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Greetings! So nice of you to stop by. Grab a cup of tea! I thought I would share and chat with you a bit regarding my love for fans. Fans in my opinion OOOOOOZ's femininity! From the great Southern Belles that would fan themselves on a hot humid day or the shy girl hiding behind her fan and flirting with her eyes to the beautiful Marie Antoinette that carried her fan like a fashion accessory. The fan is a beauty of it's own.


Fans date back to early Chinese history where they used screen fans. Fans were considered to be part of a social status, as well as a piece of "art". Different materials were used such as ivory, mother of pearl, paper,silk, and many were hand painted.  In the 1600's the folding fan became popular in Europe. Many were decorated with feathers and jewels. By the 18th century fans were extremely popular and were being made by top craftsman using materials such as lace, silk, and parchment. Over the years in social functions fans were also used for secret unspoken messages. You could give certain signals using your fan. 


Fans to me is like artwork. I love to display them all throughout my home. 

This is a little corner in my home where I have a framed shadowbox of a fan and a small ivory sequin and lace fan. 

IMG_3278_edited-1 A vintage purple ostrich feather fan which I have displayed in my hallway.


This fan is stunning! I found this little gem in an antique mall.



A beautiful pink fan I purchased from my fabulous talented friend Natasha


So now that I gave you a little insight history on the fan and a little peek at my collection I want to show you my recent find and new "makeover".

I am a very lucky gal to have found two LARGE ornate fans that both were $10 each and were painted gold. I "froofed" them up and "TA-DA" they are gorgeous new additions to my home.

DSCN7137_edited-2 copy  

DSCN7138_edited-3 copy   

I added vintage rhinestone brooches from my personal collection.

DSCN7132_edited-2 copy

Here is the new spot for my fan.


The other fan I painted pink and will use as a decorative fireplace screen in my bedroom.



Not only do I love to collect and display them, I really enjoy using them in my creations.

These whimsical and sweet Valentine creations are both used with fans, and are now available in my Lollishop! 🙂

Let me introduce you to Miss Valentina. She is looking for love and asking "Will you be mine???"


This next darling available piece is Miss Red Hot and her little pup Pinky and they are celebrating Valentiens Day. Both girls are wearing red tulle tutu's and Miss  Pinky's leash and collar are only the FINEST SWAROVSKI crystals!




Valentines Day will be here soon! Dont let these precious dolls get away!!!

I must thank you ladies for ALL you kind sincere sweet comments regarding my last post "Froof and Fluff".  Your support and well wishes mean the WORLD! I never knew that I could inspire so many people. I truly THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

I also must give a WARM HUG and HEARTFELT THANKS to Miss Philomena Gales.  Philomena contacted me a few weeks ago after reading my blog post and learning that I love to collect Howard Holt angels. Miss Philomena was putting away her Christmas decorations and found some Howard Holt angels, and decided she would love to send them to me if I wanted them. OMIGOSH!!!! "YES"!!!!! How incredibly thoughtful of her to give me these adorable angels. Again,nothing in return, just sincere kindness and wanting to make me smile and enjoy them. Check out these  pretty little gals.

DSCN7053_edited-1 Thank you soooo much Philomena! I LOVE these girls and will absolutely enjoy them at Christmas!  

Well sweet friends the BIG photo shoot is in TWO days! Finally all this hard work around the house is about to pay off. Afterwards, Hubby and I are off for a week for some skiing and R&R. Looking forward to some down time!

Have a lovely and creative week! Stay warm!!!



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