Spring Projects

Happy Spring!


Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying your spring so far. It's nice to see the brown winter grass turn green again and see my beautiful roses bloom.


Even my pups are loving the fresh spring air!




Springtime always seems to reinspire me as it does for the most of us.

With that, I've decided to tackle some new projects while still planning my upcoming Oct event, and moving into my new studio.

I've been itching to change my entire kitchen paint and decor for ages. 

So a few weeks ago I my kitchen went from yellow with an old bunny border to soft creamy white walls.

WOW! What a difference!



So fresh and clean looking.


Can you believe the name of the paint is Mayonnaise. So apropos!



I also decided it was time to take all the decor off the walls and shelves and start all over again.


What you see now is the BEFORE photos. My AFTER photos will be in the next post.







My children's sippy cups crammed in the cabinet shelves also got cleaned out and put away nicely.




Unused glasses got wrapped up and will be dontated.




Several pieces I no longer want will be available for sale.

This chandelier will be listed on ebay next week.


My husband can't understand why I wan't to tackle so many projects at once.

Does he not get that I can MULTITASK???

Im sure Im not alone with this one. My husband does not multitask well, so he get's frustrated when trying to understand why I want to take on so much.


I want a pretty kitchen NOW….not later.  :)

He's a sweetie and pitched in to help. 

Here's an action shot of him getting ready to hang a chandelier up for me.



Over the weekend I purchased several old furniture pieces dirt cheap! 

All they need is some TLC and will be new again to display in my kitchen and studio.




I spent most of my weekend painting and distressing furniture.






I discovered this photo on Pinterest

(which btw I just discovered a few weeks ago and fell in LOVE with the site! Sooo many incredible beautiful and inspiring photos!! Really fun and very addicting!)


This photo inspired me to paint my green hutch into the same soft blue shade.


It's a work on progress, but will have the AFTER photos next week! 🙂


Im happy spring has sprung!

A springtime project I made for a swap recently.




So do YOU have any special spring projects your working on? 

Please share!



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