Swan Lake


Hello my darling friends! Welcome to “Swan Lake”. This post is dedicated to a very special little seven year old girl named Laura that lives all the way in the U.K. 

I do custom jobs often, but this custom creation is truly one of the most special one’s I have done thus far. I received an email from a very sweet lady many months ago regarding a custom ballerina bunny box for her daughter who was about to take her first ballet exam ever. Her daughter loved bunnies and all things pink and sparkley. 🙂 Her Mom wanted to buy her something really special to show her how proud she was of her and wanted it to be something that she can always treasure.     

So, I decided to create a ethereal and magical bunny box called “Swan Lake”. 


The gorgeous vintage swan planter I found at Goodwill and paid a $1.50 for it!!! I could NOT believe my luck!!!!  





With her Mother’s permisson she has allowed me to share these ooooooh sooooooooo SWEET photos of little Miss Laura with her bunny box.


Lookie at the BIG swan in the curio cabinet!!!! Oh my!!!! 


Laura and her beautiful Mother Maria. 


Look at her beaming smile! So proud and happy! Just MELTS MY HEART!!!!


I got a BIG giggle when Maria explained to Laura that I was going to show off her photos on my blog. Laura quickly asked her Mom. “Am I going to be famous?????” tee!!! hee!!! Soooo cute!!!  

CONGRATS Miss Laura for passing your exam! Enjoy Miss Ballerina Bunny!

This week I’ve had the WONDERFUL opportunity of meeting two of my friendly blogging girlfriends. It is such a treat to actually stand face to face and meet someone that you chat with online. So fun!

Sita Riddle of Silver Spoon Scraps was in town for the gift mart show. This was her first time as an exhibitor and displaying her new line of vintage inspired baby bedding. OOOOOHHHH her booth was PRECIOUS!!! 


I ADORE her vintage inspired party hats! They were a HUGE hit!   


Sweeeet baby bedding!


The GORGEOUS Miss Sita and ME!


We had the best time hanging out and enjoying a yummy dinner in HOTLANTA!

The next day I made a little road trip to pick up my new BEAUTIFUL buffet created by mosaic tile artist Penny Carlson of Lavender Hill Studio.   

SQQQUUEEEL! I looooooove it!!!!!!




Oh I cant wait to find the perfect spot for it!!!!!

Penny lives in NC, so instead of me having to pay MAJOR shipping charges she was so kind enough to offer to meet me half way so I could pick it up. It worked our PERFECT! Penny and her super nice husband Kent treated me to a wonderful lunch and we had a ball just chatting away! I think Kent barely got two words in. hee! hee! Penny is such a dear kind sweet person and an AMAZING talented mosaic artist. You must take a sneak peek her gorgeous site!


I just finished working on my itty bitty swap book and the theme was vintage prom gown. Here is my muse I created. She was an excellent model and not a DIVA to work with! hee! hee! 😉


Lot’s of little “1950’s Prom Queens”. 


I received two YUMMY packages in the mail this week. 

The first one was from Miss Lori of Vintage Flair. I LOVE Lori’s style and her gorgeous blog. She collects the most beautiful treasures and her artwork is the epitomey of femininity! Oh and NOT to mention she has been featured in Somerset how many times??? AND is a contributing editor. Amazing! So I felt EXTREMELY lucky to have won her blog drawing of this beautiful collage she made. Love the trim!!! YUM!!! Looks so sweet and pretty hanging in my bedroom.


The next package was a HUUUUGE surprise! It doesn’t happen often but it sure is fun to come home to find an unexpected package waiting by my  door. Well, my BIG SISTER Miss Jessi aka Scrappy Jessi sent me a small package of the most lovely vintage goodies. Jessi has the BIGGEST HEART, and I commented on how much I looooove the vintage talcum powder and the aqua bling earrings. SURPRISE! They are MINE now!!!! I stood there with my mouth wide open and in shock!!!! Than…. I let out a HUGE squeel!!! LOL!!!! 


Oh I feel like the LUCKIEST girl with such gorgeous gifts! A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!  

Ok sweet friends Im busy finishing up some NEW creations for my oooooh sooo neglected Etsy shop. I have a beautiful summer piece I just finished and MORE girlie doll head brooches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY CREATING!!!!

Hugs & Kisses! XOXO,


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