Dreaming Big in 2012




Happy New Years Friends!!!! 


Dont you just love the feeling of a New Year?

It's amazing how the first day into a new calander year feels incredibly different mentally.


As much as I love the holidays, I look forward to life getting back to some level of normalcy again. 


I think that's the time we tend to re-evaluate what our personal goals might be and what we strive to accomplish in the New Year.



Hmmm….what do I want to accomplish this year??? 




Well for one thing I am excited to focus on creating again.

It feels like ages since I've made time to sit down and create new pieces of work.

My creative soul misses it terribly!

With my new studio almost 80% unpacked and organized Im ready to dive in and start creating again.

(sneak peeks next week! Pinky Swear Promise!)


Studio home sweet home.





More fabulous goodness is lined up this year….


Im thrilled for the opportunity to be teaching at Karen Hillman Blue In Blue event end of March. 




It will be a cozy intimate group of creative gals in the heart of Texas!

Karen has a weekend full of lovely things in store for us.

The projects being #1! 


I know there are a few slots still available so PLEASE join us!

 Psst! We have two shopping days planned for the Canton flea market!!!


Click here for more information.




Shortly after Texas Im headed to sunny CA to attend my fourth Kim Caldwell

Artistic Affaire event.

Im in LOVE with the theme!!





Kim's event's always blow me away. Every detail is exquisite and her guest are pampered and spoiled like crazzy!

I always have a blast seeing my creative peeps and enjoying a little bit of the CA scene.



The biggest thing Im most anxious and looking forward to is FINALLY working on a project that has been brewing for the past three years now.

I've put if off long enough and finally Im going make the time to work on self-publishing my first children's book. 


It's one of my dreams to use my artwork mixed with photography (no illustrations) to create a beautiful and whimsical picture storybook. 


My story will be based on this pretty Kitty Kat named Duchess.




You will learn more about Duchess in the next few weeks. 

She wishes for a GRAND INTRODUCTION blog post.


When it comes to publishing a book fear has held me back.

Everytime I sit down to work on it I get overwhelmed. Plus, my mind races with the fears of "what if's".

Even tho' I've done alot of research I still feel like I know very little about the publishing world. The GOOD news to all of this is the self-publishing world has exploded and more and more writers are now turning to self-publishing.

There are so many reputable companies to choose from now. 

(If you, or anyone you know has experience with self-publishing a book and want to share your input,tips, or advice please email me. I would love to hear from you!)


Im SUPER excited and ready to work on my book. I told myself I must commit to this project that I've been dreaming about for so long.

The reward of being able to open my own storybook and read to my children is the dream of all dreams!


With that being said this is my motto for 2012.






Fabulous motto for ALL of us…wouldn't you agree?


I hope you too have a passion for something so big. Let's support each other in our endeavours and help make your dreams into a glorious reality.



Cheers to making our dreams come true in 2012!!!








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