Magical Holly Jolly Christmas Bear

Tis the Season for cute cuddly Christmas critters all decked out in the finest tinsel and trim, bling and glitter, and let’s not forget sprinkles of fairyland magic all nestled inside.

I want to share with you one of my handmade original assemblage stuffed animals that I’ve been working on for the past month.

I was inspired by the 1950’s children’s Christmas book titled “Christmas in Fairyland”.

Who wants to play???

(sorry for the watermarks…my images are stolen often so I sadly have to watermark them now.)

This book is one of my favorite Christmas treasures!!!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year.! I really wanted to make something that captured that storybook magical feeling. All the bright lights, music, candy, laughter and joy was pure MAGIC to me when I was a little girl.

This precious cutie was a labor of love. Countless hours went into creating her, but the finished result was so worth it!

Miss. Holly Jolly Bear already has a new home! She’s excited to spread Christmas cheer thru her adorable cuteness!

The real sweetness and magic is tucked inside the bear’s tummy.

Santa is greeted by fairies at the Pink Castle located high in the sky of fluffy clouds.

Elves walk on the marshmallows leading up to the giant castle.

This little fella is taking a break.

This older and wiser elf helps guide the way to the fairies pink castle.

High on top of Miss Holly Jolly’s magical head is her fanciful wintery top hat.

I adore her so much I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of me giving her a cheeky hug before I ship her.

Unfortunately December has snuck up on me and sadly I didn’t get an opportunity to create many Christmas creations as I’ve usually done in the past.

I did however create this one special custom order for a gentleman who is giving it to his lovely wife for Christmas.

Star Light…Star Bright

Another small  handmade creation I was inspired to make is this Angel Ornament that was also inspired from the Christmas In Fairyland book.

I hope my joyous creations have brought a smile to face and a twinkle in your eye! 🙂

Tis the season for Christmas Magic!!

Enjoy it my friends!


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