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Hello my friends? How have you been? I feel like I've been out of the loop  and a bit out of touch lately. I've just had a million little things on my "to do" list, but I thought it would be fun to stop say "Hello", and share a sweet little show & tell with ya. Something cutesy and lighthearted that will hopefully bring a smile to your face. 

DSCN4030_edited-1 All aboard for the birthday train express! How stinking CUTE is this??? Ok, I recently purchased this on Ebay thinking I would use it in a future project. I took one look and knew I could NEVER part with it. Never before have a seen a vintage ceramic birthday candle train like this.  

DSCN4033_edited-1  Mr. Quacks and Miss. ELe are having the ride of their life!   

DSCN4031_edited-1 Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Seriously how freaking adorable is this? So fun! I will definitely have to use this for the kiddies cake. 😉

Another fabulous find! Is this super fun hot pink retro poodle apron! I "flipped" when I saw it!


I love how it's gathered at the top of the apron and it's trimmed in the prettiest pink velvet! Miss Vivi is modeling my new apron.


So, the other day I went to a local antique mall that I haven't visted in ages. Thought I would browse and see if anything special caught my eye. Well, I stumbled upon this ornate gold clock, that no longer worked and was priced for $20.


I took apart the clock insides, kept the dome glass face, and with a little make-over….TA – DA!!!!! A picture frame!




Im just so TICKLED with how sweet it turned out.

I've saved the best for LAST! No one can resist cute cuddly furry kittens or puppies. Well, My Mothers cat Smokey just gave birth to itty bitty kittens. Soooo sweet!!!



 Look at those adorable fuzzy pom pom heads!!!



I just love the LONG white whiskers above it's eyes!!!! SWEEET!!!!!!!

Well girlies, I hope I brought a lil smile to your face with the bundle of sweetness! If you really want to see SUPER CUTE animals and a little somethin' to brighten your day you must check out Cute Overload blog. Omigosh! The bunny babies are seriously ADORABLE! 

Have a creative and fabulous week sweet friends! XOXO,

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