Vintage Glamour Inspired Sweater Guard Clips.

Sweater guards are a fashion relic! They were introduced in the 50’s as an accessory to help “hold” and secure cardigans on a ladies shoulders. Whether wearing a cardigan or a caplet these little chain accessories became all the rave!

(photo credit via princess poochie Flickr)

Like most things in fashion they eventually went out of style. However, I think they are slowly coming back. You can find them all over Etsy and Ebay.

You can spot Emma Pillsbury from Glee wearing vintage sweater clips.

This season I decided that it would be fun for the fall and winter time to make a one of a kind modern version of the vintage sweater guard clips.

Inject some retro FABULOUSNESS into your everyday wardrobe.

This is my collection I created. I really tried to diversify the looks so you can see them used in a modern day edge look as well.

Each sweater guard clips have their own name.


Lady Grace


Pinky Tuscadero



(Has a miniature squirrel in the middle of the bow. Perfect for fall!)

Blue Bell

Fifi La Rue


How fun and cute is this for the holidays?

Dress up your sweater cardigan with these ultra feminine glamour clips!

These can be found in my Etsy shop.

Let me know what you think.  I would appreciate feedback!

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