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I am excited to formally announce that I am branching out and starting my own Custom Child Portrait Photography Business.

Pink Ellie Photography

This decision came to me early this year with the support and encouragement of my close friends and family.

It’s the old saying of “Follow Your Dreams” and that is what I am doing!

My true heart and love will always be with creating fanciful mixed media art, but I’ve made room for this huge love of mine.

I’ve made the decision to photograph children only because much like me they have larger than life imaginations which makes it fun to create playful themes. Children also naturally show their true real genuine emotions that light up magically on camera. I love that!!!

I want to create timeless storybook photos that families will cherish and leave lasting memories forever.

I will admit it’s kind of scary starting something new, but I think it’s a nervous excitement more than anything.

I hope my local town of Macon will embrace me and my photography.

Please stop by and visit my new site here.

Let me know what you think!

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Thank you friends!

Happy Smiles!!!

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