My Darling Girls




It was love at first sight.


I was shopping in Canton, TX a few weeks ago and walked into a antique booth that was calling my name. 


Locked inside a small glass case is where I spied these little beauties.




I remember quickly asking the owner to please let me see and hold them. 


They were tucked neatly inside their original box.







I examined each of these bisque dolls wearing their cute pink bows and pastel dresses. 

They were each in *mint* condition.









I've never been so lucky to find a set of dolls in their original box that were flawless and never used.


These cuties were too good to pass up!




I will never sell, use, or part with them.

I happily display them in my studio where I can admire these charming girlies and who knows maybe one day this whole set will be really worth something big! 😉




Do you think I should name them? 

It might sound corny, but I think it would be adorable if they each had a name.  


You are probably thinking Im off my rocker! ha! ha!


The girls are happy to meet  you and Im thrilled you stopped by to pay me a visit. 


Have a happy, inspiring, and creative week my friends!



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