Mixed Media Masterpieces Bunny Book Club Party

Whoo-hoo! The bunnies are having a book club party and YOU are invited!!

They are so happy and proud to share that their long distance cousins parents Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka of Everyday is a Holiday have a new crafting book

called Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny and Aaron.

You can get your own copy from:


Barnes & Noble

Here’s a cute family picture of their cousins in New Jersey.

They are SOOO excited to grab a copy of the book and gather around to flip thru the pages to view all the fabulous projects!

The bunnies are gathering their supplies and picking their favorite crafting project.

Boopsy would like to share Chapter One with you. It’s the happy welcome page that makes your feel comfortable and inspired to play and create with Mixed Media.

Boopsy is inspired and eager to create!

There is FULL COLOR photos, step by step instructions and some kid friendly projects!

The book is GREAT for beginners as well as seasoned crafters.

It’s scrapbooker and mixed media artist friendly!

Floppy has her flocking power and is ready to get started!

Art Journaling is Minty’s favorite!

I personally CANNOT wait to make a fauxbulous keepsake cake!

Little Pip want’s to make a carrot faux cake!

Dottie has her ballerina already picked out!

The bunny gang gives their HIGH FIVE furry PAW of approval!

You can follow Jenny and Aaron via their facebook page and Instagram.

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