from depriving my children of all their easter candy that I know they are going to devour once they open their easter baskets. They can have the jellybeans and Mommy will have the chocolate. hee! hee! 

From my family to yours…..I wish you all a blessed Easter holiday!


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