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Hello my sweet blogging gal pals! I feel like I’ve been so out of touch lately. I have a VERY good reason tho’. 🙂 I’ve been really busy for the past week and a half creating a custom shadowbox for my long time and closest BEST FRIEND Kristie’s one year old daughter Caroline. When Kristie saw the two shadowboxes I had created, she immediately had to have a custom shadowbox for her daughters room. Here is a few of pics of her PRECIOUS little girl that I wanted to share with you all. Isn’t she just ADORABLE???



I designed this one to go with the colors of her room. Pink and green. I also decided to not make it so "baby" and more "big girl", and make it something that she can grow with and display in her room for a very long time.

Soooooooooooooooooo…..here it is!!!!!


Miss Birdie


Carolines birthday is in June. So I found this beautiful vintage June angel. The gemstone for June is pearl, so I adorned the top of the roof with a blingy faux pearl and rhinestone brooch.


This sweet little cubby hole is the "princess theme". The wand is Carolines monogramed initials.


This is Fairy Caroline sitting in an heirloom silver baby cup.


Miss Princess Bunny


Little girls having a "sweet treats" party. Im so delighted and thankful to have Cheryl from Rosey Posey Confections make me these SUPER SWEET chair cushions,table cloth, and ruffled window curtian from a vintage hankie. 🙂


This magical and dreamy little vignette is called "Fairyland".


Here is a close up pic.


Sweet little girl toiletries. Faux white and pink pearls in the bottle, and a powder puff and shimmer powder for the little Miss.


This ADORABLE little creation is a sweet bunny holding a BIG Caroline flower. 🙂


This last little cubby hole is titled "Tiny Dancer". The fairy ballerina is dancing and performing for her furry friends. The bunny is holding her basket of flowers waiting for the encore, and the lamb jumps and leaps with it’s ribbon of flowers and tulle!


Im truly delighted with how this shadowbox turned out. My best friend Krisite is BEYOND THRILLED over it, and Im sooo happy and proud that this sweet shadowbox will be displayed in Carolines room. 🙂

Ok, I’ve been a little behind on catching up. I’ve been tagged by Miss Britt from Sparkled Vintage Charm with the Blog with a heart award. I just ADORE Britt. She is sooo incredibly sweet and I LOVE her jewelry creations. You must check them out! So, I am now passing this award on to my dearest and sweetest blogging gal pal Miss Cheryl.  Im a HUGE fan of her childrens clothes, and her sweet and sentimental creations, and her BLOG is the BOMB!!!! I ALWAYS look forward to her Monday Yummies!!!! So here ya go sweets!!!!


Im not DONE YET!!!! Hee! Hee! Britt also tagged me on sharing 7 fact about me, and they must be random weird, devastatingly interesting.

1. My teenager years I went thru a phase where I use to be new wave punk. I had crazzy wild hair, (half of it shaved) and dressed pretty wild. My sidekick was my best friend Krisite (who’s daughter I did the shadowbox for) My parents were soooo happy that I grew out of that phase. However to this day I STILL love old 80’s new wave music. 🙂 And you all probably wondered how did I get to be such a girlie girl. 😉

2. Im a FREAK about having to wash my face every night!!!! I can go out, and party and have several cocktails (not as much as I use to), BUT I still manage to always wash my face, and moistureize before I fall into bed!!!

3. I have a MAJOR fear of drinking lots of water (which I love!), and being in a public place and having NO place to pee. I was trapped in a car while being in major traffic on the Golden Gate bridge several years ago, after I had just downed a bottle of water. I about DIED I thought my bladder was going to explode! Nothing is worse for me than to panic and wonder where the closest bathroom is.    

4. Im mildy OCD. I a neat freak!!! MY home has LOTS of knick knacks everywhere, but believe it or not I cant stand any other type of clutter. Drives me nuts! 

5. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!! I cant LIVE without it!!!!

6. I dont know my bio-logical father (haven’t had contact with him since I was 1 years old), but hope maybe one day he and I will reunite.

7. I cant STAND cantaloupe or the smell. Makes me want to gag!

Hope you got a kick out of reading some of my quirks. It’s kinda fun to learn these type of things about people. huh?

Okey-dok. Thanks for letting me share with you all. HUGGIES! XOXO,Jenn   

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