Happy Mothers Day!


Hello and Happy Mothers Day to all you Mommies with young and older children and Mommies to sweet fur babies! Mother's Day is such a wonderful celebration of all that we "do" and represent. Never before could I truly understand the hard work that comes with being a Mom until I had children of my own. There are times when my patience is  tested over and over. There is the constant washing of dirty little hands and faces, and non-stop laundry. Bickering of who had it first, and that is mine not yours.

I remember the mornings when  I could sleep in until 9am. Spend my Sunday's leisurely doing whatever I want, or taking a spontaneous trip out of town. Those days are loooooong gone, but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!! Being a Mom is the most rewarding gift ever!!!! Every night when I check on my sleeping babies I am reassured that this is truly a blessing and being a Mommy is the BEST!!!!  

This week at my children's preschool both Vivian and Grants classes had Mother's Day tea parties. All the Mommies and children dress up in their "Sunday best" and we sipped tea and ate little sandwiches and cookies.

Grant bringing me a cup of tea and trying hard not to spill it.


"How many lumps of sugar Mommy?"



My Mother's Day gift from Grant. Sooo sweet!


Miss Vivi and her classmate Emmie.


Sweet little Vivi.


Mommy & daughter.


I cherish moments like these, they make you feel so special and so loved!!!! 🙂

For all you Mother's I hope you've had a beautiful Mother's Day full of joy, happiness and love!!!!




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