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Jennifer Hayslip Christmas Home

Warmest Holiday wishes friends!

I want to invite you inside my Christmas Home and give you a little tour and share with you all my Christmas lovelies and the little sentimental things that I cherish most.

 Come inside!


This past fall I finally re-painted and decorated my formal living room. White walls and soft colors make this room so airy and peaceful.

When decorating I decided less was more, and only showcase the things I love most.

I’ve had this beautiful lady head bust for years. She’s always been the main focus on my mantel.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas home tour

I adore my Holt Howard angels that my dear friend Jennifer Grenko re-purposed and made them look even sweeter.

Jennifer Hayslip

The dining room is my absolute favorite!

It’s a sugary marshmallow room filled with glitter, and candy colors.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas HomeJennifer Hayslip Christmas home tourJennifer Hayslip Christmas Home

The buffet is a magical wonderland of Christmas treasures.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas home tour

When you enter the hallway I have my cherished old tulle Christmas tree that I purchased from

Ebay several years ago.

It’s worn and slightly discoloring now, but I still love the tree more anything.


A peek into the other side of my hallway where I have

a mantel decorated in a pastel cottage theme.


My boudoir doll pops beautifully against the shiny bright wreath.


When you mosey on down the hall towards the kitchen you’ll see a little hall table with a darling little vignette.

Love the pretty combination of pink, white and cream.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas Home

I adore these sweet vintage angels.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas Home

Cute red nosed snowman is so adorable.


I’ve created a short video of my Sugar Plum dining room.

Gives you a look inside my favorite room.

Welcome into my Old Fashioned Christmas kitchen.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas HomeJennifer Hayslip Holiday Home

Lastly, a view of my bedroom.

These photos are from last year when I was featured in Vintage Holiday magazine.

I’ve since rearranged my bedroom, but thought I would share a few photos of how it looked.

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas Home

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas home tour

Meet Penelope

Our newest furbaby!

Vivian has been asking for a bunny for ages, and I thought she was at a responsible age now to help care for one.

She’s gives us lots of warm soft cuddles and bunny kisses.

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you SO much for visiting!

I am so grateful for my loyal friends and followers.

Your support is so appreciated!!!

I’m sending you all a big sweet ((hug))!!!


From my family to your family I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas home tour

Jennifer Hayslip Christmas Home

Christmas Love & Blessings!



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