Tiny Dancer


Yesterday was Miss Vivian's first day of Ballet school. She literally could not contain her excitement! Just the idea of putting on pink tights, leotard, and slippers thrilled her to know end. She pranced and posed for me so I could get some cute photos of her to share with family and friends.

I know I am very biased because I am her Mommy, but she looks like the sweetest little pre-ballet dancer.



I was a bit worried when we showed up for class that she might be a bit quiet and shy.

Boy did she prove me wrong!  She was eager, ready, and very outgoing. 

Vivi and her teacher


The head director Mrs. Weaver.

She is the guru ballet teacher and instructor in Macon.


While the girls are in class, the parents sit in a separate area away from the door. Were not allowed to watch the girls practice for fear of them not paying attention.

I was sneaky tho' and managed to steal two photos of the girls.

Looks like Vivi has commanded their attention. LOL!


EEK! How adorable are they???


I look forward to the first recital. I just know it will melt my heart!



I hope Vivi enjoys dance and ballet and will embrace it. Who knows maybe in the near future I'll see my little girl dancing in the Nutcracker. 

My little *twinkle toes*. 🙂




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