Home Sweet New Home

Greetings from Charleston!

It’s been five months today since my family and I moved to South Carolina over the summer.

I am so happy to finally sit down after months of being in a moving whirlwind to write and catch up with you.

This post is long overdue!

I know this move came out of surprise for most. Us too!

My husband and I had been talking for years about retiring in Charleston. It’s been a dream of mine to live there since my mid 20’s.

After months of discussing we both said “Why wait?” We talked with our kids to make sure they both were on board. Grant is a rising Junior and Vivian starting her freshman year. We felt like this was our golden opportunity and we went for it.

We ended up finding the Southern home of our dreams!

LOOK! The house even has a schnauzer wrought iron gate! The owners have a schnauzer, and we have two.

It was a SIGN!

After 5 months, we are starting to feel more and more settled. We’ve been working on house renovations so it feels more like “us”.

House got painted, and the kitchen got a whole new makeover.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it….. it’s been a huge adjustment and emotionally challenging at times. I miss my friends and family dearly. Starting over is ALOT for all of us.

However, life is about evolving and moving forward. Even good change is hard.

It’s our forever home where we’ll celebrate holidays, graduations, birthday’s, bridal showers, and

art workshop events!

Never before have I given a house a name. I felt like this special house needed one.

I love Chantilly lace and the paint color! Rose represents the rose gardens I soon will be planting.

My wish is for guest and visitors to feel at home and special while staying with us.

I have many plans for this house.

One of them is working on my rose garden. I dearly miss my beautiful roses from my old house. I want to fill this trellis with roses!

Second, I want to finish unpacking and decorating every corner of my studio. I’m about 80% finished.

I can’t wait to get back to creating again…….. AND……..HOST my first workshop in my home.

I’ve already been in planning the stages, and the workshop will take place NEXT FALL!

More details and Save the Date coming soon!

I wish to end this post with a personal heartfelt “Thank You” to all whom have followed and supported

me since I started blogging back in 2007.

I’ve been absent from time to time. Life get’s busy, and I unfortunately don’t have the time to sit and write.

Hopefully now that I’m starting to get settled, I can connect and chat with you more. I miss you!

My door is open and welcome! I look forward to sharing more of my home, DIY projects and artful musings with you all.

Big hugs!


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