My Christmas wish list!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS sweet friends! I want to THANK YOU ALL sooooooo much for your overwhelming response & heartfelt comments regarding "What I love about my Holiday Home." I was blown away by ALL of your lovely comments. I wish I could throw a HUGE Christmas tea  party in my Sugar Plum dining room and we could all celebrate the holidays together, and our friendships with one another. How fabulous would that be? Well, maybe next year I will host a virtual Christmas tea party in my dining room . 🙂   

This past weekend I worked hard on trying to get pictures of my babies together for our family Christmas cards (btw..which Im running very late on) . It took me at least 80 pictures for me to get my favorite two. I think they turned out sooo sweet!



Those precious smiles just MELT my heart!!!!!!!

Im excited to share with you my FINAL and LAST Christmas creation of this year. This is a picture frame collage that is just so jolly and whimsy. It’s available in my Etsy shop. I SERIOUSLY hate to part with it, and it wont break my heart IF it doesnt sell. It actually looks pretty sweet hanging in my bedroom. However, I would love the opportunity for someone to enjoy it! 




These are some close-up’s. Sweet little children peeking out the window.


Mama deer and her babies.


Musical angels.


Mrs. Jolly Snowwomen.



I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree lately. Must share with you my new goodies! Im tickled with my Snowflake Queen fairy created by the SUPER FABULOUS and talented Laurie of Happy as a lark. She’s now has a special spot in my dining room. 


This sweet little golden angel was made by Jennifer Less of Twinkle Pink Studio. She hangs on my Victorian tree.


Now for my GORGEOUS angels. I purchased them both at Marshalls! They had them in all different colors. Blue, Gold,Red, Silver, etc. Each one was only $17! I thought they would look gorgeous in my dining room. However, I’ve decided instead of keeping BOTH, Im going to give one to my Mother-In-Law for Christmas. So, with that being said, I NEED YOUR VOTE!!!!!!! Which one is your FAVORITE? Which angel should I keep?? Im seriously torn!!!!

This is Angel "A". I call her the Winter ice snow angel. She has icy looking twigs on her dress.




This is Angel "B". I call her Fairy snow princess.




Side by Side.


They are both soooo beautiful, so that’s why I need your help in picking which one to keep. Ok ladies!!!! Place your vote!!!!! 🙂 

On to the the fun part. MY Christmas WISH (LUST) LIST! hee! hee! I thought it would be fun to share with you a condensed list of my favorite wish list items. I honestly DONT need anything! I have my close family, childern, health, and a beautiful home, but it’s always fun to wish for things. 🙂

#1.  Brocade swing coat by Notte by Marchesa.  Im head over heels in love with this glamourous coat. Click on the above link to see more pics.



#2  Miu Miu jeweled satin slides with grosgrain ribbon. Im sooo drooooling over these!


Ok. now for some yummy things that are more within my price range. 🙂

#3. I sooo want a Holly Doodle Marie Antoinette crown like this one!!!!!


#4  Nicole Bowen of Necessary Excess. " Sweets & Treats". They are just sooo stinking CUTE!!!


#5 Vintage tulle prom dress. Oooooh I just love this cotton candy pink!!!!


#6 John Wind of Maximal Art jewelry. His pieces are vintage inspired and sooo charming. There are SEVERAL pieces I would love to own. This snowflake brooch is fabulous!


Im a MAJOR bunny lover. So of course I "ooohhh & aaaahhh" over these!




#7 How precious are these faux chocolate bunny cake boxes from Pink Rose Pastries? I sooo want one!!!



#8 The ever so popular. Apple I phone. Dont think it will happen. We would have to switch our service provider over and my hubby is NOT budging. 🙁


#9 This is my signature perfume. Im almost out, so Im hoping Santa will bring me another bottle. 🙂 Dont you lovely ladies have a favorite perfume you always wear? Do tell!!!!


#10 Last but not least…. Merry Bon Bon fabric. This is THE HARDEST fabric to find. It’s made in Japan, and it’s very difficult to find in the States. I would LOOOOVE to use these fabrics in my crafts. Fingers crossed Santa will lead me to them! 🙂 Or, if any of you ladies might have an idea of where I can find this fabric PLEASE let me know.


Can you believe Christmas is ONE week away??? I hope you all are enjoying your holiday homes, Christmas parties, sweet treats, eggnog, gifts, and family. Warm holiday hugs!!!!!!! XO,  

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