The Spirit of Giving


Hello sweet friends! Can you believe it's that time of year ALREADY??? I swear time flies year after year. Especially as you get older! I was just telling my Mom the other day It seemed like I just took down all of last years Christmas decorations a month ago. Before I know it, it's time to pull them ALL out again! LOL!!! It's soooo much work, but in the end it's a festive treat to the eyes and soul. Now that my children are getting older you can see the sparkle in their eyes and their faces "light up" when they see Mamma decorating and turning on all the fancy lights and pretty trims. :) 

Of course every year I love to find and purchase old vintage Christmas items to decorate my home with. Im a huge fan of Howard Holt Christmas angels. I lucked out and found this 7" sweet angelic beauty. 


These darling books I discovered at a antique mall close to my house just recently.

This book is titled "The Christmas Fairy". I fell in love the title and cover of the book. Incredibly sweet and magical!!! 


The classic "The Night Before Christmas".


If you enjoy drinking pink lemonade I have something FABULOUS I have to share with you!!! Fresh Market sells these pretty decorative pink lemonade bottles. Of course I will drink them eventually, but for now it's looks too pretty to drink and it looks great sitting on my kitchen counters. (wink!)

DSCN5674_edited-1 Yummy!!!!


Another great little goodie I want to share with you are these ADORABLE vintage inspired coffee cups. I bought these at Hobby Lobby yesterday and they were 50% off. WHOO-HOO!!! 




There is no way I could pass up on this flocked pink tree. You can find them at Michaels!!!! They are now 40% off!!! I bought two of them. The smaller one is 19" and the larger (pictured here) is 36". Im sure I will put this one in Vivi's room. 🙂


Today in the mail I received a large box from a super kind lady with whom I've never met or spoken with before. She stumbled upon my blog awhile back, but would never leave a comment until one day she emailed me out of the blue. She was very complimentary of my blog and my  work. She went on to explain that she has TONS of small vintage trinkets and treasures, floral millinery, trim, etc that she no longer has use for, nor has the time to sell them. She asked me if I would be interested in having them and could hopefully use them in my future artwork. When I read this I was literally "speechless". At the kindness of this womens heart who I've never even chatted with before here she is offering me these sweet treasures and asking for nothing in return. My heart was filled with happiness and thankfulness!!!! I am so incredibly appreciative and it's kinda ironic how this happened right at the holiday in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's all about the "Spirit of Giving". 

These are some pics of my treasured goodies!!! EEEK!!!!


Floral stems and picks.


A STASH of vintage treasures! Nutcups, clowns, baby stork picks, bottles, ballerinas, rattles, rocking horses. Omigosh! Tons of the sweetest little trinkets!!!




Sweet baby pick.



So….in the spirit of giving I would like to share these adorable treasures that were passed on to me to YOU!!!!

All ya have to do is leave me a comment and I will randomly pick a winner from one week today on Dec 10th. Im even going to put a little extra Christmas gift in the package handmade from me to you! 🙂

Ok!!!! Some ***EXCITING NEWS***!!!! I am going to be updating my shop in 5 days!!!! Here is a little sneak peek for ya!!!



Sweet huh??? hee! hee!

Alright my lovely friends I hope you all have a fabulous week and DONT FORGET to leave me a comment! 🙂

Hugs & Kisses XOXO,


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