Spring Celebration


Is spring here yet??? I know many of you are excited just as I, and cant wait for warmer sunny skies, the smell of fresh cut green grass, and happy little blossomed flowers. While we are all dreaming of spring, I had my opportunity to create a little something in honor of the season. My children attend a Montessori preschool and every year the preschool has an annual fundraising event called "Spring Fling". We help raise money for the school and one of the things we do is auction off items that the children help contribute and make. This year each class is decorating a birdhouse based on a "season". I was asked to help decorate my son's class birdhouse and we got VERY lucky and was given the season "Spring".


I decided I would paint and adorn it with some sweet "spring" like items and the children can decorate the rest of the birdhouse.  



DSCN7885_edited-2 copy 

So this is how it looks "before".


After an hour with each child cutting and gluing butterflies, dragonflies,and glittered bunnies this is how it turned out! Sooo incredibly sweet!!! Each child made their own little contribution into bringing this "Spring Celebration" too life.  



Cute little bluebird.


Easter spring sweetness!



Im hoping this darling little birdhouse is a big auction success and goes home to a wonderful family! 

Meanwhile I'll be counting days till SPRING!!!!! Have a fabulous and creative weekend! 


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