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Vintage childens books have become such a huge inspiration to me and my artwork. Over the years I find myself collecting more and more of these darling nostalgic page worn books that were once read and admired from children years and years ago. Im so drawn to them, and their adorable illustrations.

I own two very old children's books copyrighted back in the early 30's, that use to belong to my grandmother. When I was little girl, and would stay the night with her, she read them to me before bedtime.

This is my all time favorite vintage childrens book.  "Yip & Yap"


My grandmothers book from when she was a child.


I loved how the "real life" animals were dressed up. 


Tee! Hee! So cute!!! Notice the green colored in areas? That was the very beginning of my artistic endeavours. hee! hee!   


The other book I feel so incredibly lucky to have had passed down is "Ferdinand the Bull".


Whenever my yorkie pups are outside on a beautiful sunny day and are lying around soaking in the sun, and sniffing the air I start to call them both "Ferdinand".


I've displayed a few sweet vintage books in my son's room. 



Animals at the Seashore. Beyond precious!


My most recent LOVE and slightly growing collection is the little Lollipop books and A Little book. 





 These little 15-17 page books are just filled with the sweetest illustrations. 


Tip & Tap



Ring around the Rosie…..


My heart melts over this daring illustration.


I think I have "pinpointed" as to why I adore these type illustrations, and those of vintage greeting cards as well.  All the animals have BIG FURRY ROUND HEADS, round button like eyes, and cute whiskers! 

I wish more than anything they created childrens book like these today. Old fashion illustrations with sweet simple stories.

Im sure many of you might have noticed my new banner. :) Thank you super talented Kris Hurst!!!! I adore how it has a vintage storybook "feel" to it.  I wanted to change my banner to temporarily reflect my new artistic and creative endeavours. 

Jenns%20spring%20banner[1]    Since my early twenties I have always wanted to write and publish a childrens book. I know it's ALOT of research, work, time, editing, re-editing, and a rejection or two, three, four… but I know this is a goal I want to accomplish one day. I've taken "Writing Children's Book" continuing education at Emory University several years ago. I have stacks of books on writing childrens books, and I created a delightful character named "Dottie" in my early twenties, and illustrated her. Dottie is bit of a mischievous and adventurous little girl.

This is a photo of me (taken awhile ago) holding my Dottie doll, and embroidered baseball hat my dear friend Sonya made for me. This is a sample of my illustrations. (my illustrations are NOT the best! LOL!!!)



I have a small creative art project that I have been working on and really believe in. I can't spill the beans, but it is my DREAM to hopefully see it made into a children's book one day. 

Like many artist over time you evolve and grow, and perhaps new opportunities knock at your door. Writing a children's book that is inspired by the children's books of years and years ago is my long term goal, and I hope sweet friends in years to come…. it will be a dream come true!



P.S. DONT FORGET…..Ice Cream Social on Monday July 13th!    


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