Studio dreams come true


I believe it's every artist and crafters dream to have an organized space where they can create, dream, and feel inspired.

For the past several years I have had "make shift" studio space in several rooms of my home. Master bedroom, dining room, guest room (now Vivian's room) and the sunroom/playroom of my home.

I always grumble to my husband that I *WISH* I had more space. The only way that will happen is….

A) Buy a different home with extra space

B) Add on to our current house which there is no telling how long that will be until we have the additional finances and time.


C) A golden opportunity presents itself that it too good to be true!!!!


I choose…..C


YES my friends, what I am saying is I am FINALLY going to have the studio of my dreams!!!


Never in my wildest dreams would I ever had expected this precious opportunity stumble upon me.


One of the rooms in this gorgeous 1879 house will be the home of Eye Candy Creations Studio.




The upstairs right side will be my studio home. 




The house is under renovations, and each and everyday the homes looks more and more beautiful and full of life!



The BEST part of this, is the house is DIRECTLY across the street from my neighborhood.

I won't have to drive my car.  All I will do is walk out of my house and in a brief three minute walk be at the doorsteps of this home. 


It's the perfect scenario!!!


Here's a little background on how this opportunity happend. My next door neighbor Wendy Cassidy bought the old home which had been on the market for ages. The house needed renovation and lots of TLC. It was Wendy's idea to turn the house into small executive offices for small business owners. It's an all inclusive lease that has all the bells and whistles. 




Long story short, two weeks ago I asked my neighbor what she is doing with the house. She explained her project and immediately I thought of how I needed space desperately. The next day Wendy showed me the home and I specifically requested the upstairs rooms with the most natural light. 

One foot into the room I knew I wanted the space. Looking around the room is like looking at a blank canvas.  My wheels are spinning on how to turn this room into the perfect studio space for me.


The room has tons of natural light which is perfect!



I have a view of my neighborhood directly from this window.




The room has original hardwood floors and 14ft ceilings.





I know these are not the pretty photos, but hopefully early spring this room will be transformed into a sweet visionary delight!


The room directly across the way is still available. I fell in love with it too. It has a beautiful fireplace inside. If I could afford it I would love to lease both and make one room the studio and the other a mini workshop room. Perfect for hosting mini weekend workshops and parties.


I could just see a long table with Vivian and several girlfriends having a craft and cupcake party in this room.





Hmmm….maybe I can work a deal for this extra room. 😉

Needless to say never thought I would find such an incredible space almost in front of my doorstep. Im anxious to start drawing plans and planning the decor. 

Renovations for the upstairs won't begin until Winter, so I am looking at early springtime at the opening of my new studio home. 🙂



I've recently received some Eye Candy love from Italy.

Im very honored to be featured in the current magazine of 

Casa Romantica


Cop Casa romantica-3 RGB72dpi

The publishers did a lovely feature on me and my home.




Thank you to Cinzia for the beautiful feature. 




During this time of year…a time to give thanks, I want to express my love and thankfulness for my family and the incredible blessing of being reunited with my birth father and half siblings. This year has blessed me well.

I am also VERY thankful for YOU…, my friends and loyal readers for whom I cherish and love dearly.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your family and loved one's.


Vivi's Turkey Pinecone

(easy project for the kids)

large pinecone

googly eyes

dark brown & tan colored pipecleaner

red felt




Happy Thanksgiving!








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