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Warm welcomes girlie girls!!! What a way to start off a new post with a sexy Gil Elvgren pinup girl. Think of her as a grown up "big girl" ballerina with a little less tutu and high heel satin pumps instead of ballerina slippers. hee! hee! This post theme is dedicated to all that is "Pretty in Pink". I have ALL sorts of sweet pastel pink yummies that Im giddy to to share with you. 

This evening I took this super sweet pic of my cutie-pie Vivi. She just had her bath (hence the wild wet hair) and she is riding her pink pony.


Here we are commanding that DADDY stop standing around and "PUSH ME"!!!!!


That picture just cracks me up. All ready acting like a DIVA! She’s got the PJ top to prove it. 🙂

I’ve had a fun time scouring and finding some ooey gooey sweet pinkalicious goodies for my artwork. Look at this darling pink squeaky elephant I just purchased. I have some WILD and INSANE ideas for it! However, it’s so darn cute I dont know if I can part with it.



These next Pretty in Pink items were purchased from Miss Sheri of Pawsh Poodle. She has a beautiful online boutique that you must check out!

EEEEEK!!!! Isnt this frenchy poodle with the pink barrett just ADORABLE??


LOOKIE at this SHABBY PINK DOLL!!!! Have you ever seen one quite like her? I haven’t!  She is so pink and girlie! Another one to add to the growing collection! hee! hee!


Mister Grant was invited to a PINKALICIOUS birthday party for a little girl in his class this past weekend. My first thoughts were. Girl.. Pink.. BIRTHDAY!!!! OH WHAT FUN I can have making something special for her. Forget running to Walmart or Target. Grant’s mamma is going to MAKE her birthday gift. 🙂 The little girl’s Mommy emailed me a picture of her daughters face and TA-DA!!!! This is what I dreamed up!




Cute little pup tooting her party horn!



I added a pretty bow and it’s ready to hang!


The little birthday girl took one look and instantly tried to bite the candy! ACK! I should have known better. It quickly ended up in the pile of opened gifts, but thankfully the Mom was TICKLED and THRILLED over it! I was even more delighted when the Mom showed me her daughters room which is decorated so sweet and girlie, but had NO pictures on the wall! GASP! So, the Mom is super excited to FINALLY have a little something special to add to her daughters bedroom walls.

I have recently become OBSESSED with Etsy seller Missy aka Boopsie Daisy . I OOOGLE her COLORFUL RAINBOW Flickr photos ALL the time. She is like a little bright sunshine bringing warm smiles into your life with her photostream. They are UBER whimsy, quirky,funny, and SOOOOO DARN CUTE! Take a peek when you have time. You are guaranteed a smile and a laugh! Trust me Im not the only one who worships her. Just take a lookie at her testimonials. They speak for themselves.

Missy and I have formed a blossoming friendship. We both LOVE  and admire each others work. She is such a sweet soul and truly ONE OF A KIND!!!! I just purchased one of her NEW Boopsie dolls named Esther Bunny. Omigosh! Is she just not a bundle of CUTENESS??


Lookie at her GORGEOUS candy hair "DOO". She has to visit the hairdressers weekly to maintain her stylish look! hee! hee!


In return I have created a special doll for Missy. Miss Boopsie Queen.




Miss Boopsie Queen has a pinwheel instead of silver wand because Boopsie’s world is so COLORFUL and there is one particular photo in her Flickr photostream of her daughter with a big old fashioned rainbow swirly lollipop. It’s the SWEEEEETEST photo, and In the background is a LARGE wind pinwheel. To me this darling little pinwheel represents Miss BOOPSIE. 🙂

Im a LOVER of vintage jewelry. My heart belongs to vintage bling! However, this last little sweet treat I  took one look and just had to have! It’s NOT all pink, but has plenty of sweet pink pastel sprinkles inside. It’s my new resin candy cupcake necklace by Kim aka Stoopidgerl.



She is now creating a custom EYE CANDY piece just for me with some extra BLING! Can NOT wait to see it!!! 

I also have to give Kim a HUGE CONGRATS! She now has 4000 people that heart her shop on Etsy! Whoo-hoo!!! Kim has such a WILD sense of humor which I just LOVE! You’ll get a little taste of it if you stop by her shop. hee! hee!

Im looking forward to participating in Miss Jessi’s "Favorite Childhood Toy Party" which is Thursday May 1st. Be sure to stop by Jessi’s blog and hop skip over to mine for some super funny childhood pics of me and my FAVORITE toys!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous spring filled week. Im off to Savannah this weekend for a fun getaway! I hope to catch up with everyones bloggies before I leave!

Hugs & Kisses sweet friends!!! XOXO



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